Contenu Plugin Review – Stealing YouTube Content?

Have you seen the plugin called Contenu that helps you create content on your WordPress blog from YouTube videos?

Well there are some marketers pushing this as the best thing but there are some serious flaws as to how it works and what you should expect.

I will go over the pros and cons of this of this “too good to be true” plugin and why you are wasting your time and money.

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What Does Contenu Do For You

What Is Contenu And How Does It Work

If you have a WordPress blog and create the content for it you understand that it can be a real grind that takes a lot of time.

Not only that but you do have to have a certain amount of skill to get your pages ranked in the search engines.

But not every marketer has the ambition, tenacity or wants to learn the skills required.

So products like the Contenu Software I am reviewing here are created.

It basically takes the YouTube video of your choice and turns into into text that you can do whatever you like with including blog posts.


How Does It Work

Well for starters it is a plugin that you need to install on a WordPress website.

Plugins only take a couple clicks to get them installed and activated.

So this is considered beginner friendly as anyone could do it without having a technical background.

Once the plugin is installed you would now use it to find YouTube videos that are in your niche.

Doesn’t matter what niche.

Step 1 – You would type your keyword into Contenu and it would bring up some videos that you can choose from.

Step 2 – Then it loads all the information from the video into the software. So you will get the following:

  • Thumbnail
  • Tags
  • Title of video
  • Text transcribed from the video

Now that you have all the text from the video you can either post it to your blog or spin it with the touch of a button to make it unique.

But Mark Bishop the creator says you don’t have to spin it because it is already unique.

There’s only one problem with this!

A soon as a couple marketers start using this the content is no longer unique and the search engines will know.

Of course you can try spinning it but that will only make things worse because it will appear as if a 5 year old had written the text.

Spinning content has not worked for years but marketers keep pushing this type of software to newbies that don’t know any better.


How Much Does It Cost

If your still contemplating on buying this then you probably want to know what Contenu costs.

How Much Does Contenu Cost To Buy

As with most internet marketing products your going to get a discounted price off of the already inflated retail price.

In this case the cost for Contenu is $27.

But if you have wasted your money on enough internet marketing products like me you know there are other upsells in the pipe line.

Creators of these kinds of products don’t get rich by only selling them for $27.


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Is Contenu A Scam

This is an interesting question and I am sure you will get many different view points depending on who you ask.

Personally I am not really sure myself.

I know that if I was a YouTube creator that spent a lot of time creating quality videos and someone was stealing my words I would be pissed.

Then again some marketers have no dignity and will do whatever it takes to make a quick buck.

Here is what I found while researching whether or not using Contenu would be considered plagiarism when asked on Quora.

Absolutely that’s plagiarism. It’s plagiarism any time you use words (or images!) from any source, without proper attribution.

So its really up to you whether to use it or not but to be honest your just wasting your money.


Does It Even Work

Like I said if your not really worried about the plagiarism issue and you still think Contenu is going to benefit your marketing career think again.

Any marketer that I have seen trying to take a short cut using article spinners or do it yourself content creation tools has always failed.

Does Contenu work?

The search engines aren’t stupid and they only rank quality content.

Do you really think that a $27 plugin is going to get you ranked when there are SEO specialists charging their clients $1,000’s of dollars to be found in searches.

Ain’t gonna happen.



Contenu is just another one of those gimmicky internet marketing products that appeal to marketers not interested in putting in the work to do it themselves.

You have to look in the mirror and ask yourself is that me?

So before you waste your money on this keep in mind what your long term goal is.

Financial freedom and time freedom!

Your only going to get their by doing the work without taking any short cuts and learning the necessary skills.

Peace out!


Feel free to leave a comment below with your opinion or experience with Contenu!

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