Financial Education Services Reviews (Is FES Legit?)

I ran across some Financial Education Services reviews online while looking at the different ways to earn money working from home. It seems that there were a lot of people promoting this MLM business opportunity and doing FES Protection Plan reviews with most coming in positive. Most claiming to have used the credit repair services that they offer then joining as an agent.

I was curious to know how the compensation plan was set up and whether or not you could make a full time income promoting FES.

Is it a scam or a legit business opportunity? Let’s review.

On a side note, once I found their website I noticed a red flag. For the average person that might not be familiar with these types of businesses, this could go unnoticed. More on this scheme later.

Read on….


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What Is Financial Education Services

At first glance their website ( shows that they offer services that will help someone with bad credit turn things around.

In other words they are a credit repair service. Along with that they offer a way to make money promoting their services to others using the MLM business model.

If you had the right training, then this would be a good industry to promote. There are millions of people that have bad credit and need help fixing it.

The Financial Education Services product offering consists of a group of products that all compliment each other as shown below:

  • Credit Education
  • Smart Credit
  • Credit Builder
  • LifeLock
  • Discounts on prescriptions and travel

There are more as well, but my focus for this review is on the business opportunity itself and not the actual credit repair service.


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FES Business Opportunity

So lets dig into the Financial Education Services credit repair business opportunity to see what its about?

In order to get started selling the credit repair services, you must first enroll in the FES Protection Plan. In order to do this, you must call the company and they will refer you to a local independent representative.

Once you get everything squared away you will end up paying $89 per month for the opportunity to market the Financial Education Services credit repair products.

So this isn’t the type of business that you sign up for and then forget about. If your ok with being charged $89 per month, then you better make a good effort to sell the credit repair services.


How To Make Money With Financial Education Services & Compensation Plan

Now for the moment you have been waiting for, how much money can you make with this opportunity selling credit repair services?

The image below shows what can be made by signing others up as well as your commissions on their down line.

How To Make Money With Financial Education Services

If you  already had a business that was in the credit repair niche or related to it, then you could make some decent money with this opportunity.

If your a newbie just trying to get started it will be difficult to have success with this without the proper training.


The Credit Repair Industry

Now that you have got a look at the Financial Education Services opportunity, I thought that I would get a closer look at the industry of credit repair itself.

Over all the reputation is not very positive to say the least.

The National Credit Repair Association has a good article about credit repair companies and the relevance in the industry.

We’ve Never Seen A Legitimate Credit Repair Agency

That was the exact quote from the Federal Trade Commission’s Chicago office.

Those are some pretty harsh words!


What About All The FES Protection Plan Reviews

There are a lot of people doing reviews on FES and many of them stating that they have used the service to restore their credit.

There is definitely a problem in this country with people spending more than they make so I can see why these credit repair agencies are thriving.

So are these actual customers that used Financial Education  Services or are they just doing positive FES protection plan reviews so that they can sell the service to others and make money?

That is the question!


Is Financial Education Services A Scam

Originally I wasn’t going to call FES a scam, but after reading what the NCRA had to say about credit repair agencies, it started me wondering.

Would FES be considered a scam because they are charging people for doing the things that they could very well do on their own for free to fix their credit?

They do provide a an actual service, but maybe the government thinks they are gouging people with the costs?

This leads to my next question.


Is Financial Education Services A Pyramid Scam

In order to be considered a pyramid scheme, FES would need to be making its money from the recruitment of independent representatives.

Is that the case here?

Looking at their homepage below, it might be mis-construed that they are trying to recruit new members making it look like a pyramid scheme?

Is Financial Education Services A Pyramid Scam

Even though they are supposed to be a credit repair company, they do have mention of the business opportunity right on the front page of their website.

If the main focus was helping people rebuild their credit, I would think that recruiting would be on inner pages of the site?


Should I Become A Representative

I can see a couple reasons why you might want to become a Financial Education Services representative.

  1. You might need to fix your credit and want to earn some money at the same time with their business opportunity.
  2. You already have an existing business that could refer people and it would be an easy thing to do for you.

