Enagic Review – Should You Be A Distributor?

Enagic is a company that sells Kangen water filtration systems through the multi level marketing business model.

If you have been looking at different mlm opportunities you may have come across them and wondered whether it was worth joining or not.

Can you really make money with this company and are all the distributor reviews legit as far as income potential?

I was curious as well because I had seen some complaints calling the company and its business a scam.

So I did some investigative research and discovered some interesting things.

Keep reading……


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What Is Enagic – The Company, History and Products

The company got its start back in 1974 in Japan under the name Kangen.

They have since expanded into a global company with locations throughout North America,South America, Europe and Asia.

The founder was Hironari Oshiro had a vision to bring water ionization to the masses so that they could reap the rewards and health benefits.

These health benefits were said to include:

  • Lowering blood sugar in diabetics
  • Healing stomach ulcers
  • Controlling blood pressure levels
  • Help with allergies
  • Help with kidney functions


The Enagic products consist of the water filtration/ionization machines.

There product line called LeveLUk consists of different models that offer different options.

Enagic Products - Kangen Water Machines

The LevelUK SD501 and LevelUK K8 (Kangen 8) are 2 of the more popular models that offer improved ionization of the water and antioxidant production potential whatever that means?

The cost of the Enagic products range on the low end from about $1200 topping out at around $6000.

So you can say that clean healthy water doesn’t come cheap.

The question is do these filtration ionization machines really work and are they worth the cost?

More on this later.


The Business Opportunity – Selling Using Network Marketing

Most companies start out small some even in their garages.

So they may not have the advertising budget to get their products introduced into the market.

This is why a lot of companies use the network marketing business model.

Enagic uses mlm ( another name for network marketing) because it offered a couple advantages.

  • Don’t need to spend money advertising
  • Hands on demonstrations sell the products better

Enagic distributors would be able to introduce the companies products to the end consumer through word of mouth.

Plus using distributors also offered the advantage of being able to get the products in the hands of interested consumers.

This would make them easier to sell.

Trying to sell water filtration ionization machines that cost $1000’s of dollars is better done using sales reps.

Requirement To Become A Distributor

In order to get started selling these water filtration systems as a Enagic distributor the first thing you need to do is get some skin in the game.

What that means is that you will need to make the purchase of a demo unit at the cost of $4000.

This is what you will use as a distributor to market to potential customers.

You would bring your demo unit with you to show the interested consumers the health benefits of Kangen water and why these ionization machines are worth the asking price.

By doing hands on demonstrations your odds are better that you will sell a machine.


Compensation Plan

As with most mlm compensation plans they can get a bit confusing and complicated.

The Enagic compensation plan is no different so I will just highlight how much money you can make the simplest way I can here.

First off you can sell Enagic on the retail level and get a commission for every unit sold.

The compensation chart below will give you a better idea how much money you can make depending on your rank.

Enagic Compensation Plan Chart

With the mlm business model the goal is to achieve the highest rank possible.

This is how to make money with Enagic.

There are a number of bonuses that can be had as well such as:

  • Educational allowance
  • Development bonus
  • Leadership bonus
  • International bonus pool
  • Group sales incentive bonus

How Much Money Can I Make Selling Kangen Water Machines?

As with anything the income potential is limitless and really depends on the amount of effort that you are going to put into your business.

The top Enagic distributors know what it takes to be successful promoting the Kangen water filtration systems.

If you were to pick their brains I am sure you would get the same answers from all these top distributors.

  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Market yourself
  • Promote the benefits of the products to solve problems
  • Train your downline to do the same

Follow these simple steps to make money with Enagic selling expensive water filtration machines.


Are The Products And Business Legit

Here is where things get a little murky.

As far as the Enagic BBB rating it is currently at 3 1/2 stars.

There are a number of complaints regarding the company itself on how it does business with both its retail customers as well as distributors.

Being a large company I can imagine that there are going to some customers that aren’t happy so its important to read between the lines when it comes to complaints.

