What Is The Easy 1 Up Opportunity? (Easy Money Or Loser?)

Easy 1 Up is an opportunity to make large commissions by promoting their training program.

There are a lot of marketers claiming that they have made some good money with the program and this peaked my curiosity.

So I decided to check it to see what the potential is and can this really create a full time income for its members?

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What Is Easy 1 Up About

If your looking to make big commissions then this is a program that can help you to reach your goals.

The company was started by Peter Wolfing who is a guy that has a lot of experience with online money making opportunities.

He has started a few different internet marketing companies some of which are still in business such as Exitus Elite and Finish Line Network.

Getting back to the Easy 1 Up system and what it offers you will find an assortment of different levels that you can join at that include different trainings.

  1. Elevation ( cost $25 ) – this product will cost you $25 and network marketing basics is included along with affiliate kickstarter video series.

2. Elevation Elite ( cost $100 ) – here you will have to pay $100 and to receive their course on free marketing and cash generation video series.

3. Vertex ( cost $250 ) – for $250 you will get advanced digital business series

4. Vertex Elite ( cost $500 ) – and finally coming in at $500 you will have access to two courses called Money Counts Live Business Building

5. Vertex Pro ( cost $1000 ) – at $1000 is the business building course

6. Vertex Live ( cost $2000 ) – comes in at a cost of $2000 and includes attendance to an event with a host of different topics regarding internet marketing.

Easy 1 Up Financing Options

There have been a lot of people wanting to join at the Vertex Pro and Vertex Live levels but they couldn’t afford the costs.

So now there is a financing program that has been put into place so that you can make payments.

The reason that you would want to go in at the higher levels is because you would earn the bigger commissions when one of your referrals buys in at those levels.

Easy 1 Up Compensation Plan

Lets take a look at what is involved to make money with the Easy 1 Up opportunity.

You will have a choice of paying $25, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or $2000 depending on what level you want to start out on.

This is important because it will determine how much money you make per referral.

For example is you join at the $25 dollar Elevation level then you can only receive $25 commissions.

If one of your referrals decides to join at a higher level such as $500 you would lose out.

This is why its important to join Easy 1 Up at the highest level that you can afford.

You will often hear many marketers recommending that you “go all in”.

When you go all in at the $2000 Vertex Live level you have all the levels covered and would be able to receive commissions from $25 to $2000.

Should You Join At A Lower Level & Upgrade?

This question gets asked all the time and the answer will depend on you.

For example lets say that you decide to join at the Vertex Elite level at a cost of $500.

After a while you see some of your referrals buying into the $1000 and $2000 levels and your missing out on the commissions.

So know you decide to upgrade.

You will have to buy into those levels at the the full cost.

The $500 that you already spent at the Vertex Elite level doesn’t get credited toward the higher levels.

This is another reason to go in at the highest level that you can afford.

It will save you money in the long run.

Now You Start Marketing For Referrals

Now its time to get some referrals under you and start making money!

Everyone that you recruit will be in your down line and now you are their sponsor. Whenever a person joins and pays you will get paid.

When you sign up your second recruit, that recruit plus their payment get sent to your upline. Thus the name “1 Up”.

In other words you get the commission from your 1st referral and your 3rd referral on.

The same happens for your referrals.

Their second referral gets sent up to you as well.

If you jump in at the highest level of $2000, then you will not have to give up the second person you sponsor to your upline, you will get to keep them. You will also be able to earn across all four levels because you signed up at the $2000 level.

** There is an administration fee on top of the fee to join that level and it ranges from 10% to 20%. For instance is you join the Elevation Level at $25 there is an admin fee of $5 and if you join at the $500 Vertex Elite level there is a $50 admin fee. This is how the company Easy 1 Up makes their money.

Is Easy 1 Up A Scam

You will some people calling this opportunity a scam because your receiving payments directly from your referrals instead of the company.

Realistically though its not a scam at all because there are actual training products that are being promoted.

So when you sign up you are actually getting digital marketing training with the opportunity to make money showing others.

Are People Making Money With This System

There is no doubt that there are a lot of marketers making money with Easy 1 Up.

