Commission Hero Review: Is This $997 Robby Blanchard Course Legit?

I received an email the other day from Clickbank regarding a seminar for a course called Commission Hero.

The creator of the course is Robby Blanchard who is said to be the top Clickbank affiliate.

He is making $1,000’s of dollars per day using Facebook Ads and now he wants to show you how he does it through this course.

So if your looking to learn affiliate marketing and take advantage of the Clickbank marketplace then you may be wondering if you should get this?

Well I was curious as well.

So I took a look at it and figured a review would help other to decide it was worth it or just another scam product?

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Who Is Robby Blanchard – Commission Hero Review

There are a lot of successful affiliate marketers that make good money promoting products through the Clickbank marketplace.

Robby is one of those affiliates.

Robby Blanchard Onstage For Seminar

But he isn’t just your average affiliate marketer.

He discovered that he could make money creating Crossfit training in his own gym.

Ultimately he grew this into a lucrative business making $1,000’s per month.

But he realized other gym owners weren’t so lucky and needed help.

So he formed a company called Blanchard Media.

Where he does personal coaching, seminars and also has a membership site that teaches Gym owners how to make money with Crossfit training in their gyms.

So as you can see he makes money not only as a Clickbank affiliate but through other legitimate businesses as well.


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Whats In The Commission Hero Course

First off the goal of the course is to teach how to make $1000 per day promoting affiliate products from the Clickbank marketplace.

Now before you get too excited its important to put this claim into perspective.

It is possible to make this kind of money as an affiliate but its not going to happen overnight or just because you purchase a course such as this.

There are no secret methods or shortcuts.

Its going to take work, money and patience to make money with any training program that you invest in.

With that being said lets take a look inside the course to see what it gives you.

The course is set up with a series of modules that you will go through that include:

  • Module #1 – Welcome
  • Module #2 – Getting Started
  • Module #3 – Choosing The Right Offers
  • Module #4 – Finding Your Ad Image
  • Module #5 – Setting Up A Landing Page
  • Module #6 – Setting Up Facebook
  • Module #7 – Setting Up Facebook Pixel
  • Module #8 – Tracking Your Campaign
  • Module #9 – Scaling
  • Module #10 – Ninja Tactics
  • Module #11 – Bonuses
  • Module #12 – Spotlight Offers
  • Module #13 – Exclusive Extra Bonus
  • Module #14 – Inner Circle Coaching

Let’s break down each module so you can get an idea of what the training is about.

Module 1 – Welcome

The first module in Commission Hero is where you get an introduction to Robby himself and he goes over what to expect in the course.

Module 2 – Getting Started

You get quick idea of how affiliate marketing works, the tools needed such as Clickfunnels.

How to put it all together and make it work.

Module 3 – Choosing The Right Offers

A stumbling block that new affiliate run into are what products to promote? So in this module Robby goes over how to choose products to get the highest commissions with examples on a few different affiliate networks.

Module 4 – Finding Your Ad Image

When it comes to marketing you need to stand out from the crowd. Robby goes over how to set up attention grabbing images to use in your Facebook Ads.

Module 5 – Setting Up A Landing Page

A landing page is where you send traffic and get them to opt in to your offers.

In this module Robby goes over the the “call to action” in order to get visitors signed up. Plus a couple choices as to how you can set up your landing pages either using the same software he uses or creating your own.

Module 6 – Setting Up Facebook

Commission Hero revolves around using paid traffic.

Facebook is the paid traffic method that Robby uses to make $1000’s per month and in this module he shows you how to set up your campaigns as well as how to run ads.

Module 7 – Setting Up Facebook Pixel

Your taught how to set up a Facebook Pixel which is used for re-targeting visitors. Most of the time a visitor won’t buy your product on the first visit. Using re-targeting offers a way to keep showing them the offer after they have left your website.

Module 8 – Tracking Your Campaign

Here you learn how to track the visitors which is important when your spending money advertising.

Module 9 – Scaling

Learn how to take the successful ads that are converting and scale them up in order to drive more traffic and make more money.

Module 10 – Ninja Tactics

There are certain things that you can do in order to have an advantage over other marketers. In this module learn how to see what your competitors are doing with their ads. Plus other things such as financing ads with a credit card and dealing with Facebook if they shut down your account.

Module 11 – Bonuses

Here you get the same tools and content the Robby uses to run his business.

Landing pages, images programs and more.

Module 12- Spotlight Offers

These are special deals that you get to access to.

