What Is Digital Altitude Review

Digital Altitude came on the Digital Altitude Logoscene not long ago with a big fanfare of internet marketers ready to get the ball rolling and signing people up.

The training is supposed to guide you to making serious money.
The question is, can this MLM help the “Average Joe” with its systems and coaching? Is Digital Altitude worth the money?

I will do a quick review to see what its about and if its worth the cost.


What Is Digital Altitude About

Digital Altitude is a system put together to teach people how to build a business and grow it. This is done with a series of courses. See below:

  • Aspire – comes in at 3 levels and teaches the digital end of marketing including automation and sales funnels
    • Walker – cost $37 per month
    • Hiker – cost $67 per month
    • Climber – cost $127 per month
  • Base – cost $595 one time payment for 12 modules that basically teach you how to jump start your business
  • Rise – cost $1997 one time payment for 19 modules teaches you to maintain what you have learned already
  • Ascend – cost $9997 one time payment for 3 day excursion to Las Vegas with top marketers to talk strategy
  • Peak – cost $16,997 one time payment 5 day excursion to learn business management and success techniques
  • Apex – cost $27,997 one time payment 7 day excursion to learn real estate and asset management


As you can see after going past the “Base” level the price starts to go up astronomically. If you have a good email list, you could make quick money by sending them an invite to the program.

That’s why a lot of the internet marketers were pumping this when it came out.



You don’t get much information or details of exactly what the courses cover, so out of curiosity they probably get a lot of people joining Digital Altitude for the $1 trial to see what is included.

Digital Altitude Products

There really is no secret to making money online. Whether the cost of Digital Altitude course material is worth it, is going to be up to the person using it. Each person has the potential to be successful with the right training and attitude.

Here’s a tip, spend a little time online with the free learning sources and you should be able to find all the information needed to get your online business up and running.


Making Money With Digital Altitude

How much you make depends on what level that you have bought into. The higher the level, the larger the commissions.

For example lets say that you decide to test the waters and jump in at the basic level, which is Aspire Walker $37 monthly cost.  You then get someone to sign up at the Aspire Walker level, you would then get a 40% commission which comes to $15 monthly.

But, if that same person upgrades to the next level, you would not got paid on them any longer.


Here is a quick breakdown of commission structures example at the Aspire level. Remember this is the entry level to get in.

Aspire Walker

  • 40% commission on $37 = $15 /month Tier 1
  • Must be a WALKER member to qualify.

Aspire Hiker

  • 40% commission on $67 = $27/month Tier 1
  • 10% commission on $67 = $7/month Tier 2
  • Must be an HIKER member to qualify.

Aspire Climber

  • 45% commission on $127 = $76/month Tier 1
  • 10% commission on $127 = $13/month Tier 2
  • 5% commission on $127 = $6/month Tier 3
  • Must be a CLIMBER member to qualify.


Now lets take a look at what the commissions would be at the highest level. Remember to make these commissions you will need to spend $27,997 one time payment!

Apex Walker

  • *40% commission on $27997 = $11200 Tier 1
  • Must be a WALKER member to qualify.

Apex Hiker

  • *40% commission on $27997 = $11200 Tier 1
  • 10% commission on $27997 = $2800 Tier 2
  • Must be an HIKER member to qualify.

Apex Climber

  • *45% commission on $27997 = $12600 Tier 1
  • 10% commission on $27997 = $2800 Tier 2
  • 5% commission on $27997= $1400 Tier 3
  • Must be a CLIMBER member to qualify.

As you can see above, when you buy into the highest level of Digital Altitude your commissions are huge. Then again, you had to pay $27,997 in order to get them!



Another thing that is included when you sign up is coaching. Now you might be saying to yourself, great I will get to learn how to make money by someone that knows what they are doing.

The problem here is that although these people are being called coaches, the odds are that they are well paid salesman and here’s why.

All the people signing up at the lower levels (under $1997 ) are more or less a drain on the system. They aren’t going to make it, and the guys that set up Digital Altitude know this.

This where the coaching comes in. Are they actually coaching you on the course material or coaching you to go onto the next level where the money starts getting made and profitability goes up for the company and people above you in the matrix. You guessed it!


  Just A Thought

Here is another way to analyze this opportunity, and put it or any other money making opportunity in perspective.

If you were to take out the aspect of making money from this program and were just going to pay into it for the training and material, do you now think it is worth it?

Would you pay into it at $1997, $9997, $16,997 or $27,997 to learn what Digital Altitude is teaching.


Is Digital Altitude A Scam

You will get a different answer on this depending on who you ask.

There are some people that signed up for one dollar, thinking that they had the opportunity to make a six figure income.

Unfortunately they were a little surprised when the coaches started trying to get them to upgrade. They realized that they weren’t going to be able to make the big commissions without investing thousands of dollars.

Does this mean that Digital Altitude is a scam? Its up for interpretation I guess, but you can’t make money without spending money.


Digital Altitude’s Lawsuit

Now another internet marketing company called MOBE has taken offense to the program that DA is running and claiming that it is a copy of theirs.

It does look very similar to how MOBE is set up and run.

Another coincidence is that the guy behind Digital Altitude who is Michael Force, was employed by MOBE.



Digital Altitude could possibly have great course material, but when online I can’t remember anyone that was marketing the program for its training courses. All you hear is how quickly and how much money can be made.

But here’s the thing, anyone that has any experience marketing online will jump in at one of the higher levels and send it to there email list and make some money. Unfortunately the “average joe” without a email list will have a hard time making with this program work and will most likely walk away with little to show.

That’s just the reality.


Better Option

If your looking to start earning money online and would like get started without paying thousands of dollars, recruiting people and having to deal with up sells then let me show you how I do it with my #1 pick


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