The problem that I see is that people that struggle with this opportunity are the ones that aren’t putting in the work and not consistently driving leads.

It doesn’t matter how good a system is if your not getting traffic to it then its not going to produce.

That is the bottom line.


Easy 1 Up is a high ticket commission training program that can definitely make you a lot of money if you can get in at the higher levels and get traffic to it.

The other key thing that you will need to do is stay consistent with whatever traffic method your using.

You can’t just promote the opportunity inconsistently and expect to see results.

That is not how advertising works.

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14 thoughts on “What Is The Easy 1 Up Opportunity? (Easy Money Or Loser?)”

  1. Hi Chris, thank you for giving information on EASY1UP, a friend of mine joined this opportunity, and was not sure what it was all about. It is clear that it is all about recruiting people and not clear about the long term goals or how one is to trend on the future. The products on offer seems just like the marketing materials on hoe to move from one level to the next. I can easily categorize this as an opportunity that does not give one more chances of growth, there being no product to offer to the ones who join.

    It is good you are offering people a good option to join the Wealthy Affiliate that has a long term future and opportunity for growth.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Violet,

      For me when I look at an opportunity to work from home, one of my main things is that it offers a long term sustainable income.

      Who wants to do all the work to get people involved, then have to start all over again with another business opportunity when this one disappears!

      There are plenty of affiliate programs out there that offer value and this is one them.

  2. It really looks like you can make some serious money with this. How long do you think it would take to start getting my first sales and what type of advertising should I do to get traffic?

    I haven’t had much luck with other systems but this one looks like its worth a try.

    • If your going to join then getting your first sale is going to depend on what type of advertising you will be doing. There are a lot of marketers having good luck using solo ads and building a list. Then promoting the offer to their list.

      You could also try Facebook ads which some guys are using.

  3. There are just so many of these types of businesses floating around. They all do the same thing ultimately under a different look. If any business promotes recruiting others, I stay well away. I have been there and done that, and it never works out long term.

    The problem with recruiting others, there is nothing of value to offer them within the business and most of them give up when they don’t get any referrals for themselves.

    • After the business has some time to get established, the traffic will die down and the people that were first in will gotten the most out of it.

      These types of online businesses like Easy1up get a lot of tire kickers. They believe that if they buy into the system they will become rich without doing any work or spending any money.

      Unfortunately that is not the case and they will just keep jumping from opportunity to opportunity

  4. Let’s see if I understood this correctly, “all you do” with Easy1up is to recruit people who should recruit people to recruit… and so on? And you get all or some of the fee they pay to join? If I got it right I must say it sounds very short-term unless you have a kick ass landing page and marketing strategy. But I guess that might be included in the training that’s provided.. Sorry if I’m sounding too cynical here 😀


    • Hi Cat,

      There are different trainings available at each level and as an affiliate that is what you should be promoting along with the income potential

      Instead you get a bunch of people running around spamming social media hoping to make their big ticket commissions this way.

      If your going to promote Easy 1 Up then you need a consistent traffic source and have the ability to help your referrals make sales to be successful with this

  5. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for this easy1up information.

  6. Say I join at the $250 level & someone below me signs up for $500. $250 would go to me…where does the other $250 goes..does it go to the sponsor above myself? To the comoany?

    When we get paid what type of accounts can we use Paypal? Stripe? Others?

    • Yes Dennis what ever the difference is on money would be credited to your sponsor.

      So in the example you provided your sponsor would get the $250.

      This is why you always see the gurus pushing people to go all in.

      I stayed away from this opportunity so as far as ways to get paid with Easy 1 Up you should get in touch with the company itself to see what they offer.

      • Actually, with Easy1up, it’s worse than that if you don’t own a higher level… if someone below you signs up at a higher level than you (in this case if you don’t own the $500 level), you lose out entirely on the sale, you don’t even get to keep the other $250. The entire $500 goes to your sponsor if you don’t own that level (or whoever actually owns the $500 level next in line they joined).

        • Thanks for the info Gina.

          Typically the big marketers love theses kinds of programs such as Easy 1 Up.

          They have the money to “go all in”.

          Then they get all the money from their downline referrals.


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