If your a newbie trying to get started with your first online business, there are easier niches to jump into. The credit repair niche has a lot of experienced marketers that can funnel traffic to the opportunity and make money with it.

There are easier ways to start an online business with less competition to worry about in my opinion.


Reality of the Representatives Making Money

If your wondering how much money Financial Education Services agents make, then look no further that the disclosure statement.

It doesn’t paint an overall good picture for most of the people that joined the program.

Financial Education Services Agent Income

Looking at the statement above it shows that the majority of the agents 32,456 of them barely made an money in 2016.

Plus they only lasted an average of 3 months in the business.

Of the 32,456 agents in that top group, most likely there were only a handful that made a larger portion of the money, while some didn’t make anything.


 Can You Trust All The FES Reviews

When trying to get the information that you need in order to make the decision whether or not to become a representative you will run across a lot of reviews.

Reviews done by other reps trying to get you to sign up through them.

So they are going to be promoting this opportunity with a glowing review of the possible income that can be made.

Keep this in mind.

Because they are recruiting you to add to their downline.

Pros and Cons

It’s time to get back to the Financial Education Services credit repair business opportunity. What are the good and bad about becoming a representative.

Pros – the good stuff

  • Huge in demand market
  • Good money to be made if you know how
  • The company has been around for a while

Cons – the not so good stuff

  • Monthly fee
  • Not considered legit by the NCRA
  • Hard to make a living with this

Final Thoughts

After seeing so many Financial Education Services reviews, I had to dive into this and do some research. This opened my eyes to the credit repair industry and the business opportunity to make money helping others.

The credit repair industry is big for a reason. There are many people that need help getting their credit back to a respectable score so they can buy cars, houses and get lower interest rates.

So after my initial research, it is my opinion that if your new and looking to start an online business and earn money working from home there are better alternatives.

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32 thoughts on “Financial Education Services Reviews (Is FES Legit?)”

  1. Having read numerous articles in the past I can easily say with out a doubt this is one of my top favorite. The articles layout was clean and straight to the point on every question I had when researching about this company and the industry.

    Thank you for producing such a high quality article.

    • Thanks for the comment Matt!

      The credit repair industry has some bad apples and overall not a very good reputation.

      Financial Education Services (FES) caught my attention after seeing videos on YouTube of people promoting it. So I thought I would see what the opportunity was about.

      Personally I am not a fan of these credit repair outfits and I am not interested in promoting their services.

      Hopefully anyone that is considering joining Financial Education Services does their homework first to make sure they know what they are getting into!

  2. I like what they have to offer, I used the service for 4 months and saw over +150 point jump in my score. I just joined as an agent, many of my friends and family were totally convinced when I pulled up in my new truck. I went from an 8.0% interest rate down to a 3%. The money I save alone is going to be used towards paying off other debts. I’m building my team, we are focusing on total restoration of credit, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I would love to have you on my team, my contact information is on my site.

    • Thanks for the offer but I am not into mlm so I will pass on this opportunity.

      It great that you saw some results but with a little effort you could have done it yourself without having to pay a company.

      The thing is that even the government doesn’t consider these companies as legitimate. Most people are pushing the opportunity instead of the service itself.

      If your going to be a FES credit repair agent then your emphasis should be on helping people with their credit.

  3. Why do you spam people’s post on social media with links to your article? If you have something to say, why not just create your own post instead of being rude and inconsiderate.

    • Hi Chanell

      I’m not quite sure what your talking about here or if it has anything to do with my Financial Education Services review but if you could reply back with some specifics I would be happy to talk about it.

      Have a great day!

  4. I have zero skin in this game but you make a few bold and puzzling statements. You said if you want to help people restore their credit just to stick to it. There are many businesses that have multiple streams of income. Thats like telling Google to stick to searches and leave advertising to others. And why is it ok that you tell othere how to run their business? Shouldn’t they be able to work it however they want in the confines of the law? You didn’t state anywhere they were breaking any laws, as dubious as it might be, so why should they move to placate you? I just don’t understand the criticism. Its their business, period. No one tells you to stick to blogging as I see you page is monetized with advertisers. Shouldn’t you stick to writing?

    • Thanks for commenting Charles.

