Damsel In Defense MLM Review – A Good Business For Women?

Damsel In Defense Business Opportunity

Damsel In Defense is an company that markets self defense products to women through multi-level marketing.  A unique concept in the MLM world that is filled with nutritional supplements and womens beauty products.

The focus is to sell through hosted parties called Empower Hours as well as to recruit others as independent contractors as your down line.


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Damsel In Defense Products

The products are your typical self defense products such as:

  • Holla His & Hers– which is a key chain alarm that retails for $20
  • Sock It To Me – these are basically pointed aluminum that can be carried and used to strike your attacker if needed retails for $10
  • Pouch O Pepper – your standard can of pepper spray that retails for $10
  • Get A Grip – is a stun gun that retails for $65

As you can see, the product pricing looks like it cost as much if not more than your typical self defense products. From looking at the product images, the quality seems to be the same as what I have seen on other websites as well that sell these types of products.

One other note, there are not a lot of products offered by Damsel In Defense, which could pose a challenge in the future when trying to earn an income from this opportunity.

Damsel In Defense Business Opportunity

As I stated before, this is an MLM business opportunity and you must choose a starter kit when you join which will set you back $149.00.

Once you have chosen your starter kit, you will have the necessary marketing materials and sample products to get started.

It should be noted that not all states will allow you to sell the stun guns and pepper spray. That is why there are two kits, one with them and one without. So this might be a reason that you would decide this opportunity is not for you, if you could not sell these main self defense products in your state.

Compensation Plan

The company encourages what they call Empower hours, which are just hosted parties where you would market and show off the products selling directly to the end consumer.

Below you see what you can earn during your Empower Hours hosted party. You also get half price on a number of products depending on your sales volume.

Damsel In Defense Hosted Party Perks

You can follow the chart below to get an idea of the pay plan for Damsel In Defense consultants otherwise known as Damsel Pro’s when they have a team or down line.

When you start recruiting and building a down line, you will be able to earn on many levels. Most of the time this is easier said than done and why many people that get involved with MLM aren’t successful.

The real money in multi level marketing is made when you build a team and your efforts are multiplied with the success of your recruits.

Damsel In Defense Compensation Plan

Conclusion For Damsel In Defense Opportunity

This opportunity is geared towards women and their need to protect themselves. It offers a way for stay at home moms and even dads to earn money working from home.

It great to see a different type of MLM selling something other than your typical nutritional and womens make up products, but the reality is that in my opinion it will be hard to make a living selling Damsel In Defense products.

These are not consumable products that the customer will go through and need to buy more in a short period of time. Meaning that once you sell the retail customer at a hosted party a product, chances are they will not need to buy another for quite some time. So although you may have success in the beginning selling as a Damsel Pro in your local market, over time your customers will have purchased what they needed and your business will hit a wall where hosted party sales will eventually start to slow down.

The other thing is that although every woman should have products to protect themselves, how exciting do you really think they would get if they found out there was going to be a party selling self defense products? In my opinion this is not that alluring for women to attend.

I believe that the Damsel In Defense business opportunity is not one that you can count on to earn a substantial amount of money from and that there are better opportunities to make money working from home.

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