Making Money Selling Jewelry Online Successfully

Is it easy to make money selling jewelry online is the question. You would think that the answer would be yes. After all jewelry is a billion dollar industry, so you know there is a demand for it.

This is where the problem is as well though. If you plan to make money with jewelry, you should first take a look at your competition. Another important question will be how are you going to sell the products? E-commerce or affiliate marketing? What type of jewelry should you sell?

It is true that there are people making a lot of money online selling jewelry, but the reality is that its not quite as easy as you may think.

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Why Sell Jewelry Online

When your looking to start an online business selling jewelry its important to find products to sell that are in demand. What makes jewelry a unique product is the fact that both men and women create the demand.

Were talking billions of dollars being spent every year and growing!

Another great perk of getting going with your virtual online jewelry business is that you can tap into a global market. Your not just limited to selling in one place.

One big reason to sell jewelry online is that the cost to get started will be the least expensive way to go. Compared to setting up a retail shop or doing shows, making money selling jewelry online is your best alternative and budget friendly way to get started as an entrepreneur.

So there are some great reason to sell jewelry online from home and reap the benefits of your very own business.

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What To Sell

Now that see you the benefits of selling jewelry online, you might be asking yourself what exactly should I sell?

If you currently have an interest in certain categories then I would start there, but if you have no idea then here are just a few suggestions that come to mind.

Used jewelry

Well for starters you may consider selling used jewelry online.

This can be from your own collection, garage sales, flea markets or antique sales. These are great places to find unique or one of a kind pieces.

The advantage to selling used jewelry is that there won’t be as much competition. The disadvantage is that you will be constantly looking for more inventory.

Costume Jewelry

If your looking to sell jewelry online and don’t want the trouble of continuously having to look for inventory, selling costume jewelry online might be a good alternative.

There is no shortage of available costume jewelry to start your business with. As a matter of fact, there are so many different kinds that it could actually be overwhelming trying to decide what to sell within this category.

Different shapes,sizes,colors and designs to choose from!

One of the advantages with this category of jewellry is that typically multiple pieces get bought at the same time when selling online. The customer wants to save on the shipping

Handmade Jewelry

This can be a great option if you are creative and have the drive to make your own hand made jewelry. These will be all unique with your own personal touch, so no competition to worry about.

Selling handmade jewelry online is becoming more and more popular.

Making handmade jewelry will also allow you to make more money if you can design a quality piece to fill a certain niche or demand.

Selling Handmade jewelry

The downside would be that you could only produce so many at a time, unless you were selling other peoples. Plus to be able to make good money with it the jewelry pieces would need to be in the higher price range.

Unusual Jewelry

Sometimes its good to go off the beaten path and try something new. Selling jewelry that is unusual and out of the ordinary may offer a path to financial success online that others may not have thought of.

Lots of times there might be a piece of jewelry that you would consider ugly or weird, but would actually have people that would want it.

I have seen jewelry made from bullet casings that was popular among ex war vets and people in law enforcement. I have also come across shops selling jewelry made of recycled metals.


Stick To Selling Quality Jewelry

Its important that if your going to start an online jewelry business to only sell quality products. Selling quality jewelry online is what will set you apart from the other sellers that might only be out to make money and not really be trying to build a business.

It doesn’t matter if your selling hand made jewelry or selling costume jewelry, it needs to be the quality that your customers are expecting.

It might be tempting to get into selling cheap or less expensive jewelry, but it will only come back to bite you in the end.

Making money selling jewelry online should be the 2nd most important part of your business strategy. Building a solid business around quality is what will help you grow and get your brand out there.


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Ways To Sell

There are different ways to get started selling jewelry online, and you will need to determine which works best for you. Not every selling platform will produce the best results, so you will have to test the different ones.

Here are just a few examples of the most popular places where you can sell jewelry online. I’m sure you have used these sites at one time or another.


This is a popular place for jewelry sellers to make some money. There are thousands of people from all over the world looking for pieces for their collection.Selling Jewelry Online Using Ebay

The advantages of selling jewelry on Ebay would be the traffic already there looking for your type of products.

Plus you wouldn’t have the overhead  and maintenance of running your own e-commerce store.

You will have listing fees, but you won’t have the typical fees that come with running a full blown e-commerce website.


This is the one of the best places to sell jewelry that is handmade. It is said to have over a million shops and over 1 billion in sales on its selling platform.

So this is a destination spot for hungry buyers for these categories of jewelry.

The more unique your products are the better chance of getting noticed here. You will stand out from the thousands of other merchants you would be competing with.


The biggest online marketplace in the world for every type of product imaginable. Amazon has strict guide lines for selling fine jewelry, otherwise there isn’t much of a problem selling costume or fashion jewelry.

The advantage here is that people that come to Amazon looking to make a purchase, might stumble across yours listings and buy.