      I have no problem with companies having multiple streams of income. The problem with the credit repair industry is that it takes advantage of people that really can’t afford it.

      If you read the article I even provided a link to the Federal Trade Commissions opinion regarding these types of companies.

      Plus FES promotes the opportunity using the MLM business model by recruiting others and charging a monthly fee doing so. I personally see it as a conflict of interest.


    • Thanks Alex.

      I’m sure what you are saying is quite possibly true. They are marketing the opportunity to people that are are in debt and trying to clean up their credit.

      To me it seems like a conflict of interest because the majority of people that try to make money online are unsuccessful and the company knows it.

      So its possible many of them stay in debt using money to promote the company and its services.

  6. I have fallen for the credit repair dba financial education services I filed a complaint with the BBB I received a full refund however something was very fishy when I received the check it was under the name of youth financial literacy foundation….a non profit organization hmmmmm… SOMEBODY IS MAKING$$$$

    • That is interesting and thanks for the information. I would like to hear from people that actually have proof that this service works.

      The only thing that I see is marketers promoting the service instead.

  7. Your monthly fee is waived as an agent, hence the reason FES also strives recruitng agents while also repairing their credit. Win-Win

    • I’m not really sure that combining mlm with credit repair helps the end consumer.

      Typically every mlm that I have come across has products that are more expensive than those being sold on the open markets.

      That is why I don’t believe that Federal Education Services is a company that I want to work with myself.

  8. I been with them seen like my credit score going down people saying there score are jumping to 100 in months and they saying you still owe you just want have it show in your report to me this is all a lie from the time I started

    • Thanks for the information John.

      As far as a credit score goes there it isn’t really that hard to get on the right track with some basic steps so I am not sure why your score is getting lower.

      That is why i am not a fan of these credit repair agencies.

      Pay off your debt and negotiate with the whoever you owe. Once you get your debt paid off you can contact the credit reporting agencies to get some of the old stuff removed.

      If Financial Education Services have any type of guarantee I would take them up on it if things are not working out for you.

  9. How can you post pics here, as I see you are asking for proof. Follow me on social media. I have never been in an MLM,until FES. I was unemployed for 8 months causing my credit score to drop to low 550’s. Within 42 days my score increase 101 points. As a minister, I saw this as an opportunity to help a lot of people and I focus on it. Now 11 months after being in the business, I was able to fire Corporate America. I triple my income and I’ve already achieved a company-paid 2018 Mercedes. You all can make as many negative reviews about the company, as you desire but I am living proof that if you’re looking for Change and you’re willing to work hard, have a heart to really help people and are committed to seeing other people grow in your business you can really be successful in network marketing. Again I have never been a part of a network marketing organization until now and to achieve a little success that I have in such a short. Of time speaks volumes to the level of training and personal development that is provided with this company. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with them and they really have a heart to see people’s lives better. Don’t believe me just follow my page you’ll see plenty of results, testimonies, happy customers. I have helped so many people become homeowners since starting the business and I’m committed to helping hundreds more. This is just the beginning and it’s a legitimate business opportunity for someone looking for Change and wanting to truly help people.

    • Thanks for the letting us know of your success Michelle.

      I tend to stay away from these types of opportunities and go with ones I believe to be more legit such as this company.

    • I have been with fes and to me it is a scam. I do see people making it to the top but is it really worth it. I mean they were sued by Atlanta GA for 1.75 million dollars scamming information people July 19 of last year. Look ill tell you this to me doing all that is like selling your soul. Also you being a minister and saying you helping people is not true at all. That’s no better than a pasture driving a Mercedes off of the people that put money in the church. My pastor lives a humble life and he drives a Jeep. I would never live off of other people this is why the United States is like it is. But if you are a minister I will continue to pray for you because in the long run you will see for yourself that it is scamming people that don’t have the money to do it.