But if you see that there are numerous complaints regarding how the company conducts itself then it may be a warning sign.

The big question though is whether or not the health benefits that Enagic claims can be had with using their Kagen water filtration and ionization machines are true.

Everyone wants to stay healthy and if just drinking alkaline water everyday helped then it would be a no brainer.

But there is a lot of negative press regarding alkaline water and its touted health benefits.

Not only is it being shown not to improve your health but there may also be some negatives to drinking alkaline water.

Below is a video from a doctor and what he has seen with his patience that drink alkaline water.

So the question is who should you believe and do you feel comfortable selling Kangen water machines?



Enagic has been around for years which gives them some credibility.

The opportunity is there to sell Kangen water machines that have the potential to earn distributors big commissions.

If you have what it takes both financially as well as being able to recruit and train others to do the same.

But with all the negative press around the actual health benefits of alkaline water there may be some better alternative to consider.

Personally I think I chose the right route when I decided to make money online.

No recruiting or having to deal with customers.

If your interested check out my recommendation here.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your experiences with Enagic!

20 thoughts on “Enagic Review – Should You Be A Distributor?”

  1. I’m always sceptical about thing like this, and as well I am not good at selling face to face to people, even though I am happy to talk for ever, I am not what you would call a salesperson.

    I can’t understand either how a water machine can be any better than normal water for health benefits. i drinks loads of water per day , straight out of the tap and I am perfectly healthy. the important thing is to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and organs functioning as they should.

    It is a good review for the machines however for anyone who is interested in starting to sell something like this. It looks like a good commission structure.

    Best Wishes


    • Unfortunately its hard to prove what works and what doesn’t when it comes to health related products. Some people swear by them while others see no benefits.

      When it comes to mlm companies need to build the commission structure into the cost of the products.

      So your basically paying 50% or more than you should so that Enagic distributors can earn commissions.

  2. Well, what I concluded from this article is that the opportunity with Enagic looks amazing, but I wouldn’t want to promote or sell anything unless I was 100% confident that the product really provided health benefits. I’d be especially concerned about the potential negative health effects! Thanks for the detailed review of this opportunity! 

    • No doubt Tama that is how I feel as well.

      You can make a lot of money as an Enagic distributor but its questionable as to whether the product has any real health benefits.

      For me this would be a conflict of interest.

  3. Excellent review! So while the company might not be a total scam, the product itself is a scammy fake health fad, basically? I love you including the video that explains why it’s definitely bad. I personally wouldn’t promote a product that I didn’t believe in, so kudos to you for the review!

    I’m glad that I learned the danger of alkaline water. I’m learning something new daily, so thank you. I’ll definitely stay away from this one.

    • Definitely interesting to see see a product that costs $1000’s to better your health but yet there is proof that it doesn’t work.

      There is a lot of that within the world of mlm opportunities with nutritional products as well.

  4. Hi Chris! They have been in business for quite a long time. And despite the complaints there are elements that indicate they’re serious about their product. I appreciate you have mentioned their BBB rating. And as you have presented it in this balanced post, it’s a bit difficult to decide if promoting Enagic is a good option. But for me, it has all come down to it’s initial purchase of a demo unit. I’m simply out of the game because I can’t afford it. But thank you very much for this review.

    • Thanks for the feedback Henry.

      It is quite an investment to buy one of the water filtration systems at $1000’s of dollars.

      For me I don’t really believe in the health claims for Kangen water.

  5. Hi Chris, thank you so much for this review of Enagic. I’m very interested in this MLM as it seems to have a lot of opportunities and higher rewards if one could input the work required here but I’ve also heard a lot of bad reviews on MLM programs and products. Furthermore, I didn’t get the part of $4000 well. Does it mean I will have to buy the products I want to market first before being allied access to it? I would appreciate clarification on this. Thanks

    • If your looking to becom a Enagic distributor you would need to buy into the program by purchasing a $4000 Kangen water purification system.

      Most MLM’s have some kind of monthly requirement to purchase products in order to receive commissions.

