Is The Opportunity A Legit Way To Make Money? is a website that I came across while looking for ways to make money online. All you need is some knowledge in any specific field and a phone to earn.

This opportunity seemed too good to be true so I thought I would check it out and do a review to find out the steps to join and how much money you could make?

Is it just a side hustle or could you really earn a decent income?

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What Is About

Ether is a company that will pay you for your knowledge.

They have been around since 1999 and they connect people that are looking for advice and information with people that can help them.

They are very similar to another company 6ya that I reviewed a short time ago.

For example let’s say that you’re an exterminator and someone needs questions answered on a problem with bugs in their house.

You can get paid by the minute for helping them and giving them the information that they need. directory

Another example might be using your experience as a dog owner to answer questions on specific breeds that a new owner might have.

So whatever experience you have might have can be utilized to earn income just by signing up.

How Does It Work

The company handles all the technological aspects of connecting people that need information with the people that have the answers.

In other words Ether is the middleman.

So if you believe you have enough experience in a certain subject you can sign up at and they will issue you a phone number at no cost.

This phone number gets forwarded  to your phone which can be a cell phone or any other phone that you want it forwarded to.

The next step would be to set the per minute rate that you would like to receive while on the phone helping others.

I did a quick scan through the listings and I could see that the cost was anywhere from $0.50 per minute to as high as $25 per minute depending on the subject.

Remember the company doesn’t set the per minute rate it is up to you to set the rate that you want to receive.

The thing is you have to be realistic about what you’re going to be charging because there will be other people as well offering their services so you want to make sure that you’re in line with what they’re charging otherwise you will get bypassed.

If you are worried about getting calls all hours of the day then you can relax.

The company offers a way so that you can set the hours to receive calls. If you don’t want to receive calls at night you can set the number only to ring during the day or specific hours.

Depending on your area of expertise you have a choice of different categories to choose from as shown below.

  • Arts and entertainment
  • Business
  • Computers
  • Education
  • Health
  • Legal Services
  • Travel
  • Others

Within these main categories there are also subcategories for example in the health category there are some subcategories that have to do with disabilities, eating disorders, men’s health, women’s health and many others.

How To Get Callers

When you sign up at they do supply the phone number and the technology for you to use but what they don’t supply is the business.

So in order to get paid using their system you need a way to get traffic to call you.

For example you may have a blog that gets a lot of visitors.

You could list your phone number on the blog so that people that were interested in your subject matter would be able to call you earning you income for each minute on the phone.

Other ways that you could promote your Ether phone number would be through social media, business cards, or any other type of advertising that would allow you to list the phone number.

How Does Ether Make Money

You might be wondering how the company makes money by giving away free phone numbers for people to use.

The company takes a 15% cut from what you are charging your customers.

So if you are charging customers $1 per minute for your time, then Ether would make 15 cents per minute.

Other Ways To Use

There are a couple additional ways to use the service as well if you don’t want to receive phone calls.


If you have digital products that you would like to sell such as reports, instructional videos or anything else that could be sent by way of email then the company will store the information for you and bill your customers.

No need to worry about exposing your email address because the company keeps it private so the end user won’t have access to it.

Selling Content

You can also sell content that someone may be interested using the companies services.

For example if you had a website and you had information that you would like to sell all you would need to do is place a “Buy Now” button on your site and the company would charge your visitor and provide them the product.

I think this could work good for smaller sellers that wouldn’t need a full blown e-commerce set up.

Ether Complaints

I did a little research to see what I could come up with regarding complaints of people that have tried the service and here is what I found.

One person writes:

I signed up for this job today and right before I got listed, they wanted my credit card number for “verification”. here is what they said: “To complete your Ether listing, a valid credit or debit card is required. Your card will not be charged this is for verification purposes only.

So apparently the company uses a credit card as a way to verify your old enough to sign up and get your phone number.

As for other complaints I really didn’t find any.

Things To Know

If your looking to try out the service as a way to make some money then you will need to reside in the U.S and Canada in order to get a phone number.

The company collects payment for you and then will send you a check or make a direct deposit in your back account if your a US resident.

At one point there was a forum but it appears that it has been taken down probably due to inactivity.

Final Thoughts looks like a service that benefit some that have the ability to drive traffic to their phone numbers.

After going through the directory looking for people that have some business I saw only a handful that actually had reviews. Most of those were just people advertising for their “someone to talk to” service.

In other words it didn’t look like there were many professionals using Ether.

One of the hardest parts about making money is getting a steady stream of leads to your offer. Although it appears that the company offers a good service overall it doesn’t look like the people that are using it really make any money.

Personally I will stick to what I know works and that is building websites and selling other people’s products for profit.

If your looking for a way to make money online and build a real business then check out my #1 pick here.

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