  10. I find it unsettling that FES offers the service of LifeLock for identity theft protection. LifeLock was started by two Co-Founders; Todd Davis and Robert Maynard, Jr. Now, Robert Maynard, Jr served time in prison FOR identity theft! I don’t know about you, but I for one would not want to align myself as a customer OR a marketing agent with a company like FES whose Co-Founder went to prison for identity theft, the very crime that a company he co-founded claims to help thwart. Additionally, LifeLock has been under investigation by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) for false advertising and LifeLock was slapped with hefty fines not once but twice! FES? Thanks, but, NO THANKS!

    • Thanks for the info.

      I’m not really familiar with the FES co-founder going to prison. If you can provide some proof of this I would like to see it so I can.

    • All the negatives comments. If you where in financial education services. Did really give your all. Did you follow the system? Did you get on the calls ? Did go to the meetings and supper Saturday’s? Did you study products and services? Did you study personnel development?

      • LOL doing all those things are still a joke. The calls are just “motivational speeches” on how/why one should “keep going and serve the people” not actual training on the services or products themselves. Also, the person above said those two people were the founders of LifeLock … a product that FES promotes. The commenter didnt say they were the FES founders themselves. They were just mentioning the founders chose to offer a product that was founded by someone who did time for fraud.

  11. Financial Educations services founders are Parimal Naik and Mike Toloff. The people mentioned above are not the founders of FES. Do better research before posting false info.

    • Thanks for the information Brittany.

      As I stated to the lady that left the comment above about the founders of FES.

      I wasn’t familiar with them and to provide proof to back up her statement.

      I’m still waiting for a reply

      • The person didn’t post false info. I hope that people would read clearly before assuming false info. The person said the founders of LifeLock – one of them did time for fraud. And LifeLock is a product that FES chose to partner with to offer to clients. AKA the founders of FES chose to partner with the founders of LifeLock with whom one of them (LifeLock) did time for fraud. Do better reading next time before assuming someone posted false info? I dunno.

  12. I used it and they sent me the letters to send to the credit bureaus, which I felt like they should do since I was paying them so much money. I don’t have time to send letters and do the work that I am paying you to do. I cancelled after the second month.

    • Thanks for the feedback Clair.

      My review on Financial Education Services was about the money making aspect that marketers sign for.

      Hopefully they see that these credit repair companies may not be the best business opportunities to get involved with based on customer feedback like yours.

  13. I own a credit repair company. We are a non-mlm, non-outsourcing, U.S. based and operated company. We started the company almost 8 years ago. There is definitely a need for FINANCIAL ADVISERS- just like there is a need for lawn care services, attorneys, & real estate agents. All these things you can do on your own, but the proper helps saves a lot of time and money. The issue with FES, is that it is combining an already questionable industry with a questionable business structure. MLMs have high turnover, low training, and conflicting goals. As long as you are worried about your downline, you are never going to worry about whats going on at the frontline- your actual customer. And most credit repair companies are fraudulent- either in their methods or their intent. If you are dealing with a company that is sending a bunch of “it’s not mine” letters, that’s fraud- and it’s this kind of service that most credit repair companies offer- they never talk about the cause of the problem- the spending habits. I think the review on FES was fair. With the sheer number of members that start and stop with no real knowledge of the industry on top of the conflicting goals- all of which are common with ALL mlm’s, your gonna have a lot of issues. I cannot speak to their success with actual credit repair because I have never used their services and of course all the customers I may have gotten from them have been disgruntled so it is not a good pool to draw from. I think in the end it’s the PERSON selling the service that will make the difference. The biggest issue is that the pool is too cloudy to notice the one-offs that are successful due to their heart being in the right place, like Michelle posted above. I’m not with FES, but I am a testament to that I would hope since I am in the same industry.

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      I don’t believe credit repair and the mlm business model are a good fit personally.

  14. I’ve been an active agent with FES and I’ve already seen my ROI. For the record, FES is a Financial Education Service that simply has a flagship product known as Credit Repair under UCES. The concept of FES is the same as a realtor & a broker. We’re no longer partnered with Life-Lock and we’re adding more services this year. We have unlimited training and marketing material. As for the fee, that can easily be waived. If you work this as a business, it’ll work for you. I do this part-time from home & I’m loving every minute of it by simply putting people first. The more people I help, the better I feel. It’s not always about the money!

    • Thanks for feedback and your experience with Financial Education Services


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