      So beware of this when looking at the different mlm opportunities.

  6. Thanks for your detailed review, Chris. 

    The first thing that jumped out at me when I read it was “MLM”. I’ve read so many scary stories about multi-level-marketing that it immediately makes me suspicious about a company that uses it to promote its products.

    Then there’s the buy in of $4,000 just to get started – that’s quite an investment to sell units that aren’t going to be easy to sell due to their price point, especially in light of the questionable health benefits of owning one. I think I’d expect more than a 7% commission as a starter if I managed to sell one!

    Personally, I think I’d prefer to steer clear of this one. 

    • Yes its definitely a one of the network marketing companies with a bigger initial cost to join.

      With that being said if you do decide to join Enagic and become a consultant your going to have to be a recruiting machine to find others that have the ability to promote and sell the Kangen water filters.

      I also agree with you that the commission rate should be higher! 

  7. Hello; your Enagic review is interesting, As touching the Water machine, I am not sure as you never state whether the devices are filtration machines. However, I would assume that the machine filters. About consuming Alkaline; If I remember well, clean, fresh water does have alkaline.

     Some customers will complain because they might not be acquainted with some business tactics. Offering a cure for lowering diabetes and other ailments, is not a false alarm; it is a truthful expression in the business arena.

     Drinking water flushes the body’s system when the organs and glands are flush; they are healthier. Thus, in its right water is general medicine. Everyone Drink water in one way or another.

    People with the mentioned ailments should continue to seek medical attention to treat their diseases while making it a healthy habit to drink water.


    • Its true that water naturally has alkaline but there are a couple different problems when it comes to the Kangen machines that are being marketed by Enagic.

      The 1st problem is that too much alkaline is not necessarily good for you and the 2nd problem is the health benefits that have not been proven.

      I wouldn’t be comfortable as a consultant recruiting others to this opportunity based on these 2 issues.

  8. Hi Chris, water purifiers are a tough market like most high-end products, as you mentioned is best a hands-on sale, seems like a high intro cost a $4000.00, and with all the products in the line only having one as a demo might be a problem, I noticed it they don’t have replaceable filters? that would be nice because that’s the biggest downfall in the water filter game, people just don’t change their filters. Enagic looks like a large company and Kangen is a well-known filter good luck if you chose to move forward with them, thanks for the review T.C

    • No this opportunity is not for me. I have not found any products that I’m interested promoting through the mlm business model.

      I don’t believe the claims that Enagic makes regarding the health benefits either.

  9. Very Informative review and very helpful regarding Enagic.Now I truly believe that ENAGIC is a legit and great company, and its products to help improve a person well being. However, I am not so sure about the business opportunity. The ENAGIC opportunity may seem attractive, but to be successful in it, Then need to have the passion, the tenacity, and the drive to make things happen.

    Thank you so much for your excellent review.

    • I’m not so sure about the Kangen water reviews and the distributors promoting its health benefits?

      The health benefits can’t be proven.

      I wouldn’t have the passion for selling water machines for $1000’s of dollars to people knowing this.

  10. Thank you for giving me a review over this company. I have not came across this company before, I have met it today from your website. Before I decide to join this company I may wish to ask you a few questions to understand it better. Since the machines are expensive and I can’t afford to buy one of them, can the company accept my request to join to buy the machine later? You didn’t finish to tell me whether the company is legit or not? Do you recommend M.L.M as a form of making online money? I have been a victim for being scammed online with companies claiming to assist me to make money from home. I am tired and wish to stop. Do you have any company with you that can assist me to make money online. Will you recommend any to me. Hoping to hear from you soon.

    • Unfortunately if your looking at getting started as a Enagic consultant your going to have to buy into the company. That is how the person that referred you will earn their commission.

       So to answer your question I don’t believe that MLM is the business model to make money online unless your selling digital products.

      Kangen products are expensive and would best promoted through hands on demos in my opinion.

      If you are looking for an online business that you can run from home then check out affiliate marketing. You can start here.


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