Easy Cash Club Review – Scam or Legit?

Easy Cash Club the way to make money fast up to $379 per day!

Or is it?

Hey I’m just like everyone else when it comes to looking for alternative ways to make some extra cash online.

But typically when I see an opportunity that claims its easy to do the red flags go up and I go over it with a fine tooth comb.

Why lose money if its a scam?

Then again there might be the possibility that its actually legit!

Anyhow stay tuned because in my review here your going to find out whether or not Easy Cash Club is a scam or legit.

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What Is Easy Cash Club About

Well for starters they want to show you how to use affiliate marketing to sell products in order to make money.

Nothing wrong with that because I am currently doing that with my websites.

I like affiliate marketing because all you need to do is create quality content around a specific niche in order to get traffic and promote products.

If done right eventually your traffic will warm up to what your promoting and you will start getting sales.


Another aspect of this opportunity is that they emphasize signing up with ClickBank and promoting ClickBank products.

If your not familiar with ClickBank its a big marketplace that has a number of different categories.

In each category an affiliate can choose from all kinds of niches to promote most of which are digital products.

  • Gardening
  • Make money online
  • Health and fitness
  • etc.


Now there are different ways to get traffic as an affiliate and none of them are easy.

But there are some methods that are easier than others.

The Easy Cash Club opportunity offers to show you how to market affiliate products by way of YouTube.

I get it.

Right now YouTube marketing is hot and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

So having training that puts the hottest business model “affiliate marketing” with the hottest marketing method “YouTube videos” only makes sense.


How are you going to make all this work?

Well the gist is that you will get access to the Easy Cash Club software which will offer the advantage of helping to get your videos uploaded to YouTube.

You can also offer voice overs for the videos.

I am not sure what the advantage would be here with this software because it is fairly easy to make and load videos to YouTube.

There are also many free tools that you can use.

I personally have a YouTube channel with a number of videos already loaded.

So I know how simple it is to do.

But as a marketer you always have to keep your eyes open for something that will help you streamline your business and give an edge over other marketers.

How Much Does Easy Cash Club Cost

Here is where things get a little wacky.

You will get a lot of pop ups, discounts and thrown at you.

When I initially hit the website the cost was shown at $37 which is reasonable.

But then as I tried to go back to the previous page and I was hit with a pop up for a discount equal to $20 dollars off.

This means the software will only cost a total of $17.

Easy Cash Club Discount

Can’t beat that right?


Can You Make Money With This Software

After reviewing Easy Cash Club I can honestly say that I don’t see a real need for this software.

Its use is limited at best.

It was basically designed so that you would upload a video and then create a voice over for the video.

This all done through a series of templates with no need to show your face or record your own voice.

Then you would direct your traffic to an affiliate product to make money or possibly get some ad revenue.

You have probably come a cross a YouTube video that you were interested in watching where the voice sounded like robot.

Well that’s what this is.

Marketers used to re-upload other users videos and then add a voice over hoping to get views which they could monetize into income.

This was especially popular with non english speaking marketers.

The Affiliate Program

They do offer an affiliate program that means that if you decide to promote this software to others you can earn commissions.

One thing to keep in mind though is that it is being offered through ClickBank.

ClickBank has a 60 day return policy so its possible that there will be a lot of returns from unhappy customers.

The question is would you be comfortable as an affiliate promoting a product like this?

YouTube Changes & Demonetization Efforts

YouTube has been on a mission to clean up the spam which is exactly what this software promotes.

This means that it will be impossible to make money with Easy Cash Club or at the very least not worth your time.

They know that viewers aren’t going to sit through re-uploaded videos listening to low quality robotic voice overs.

I know I don’t when I run across them.



I have done a lot of reviews on different money making opportunities and most aren’t worth the money and some are just flat out scams.

Examples include: Traffic Ivy, Fearless Momma and Secret Affiliate Website System.

The best thing to do is actually learn the skills needed in order to start and grow and online business.

Instead of buying a software product such as this learn the basics of creating YouTube videos.

The process to upload them is simple and you can use a simple microphone to record your voice.

You don’t even need to appear on camera if you don’t want to.


Is Easy Cash Club A Scam

The product itself is not scam because they are giving you something for your money.

Whether its worth $17 is up for debate.

Personally I don’t think that it is.

The part that may not be legit is their marketing and the over hyped claims of making $100’s per day.

I mean before you can even starting monetizing videos on YouTube in order to bring in some income you need subscribers.

1000 subscribers to be exact.



There really is no easy way to make money online with these types of products.

Easy Cash Club was designed for beginners that aren’t really sure how things work when it comes to creating YouTube videos.

They imply that its a shortcut to creating $379 per day with no work.

This simply is not true.

Do yourself a favor and check out a better opportunity that is totally free to get started.

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