Empower Network and David Wood – Bankrupt? – Let’s Review

Maybe your thinking about making money online and you have come across the Empower Network. You were intrigued because they have training and marketing in a combined package to help people looking to get a start online.

My question is why join the Empower Network when there are plenty of other ways to build an income online without having to spend hundred to thousands of dollars. Let’s review what its about and if you should get involved with this opportunity.

Update: David Wood Announces Empower Network is bankrupt!

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What Is Empower Network

If your looking for a complete system “system in a box” type of product then that’s what Empower was trying to provide.

Training and tools is what they were promoting and if you were looking to speed up your quest to start making money online, these guys were there to help. At a large cost of course, more about that later.

So what is offered in the system you ask:

Blogging System they call Kalatu – $25 to $95 monthly

This is their pride and joy and is supposed to make you a better marketer. They also claim it was designed because blogs are hard to set up?

Can an Empower Network blog do any better than if you set up a wordpress blog on your own? The answer is no!

Also if you want to set up your own wordpress blog, it can be done with a few clics with a host that costs less than $10 per month.

The Kalatu Blogging system will also set you back $25 to $97 per month.

Inner Circle Membership – $100 monthly

Mind training. Anyone that makes a living online knows that in order to be successful, you need to stay positive and train your mind to keep positive motivational thoughts otherwise over time you will stop believing in yourself.

What does it cost to be in the inner circle? Try $100 monthly! That’s a lot of dough to get inspired.

A less expensive alternative would be to watch Tony Robbins videos on Youtube. He built a billion dollar  business and you can watch him for FREE.

Top Producer Formula – $500 one time

This is their course to get you customers. Up to 3 per day they say.

The hardest part about any online business is generating leads and turning them into customers. You can have the best money making program on the net, but if you have no customers then you don’t profit.

Can the cost of $500 get you 3 customers per day? Can the Top Producer Formula from Empower Network get your business flowing?

I have not seen this with people in the network.

Team Building formula – $1000 one time

Empower Network is based on the multi level marketing business model. In order to be successful you need to build a team. Without a team to multiply your efforts, you can count on your business failing.

The Team Building Formula teaches you to overcome the challenges of keeping a team motivated and dealing with problems that come up. Also you learn how to scale up and grow your team with quality people that will produce results.

Keeping a team motivated can be tough. Especially since everyone is looking for instant riches instead of building an actual business. Maybe the Empower Network Team Building Formula will be of help to some, but with a price of $1000 it is a little steep. Especially for new people just getting started in the business.

Mass Influence Formula – $3,500 one time

This is where they teach you how to persuade people to do things once you have earned their trust. You learn from the people currently making the big bucks in Empower Network.

This is done through a series of recordings, so you can absorb all the information when you need to.

Ready for the price? It’s a $3,500 one time cost! Crazy isn’t.

As you can see, if you join the Empower Network there are some high ticket products here that offer the big commissions. Very enticing if your looking to make money online.

Empower Network Compensation

So now you see what there are for products and what they sell for. Its time to take a look at how much money can be made with if you join the Empower Network.

There is a fee to be an affiliate and it is $19.95 monthly.

The payout is 70% commission on products except for the Mass Influence which you only get $3000 for.

Now here is the catch. In order to get paid for a product that is purchased by your recruit you must already be at that level. So in order to make the big money in Empower Network, you should be a member of all 5 levels.

For example, if your only at level and the person you sponsored goes to level 2 you won’t get commission for what they do on this level.

Pass Up

Another thing about the Empower Network compensation plan is what is called pass up. This means that you will pass up to your sponsor the 1st, 3rd and 5th commission. After you 5th commission gets passed up it stays at every 5th going to your sponsor.

Why the pass up model?

It helps to accelerate the growth and let those that are newer in the company experience income sooner than having to wait years to see any compensation.

There is more to the comp plan, but I covered the basics here. You can visit their site if for some reason your still interested. Or you can find out how I make money here.

Final Thoughts

Some people have come out and said that Empower Network is a scam. In my opinion it is not, but one thing is obvious. They have some high priced products that for many would be a stretch to purchase on a tight budget.

Many of the products that are available on Empower Network, have the same information that can be found online for free or definitely less money. Many people have been saying that the updating of the products is falling behind as well.

Also, a lot of the bigger marketers made their money quickly and got out. Some of them even stating that they felt guilty for bringing people into the opportunity knowing that it was overpriced.

I would say that if you are considering joining Empower Network, that you first understand how the money is made with this opportunity and whether your ready to make the big financial commitment.

Alternative to Empower Network

If your not looking to pay the high price of products or have to recruit people to be in your downline, then I can show you how to make money and get started for free.

You get training and learn how to build your own WordPress site.

My #1 Recommendation For Earning Online!

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4 thoughts on “Empower Network and David Wood – Bankrupt? – Let’s Review”

  1. I agree with you that the Empower Network isn’t a scam, but I feel like the whole pay for information is obtainable just by searching the internet. It is overpriced in so many ways too. If you really want to know how to become a good internet marketer, I’d suggest a place like Wealthy Affiliate. That place probably teaches you everything Empower Network claims to show you for 1/10 of their most expensive price.

    • Thanks for the feedback Jacob.

      Empower Network with their blogging system are selling the business in a box concept. Unfortunately, if you ever do succeed in getting a business going, your stuck on their system.

      Its better to get the training and use your own tools to build your business. Plus their is no reason to spend thousands of dollars when there are better alternatives for learning.

  2. Hi, thank you for an enlightening review of Empower Network. I must say the price is too overwhelming for me; I wouldn’t risk that much in something that I’m very new at like online marketing. I agree that there are other available opportunities that wouldn’t require a very high cash out. A lot of what Empower offers are also available in WA; and are already part of the whole premium package.

    • Thanks for the comment Cassia.

      Unfortunately many people lost a lot of money with Empower Network. Many of the top earners also got out claiming they felt guilty for taking advantage of people with this opportunity.

      Wealthy Affiliate which I am part of does offer similar training to Empower Network, but without the high price. Plus your blog is your own, unlike Empower Network where it is stuck on their system if you decide to leave.


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