Module 13 – Exclusive Extra Bonus

These are secret and only for paid members

Module 14 – Inner Circle Coaching

Get help from Robby himself whenever you need it plus access to the Facebook Group


Pros & Cons Of The Course

Let’s go over the good and the bad points of Robby’s training course to see if it fits what your looking for.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Robby the creator is an established marketer
  • Can use this course for any niche
  • Robby includes the his tools
  • No upsells or reoccurring costs

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • On The expensive side
  • Need extra money for paid ads
  • No guarantee of success

Should You Get Commission Hero

By now you should probably have a good idea about this course and whether or not you should buy it.

Some things to consider are going to be not only how much Commission Hero costs but the ongoing cost of running Facebook Ads.

Although Robby give you a lot of training and the same tools he uses to run a successful affiliate business you need to spend money to make money with this course.

Some questions to ask yourself before buying:

  • Do I have $200 to $300 to spend on advertising per month?
  • Do I have an 2 to 3 hours per day to work on my business?
  • Will I give this enough time to work?

These are important questions to ask yourself.

Once you buy the course for $997 your going to need an advertising budget of a couple hundred dollars minimum to run Facebook Ads.

Although you get training on how to do this there is no guarantee that you will be able to convert visitors into money.

So you have to be willing to lose some money to see what works and learn.


Free Webinar

If your still reading then your probably still interested this course.

The good news is that there is a free Commission Hero webinar that you can watch where Robby explains more about who he is and what you can expect from the course.

You can watch it here.


There are a lot of different affiliate training courses to choose from and you want to make sure that the creator of the course actually is in the trenches doing what they teach.

In the case of Commission Hero Robby Blanchard the creator is successful in a number of different niches.

Plus he gives you his funnels and other tools that makes the money.

If its in your budget then check out the free webinar here to get a feel for him and his course.

Feel free to leave a comment about your experience or opinion on Commission Hero!

11 thoughts on “Commission Hero Review: Is This $997 Robby Blanchard Course Legit?”

  1. Thanks for the honest review! 

    Commission Hero focuses on one means of promoting products that is Facebook which is something that you shouldn’t be doing. Another fact is that, the program is too expensive for most people. This program will work well for people who know affiliate marketing and can convert Facebook ads into sales. 

    Personally, wouldn’t work out well for newbies. 

    Thank you!

    • Facebook Ads work well as long as you target the right audience and demographics for the products that your promoting.

      That is what Commissions Hero teaches inside the course including getting your ads noticed with specific images.

      If your new to this kind of marketing you need to keep in mind an advertising budget. What can you afford to spend monthly.

  2. Oh my god! Commission Hero is a too expensive program! I have $997 for sign up and then extra $200-$300 is really expensive for people like us. Additionally, you said there is no guarantee for success. That means there is a huge chance to lose my money!

    However, the positives you have shown about this program are not very impressive for the overall cost.

    You said it is possible to create any niche website with this platform, but why shall I choose this expensive one? There are lots of great programs in the market to build up my niche website. 

    I personally don’t think this platform (Commission Hero) is worthy for its price.

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      Although it is expensive you can cut the learning curve by implementing what Robby Blanchard teaches in his course.

      Sometimes you have to invest in yourself.

  3. Thanks for you honest review
    I study about robby his statement About online marketing make sense but can you tell me how long it can be take to recover the huge amount of money we will invest if we follow his steps. As you mention there no guarantee.

    • There really is no set time line for seeing success with any course and that includes Commission Hero.

      If your serious about learning affiliate marketing I would suggest that plan on dedicating some time to testing your advertising to see what works and what doesn’t.

      Also set up an autoresponder to capture leads.

      Affiliate marketing is a is a long term business model, so give it some time and be consistent in order to get results.

  4. Great review I’ve been considering his program but I have also been following SAS and ClickBank University and have been uncertain on which to choose. Mainly I have been looking at Robby’s CH because facebook is what i started on and I have just started a youtube channel only made 2 sales in the first month and a half. BTW is that good for a beginner?

    • That’s great to hear Chuck.

      ClickBank has some good products that you can market to start earning an online income.

      Robby is a good marketer and I think that you won’t go wrong if you choose Commission Hero to learn affiliate marketing.

      Strengths are using Facebook to get traffic and then capture leads to build your email list.

      You look like you already have some experience with Facebook advertising so Robby’s course would compliment your current experience.

      If you haven’t done so already you may want to check out his free webinar.

  5. Hi question is, if there’s so much money to be made why all of you working for Robby blanchard working for him? why not doing that commission HERO program and make your own money?

    • I don’t work for Robby Blanchard.

      I do affiliate marketing for myself promoting different affiliate training courses.

      Robby offers a training course that teaches the use of Facebook as a way to promote affiliate programs.

      I prefer organic traffic methods but there are people that rather spend the money on advertising to scale up faster.

      So this is the reason that I promote the Commission Hero training program he offers.

  6. Is there a payment plan?


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