Do You Hashtag Facebook?

Do you hashtag FaceHashtags Facebookbook is the question?

If your answer was no, why would you not want to get every advantage possible when marketing yourself or your
business to millions of people looking for what you have to offer on Facebook?


Using hashtags on Facebook is a very simple process and can result in more followers and likes just by adding a couple keywords with a # in front of it.


How Did Hashtags Become Popular?

Hashtags were made popular by Twitter. If you were sending out a tweet, all that was needed to do would be to put a # sign in front of a few keywords and this would help to categorize your tweet so people could more easily follow it.

If you wanted to find a topic or keyword while searching Twitter, hashtags helped to make this possible as well.

In 2013, Facebook adopted the use of hashtags in their posts as well and people started using them.


How To Use Hashtags Correctly On Facebook

Ideally it is suggested that when creating a Facebook post that you only use a couple of hashtags and incorporate them into your sentences.

For example, below is a recent post I put up, and you can see that I incorporated two hashtags into my post where the red arrows are pointing.

Good Facebook Hashtag Example


Also it is important to use keywords that are related to the information in the post.

For example if your talking about affiliate marketing and and email marketing, you may want to use hashtags such as #affiliatemarketing and #emailmarketing.

Another important aspect when using hashtags in your Facebook posts is to not put spaces between the words or use any symbols in the words. This will cause the hashtags not to work correctly.


Doing Hashtags The Wrong Way

So now that you know the proper way to use hashtags in your posts, lets take a look at an examples of the wrong way to do it.

Looking at the example below of a post that I came across, you can see that this person has used a total of about 33 hashtags.

Facebook Hashtags Too Many


Research has shown that by using more hashtags, the result could have a negative effect by leading to less engagement.

Below is a graph that illustrates what Socialbakers found when they sampled over 200,000 brand posts on Facebook.

Facebook Hashtag Research


As you can see, the optimum quantity of hashtags in posts was two and as more were added readers became less and less engaged.

So, even though you can add unlimited hashtags to your posts, it wouldn’t produce outcome worth the effort.


Facebook Search Results Using Hashtags

Now that we have an idea of how to use hashtags in our posts, what is the result when people use them in their search?

Lets run a couple of tests using the word affiliatemarketing as our search term.

The first test I used the hashtag and it looked like this in the image below. You can see the number symbol in front.


Hashtag Affiliate Marketing Facebook Search


Here are the search results below:


Facebook Hashtag Search

As you can see, that using a hashtag in front of affiliatemarketing and doing a search, the results are posts from individuals that have an interest in affiliate marketing.

Second Test

Ok, so now lets do our second test and not use a hashtag when searching affiliatemarketing.

Facebook Search With No Hashtag


Below are the search results:

Facebook Search With No Hashtag

As you see in the image above, there are now groups listed on top of the posts from individual users. So by not using  a hashtag when searching, we get a different result.



 Ok, now comes the question of do hashtags work for Facebook?

The top social media specialists believe that it depends on your target audience.

The more technically advanced your audience may be, the more probability that they may use hashtags in searches. If your audience is primarily geared towards gardening, then the probability of them using hashtags in their search would be less likely.

In my opinion, it is too easy not to use them. It only takes a couple extra seconds to incorporate them into your post the correct way, and the benefits for any online business could be significant in extending its reach.

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