Does Funnel X ROI Work? ( $300 per day! )

Funnel X ROI sounds like a some secret program that the government is working on but in reality it is a money making opportunity.

The potential to make $300 per day grabbed my attention and I had to see what it was about.

Does this opportunity live up to the hype or is it a scam in disguise?

I had to find out!

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What Is Funnel X ROI About

Although when I first came across FXP ROI thought it was some kind of system or program but it turns out that it is just a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is a marketing tool used to promote product and services.

As I researched further I discovered that FX ROI was promoting a couple of money making opportunities:

  • Easy 1 Up
  • Now LifeStyle
  • ClickMagick
  • Pay Per Lead

I am familiar with these opportunities because I looked into them in the past.

The whole company and opportunity seemed amateurish to me.


1. Easy 1 Up

Easy 1 Up is one of the opportunities that is being offered in Funnel X ROI and probably the most popular.

Its a great way for beginners to get some internet marketing training while earning big commissions.

There are a lot of members that are doing very well with this particular opportunity showing their earnings within the Facebook group. 

2. Now Lifestyle

This is an opportunity geared towards those that are interested in losing weight and staying physically fit.

It is an MLM company started by a veteran marketer Joel Therien.

People join and pay monthly to get the exercise program and also promote the opportunity to receive monthly passive income.

3. ClickMagick

This is a tool that can be used if to track clicks from your links.

Its important if you are running paid advertising because you want to have the information to make decisions as to where you need to spend your money.

You would be able to earn passive income from sign ups.

4. Pay Per Lead

If you plan to promote the Funnel X ROI program then an added way to make money with it is through the “Pay Per Lead” option.

You can earn $1 per lead that are from the USA.


How Does It Work

You sign up with on the Funnel X ROI sales page and then you are emailed the opportunities that I talked about above.

You then have to join those.

Once you have set up your accounts you start promoting FX ROI to get others to sign.

This can be done using free traffic or paid traffic.

They don’t really promote the free traffic method because it is a slower way of getting traffic although it is more targeted in my opinion.

Its not that hard to build a website nowadays it just takes effort to write content.

Its not a big deal. I write content every day for this blog.

The benefit of paid traffic is the ability to get traffic fast and scale it up if you can figure it out.

That is why it is important to have mentors that can guide you.


Sign Up For Paid Traffic

None the less you will be encouraged to sign up at Udimi which is a marketplace for solo ads sellers.

Solo ads are when a person that has an email list takes your offer and sends it to the people on their email list.

You pay them to do this which can cost between .50 cents to $1 per lead typically.

There is no guarantee that you will get any signups for your offers.


Track Traffic 

You will also be encouraged to sign up for a service called ClickMagick.

This service allows you to track your traffic so that you know where your best traffic is coming from.

It is a legitimate service that costs $12 to $66 per month depending on which plan you sign up for.


Email Autoresponder Service

Finally to make it all work you will need to sign up with an email service provider such as GetResponse or Aweber.

Your paid traffic is going to be opting into your email list where you start sending them the same information that you received when signing up for Funnel X ROI.

The cost for these services start out at $12 to $19 per month depending on the level of service chosen.


So How Much Does Funnel X ROI Cost

The good thing about Funnel X ROIis that signing up is absolutely free and won’t cost you anything.

But this is only part of the story.

You will get access to a sales funnel so that you don’t have to create one on your own.

This is an area that a lot of marketers struggle with.

The thing is that the opportunities and services that you are referred to are not free.

But this is where you make the big commissions as well as residual income.

So if you plan to take advantage of this opportunity and sign up there will be some costs depending on which opportunity you join as well as what level.


Is It A Scam

With the amount of scrupulous opportunities going around nowadays there are a lot of people asking “is Funnel X ROI a scam”?

After looking over the offering I have to say no.

They are offering legitimate opportunities and you can join just one of them or all them to maximize your earning potential.

It is probably possible to have some $300 dollar with some of the marketers making upwards of $5000 or more in a very short period of time.



Final X ROI is similar to other systems I have seen promoted where you get a funnel that offers products that you can make money with.

Nothing wrong with that if the products are legit.

But it takes money to make money with this and a lot of newbies are going to be disappointed when they find out.

Its not the end of the world because there are many opportunities that you can take advantage of that don’t cost so much.

I do it myself with a simple blog and some good affiliate programs.

So if your on the fence about joining Funnel X ROI and would like to look at a different opportunity then check this out.

I will show you a free course that teaches you how to build a website and sell products with very little overhead.

Its legit and I am still using it 3 years later.

So let me help you get started with this simple free 5 step course.


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