Do We Make Our Own Destiny

Should you take Destiny for granted? Or do we make our own destiny? Sometimes people want to break loose from the structure that society has placed on us and do their own thing. The only problem is that they are afraid to take the leap, because they are financially dependent on a job or feel that if they do something different they are destined to fail. Do we make our own destiny then by staying complacent?

Do We Make Our Own Destiny

I believe so and I also believe that, you control your destiny if you believe in yourself.

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How Your Destiny Is Planned

From the time your able to take responsibility for yourself, your taught ways of doing things. The same things that your parents were taught and the same things their parents were taught.

When your old enough you start school and progress while others tell you what the best occupations are for making the most money and gaining prestige.

At this point your just being groomed into what was taught to everyone before you, and your not currently able to control your own destiny.

Time Goes By

Before long your now an adult and you have grown up believing that what you were told is how life works.

You see your friends living the same destiny as you.

But every once in a while there is someone you meet, that has broken out of the norm and takes a different path from what is supposed to be their future.

They create their own destiny and achieve a different result.

Not All Of Us Created Equal

Although the saying goes “all man is created equal”, this is not really the reality.

Some people are born poor and some rich. Some people have physical ailments while others were gifted with great genetics. You get the picture.

So what does this rant have to do with anything?

Your Choices Your Future

Your life is like driving on a big highway with different exits that you can get off at. Each exit ultimately can take your life in a different direction.

Now your driving the car on this highway and you have a map that is showing you which way to go to be successful and achieve what you have always wanted.

So the exits that I am talking about above are actually your life choices. By making different choices at the different stages of your life ultimately will will send you in a different direction.

Do you see the possibilities?

Religious Aspect

I do understand that there are people that believe ultimately our fate is controlled by a higher power adding religion into the mix.

Not being religious myself I can’t really look at whether we control our own destiny from this point of view.

But I do respect the fact that people have this as the answer to how they got where they or may be heading in life.

Final Thoughts

This rant is just a quick reminder that anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

There have been people born poor who have become billionaires. There have been people born without arms or legs that have achieved miraculous physical feats.

So step outside your comfort zone and go after what you really want to achieve in life. We all have a chance make our own destiny.

After all, you only live once!

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