Amazon works similarly to Ebay with listing fees and selling fees.

Affiliate Marketing

Having your own website doesn’t mean that you have to stock products and deal with the headaches of an e-commerce set up.

Affiliate marketing offers a way to start selling jewelry online that you don’t even own and it can be done just by referring visitors to a product or website.

There are other smaller market places you can test out as well. So if you are looking for the best place to sell jewelry it really depends on what type you will be selling and which platform works the best for your jewelry niche.


Selling Jewelry Online Using A Blog

Now its time to think outside of the box and more about building an online business to sell your jewelry. What better way than to have your very own branded website.

What I’m talking about is a blog.

Sell Jewelry Online Using A Blog

That’s right you can make money selling jewelry online using a blog. It can be done in a few different ways and I will go over them below.

  • Use affiliate marketing – this would be a way to sell other peoples products without inventorying them, worrying about customer service or having to do returns. Get commissions every time a visitors makes a purchase from your referral.
  • Sell from your blog – once you have built up a relationship with your visitors, you could add e-commerce functionality to your blog and start selling your own products.
  • Your own affiliate program – if your going to be selling your own physical inventory, then you can set up your very own affiliate program once your business gets going. Imagine your very own sales force out there promoting your products and it won’t cost you anything to do it.

Hopefully your starting to see why using a blog is the best place to sell jewelry from in my opinion.

It’s a great way to build your brand and create a following with your visitors. Once you have created that relationship and built the trust you can make money selling jewelry much easier.


How To Start A Blog Selling Jewelry

The ultimate goal is to start an online jewelry business and at the same time build the business to a level that will help you have financial success.

There are many successful bloggers that now earn a full time income from home following their interests and hobbies. There is no reason that you couldn’t follow in their foot steps selling jewelry online with your own personal blog.

You can get your website set up in as little as 60 seconds using just  5 steps.

Of course that doesn’t include adding your own content.

You will learn how to build a successful online business selling jewelry or whatever other niche you want to explore.


Pros and Cons

So lets go over the pros and cons of selling Jewelry online.

There is always some positive and negative things about every opportunity and I will bring those to light here:

Pros – the good stuff

  • Jewelry industry online is still growing
  • Thousands of different pieces of jewelry to sell
  • No need to stock inventory ( using affiliate marketing)
  • Can use a blog

Cons – the not so good stuff

  • Very competitive niche
  • Using Ebay,Amazon and Etsy your lost in the sea of sellers
  • Hard to tell quality of jewelry from listings


Back to the question

Is it easy to make money online selling jewelry?

No, its not going to be easy, but its never easy to start any online business and make money. That is why its important to have the right tools and training, so you don’t waste a lot of time trying to figure it out on your own.

Unfortunately for some online entrepreneurs they never get a chance to experience a step by step system, so they ether struggle along making little money or they give up.


Final Thoughts

Every day thousands of people start an online business doing what interests them or what they have a passion for.  If you think that you will enjoy making money selling jewelry online then you owe it yourself to at least try.

If it turns out that making money online selling jewelry isn’t what you like, then there are many other different niches to choose from. So don’t give up!

The important thing is just to take action and make it happen.


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4 thoughts on “Making Money Selling Jewelry Online Successfully”

  1. Hi there,
    Well done on starting your own business selling jewelry online. 
    The beauty about stay at home dads and moms is, they can arrange their schedule around their kids and schoolruns etc.
    You work your own hours and you are your own boss, which is a great feeling.
    As well as those benefits, you have no office to rent, no overheads and no big bills that you would associate with running a business in the high street.
    Well done and congrats again.
    Cheers PB

    • Hi Phil,

      I never did actually start selling jewelry online. It was one of the niches that I was considering getting into. So I figured maybe some readers were on the fence about starting their own jewelry business and I would open their eyes to the possibilities.

      Although I may re-visit at some point because I have some other great ideas on how to make money online selling jewelry with social media.

      Yes it is great being able to work from home everyday, knowing I can take care of family matters and be self employed. 

      I actually have my own free 5 step by step course if your interested in starting your own online business? Let me know and I can help you!

      Thanks for stopping!

  2. I already made some costume jewelry with my girlfriend and even though I sucked at it I think that I can get better at it. Do you think that I can make a full time income with it? Or should I consider a different business model? By the way I think I can work around 2 hours every day.

    • I think it will be hard to make money online selling costume jewelry especially if you only plan on selling what you make. You wouldn’t be able to make pieces fast enough.

      An option could be to buy some at wholesale. 

      This would give you more sku’s including the ones that you make yourself if you wanted to sell with e-commerce or through a marketplace like eBay or Etsy.

      Its also possible to promote jewelry with affiliate marketing where all you need to do is blog about jewelry itself and then make commissions by directing visitors from your site to other sellers.


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