Is Exitus Elite A Scam (Reviews)

Check out my Exitus Elite reviews to see what this opportunity is about. Is it a scam as some say or a legit opportunity to make money online. I will go over the company and its products to make a better call.

Exitus Elite Program

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What Is Exitus Elite About

The company is founded by Paul Stevenson who apparently has been involved in some other companies that are no longer around. One such was the Exitus Network.

The Exitus Network was said to be a cash gifting business, where prospects would buy into the program with costs starting at $500 and going up into the thousands.

Whats cash gifting? Basically there is no product being bought when joining a program, only cash is exchanged as members join.

So, back to Exitus Elite.

It is a multi-level marketing company, so building a team or downline is what gives this opportunity its shine. Recruit new prospects and start building a passive income.

To get involved with the company and start selling its products, there is a $299 to $1000 fee to join. More on this farther down.

Exitus Elite Products

Typically MLM’s have higher priced products than what you find on the shelves or online. So, how do these guys stack up?

The name of their product is called Genesis.

It is a training/education program that touches on 4 of the main qualities needed to be successful and round out a persons character:

  • Marketing
  • Health & Wellness
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development

Whats it going to cost for this training?  As we mentioned earlier the cost is $299 to $1000 depending on the level you go in at.

Genesis Basic $299 annually

  • 16 Courses
  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Auto responders
  • CRM
  • Back Office
  • Support


Genesis Advanced (optional + $100)

  • 34 More Educational Videos

Genesis Elite ( optional $1000 )

This level has the basic and advanced training included as well as personal development, professional development plus health and wellness.

Bonuses for this level also include webinars, guest speakers instructors and online coaches.

Exitus Elite Compensation

Now lets take a look at the make money part of this business opportunity. With a product that costs $1000, there should be a good opportunity to make some money here you would think.

Yes and no.

First off for every person that you refer to Exitus Elite, you get a $1000 commission. Not bad right? Now for the bad news.

The company runs what’s called a 1 up plan. In their plan, the first person that you sponsor will be passed up to your sponsor. So, if you only ever sponsor one person, then you would not get a commission from them. The person that sponsored you into the program will get the commission from your work.

So to break even, you would need to sponsor at least 2 people. On the third person that you sponsor into the program, you would be in the money and start profiting.

Annual Fee

There is also an annual $299 fee to stay on as an affiliate. This would be on top of the $1000 already paid to be able to join and work the business.

Can’t swing the $299 all at once?

Don’t worry, you can take the quarterly route and make 4 payments at $99 bringing the price to $396.

Personally, I would say that if you need to make quarterly payments then you should probably stay away from Exitus Elite all together.

Who Is Exitus Elite For

There is money to be made with this program, whether you think its a scam or not. If you have a mailing list of people hungry and ready to jump on a money making opportunity, then you could do well.

If your a newbie with no list trying to get your feet wet, then I would probably stay away from this. Spamming Facebook or other social media sites isn’t going to get you the leads needed to make this a long run play.

Is Exitus Elite A Scam

I did a quick search to see if I could find any complaints and if so, what were they about. I did find  one on Rippoff Report and it said

The material they sell is just PLR reports

So is there more people out there that feel the same way and believe that Exitus Elite is a scam? Most likely there is, but we will never know because they will be too embarrassed to come forward.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you enjoyed my Exitus Elite review and it got you thinking about these types of opportunities.

In my opinion this would not be a good opportunity to get involved with if you are a newbie. Although the company does offer a built in a box kind of set up with lead pages, auto responders and other tools, is it wise to put all your eggs into this program?

Based on the owners past history with unsuccessful companies, I would have to say stay away from this.

Is Exitus Elite a scam?  The short answer is no.

Are their learning materials sub par? Possibly, but without having the ability to see it with a free trial or money back guarantee you take the risk.


If your looking for an alternative and would like to test it out with a free trial, then I can show you a great way to make money online.

It isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

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