Is The Cocoa Exchange Worth It? (Selling Chocolate?)

The Cocoa Exchange is a MLM company that offers the opportunity to sell chocolate and earn an income in the process. Starting a home business with the company requires buying a starter kit and promoting the products through hosted parties or recruiting others to be curators. My review will go over the company business opportunity and if you should become a curator.

The chance to sell something that everyone craves chocolate!

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What Is The Cocoa Exchange

Formerly known as Dove Chocolate Discoveries, the company re-branded itself and now offers three different brands under the new name.

Mars Inc., one of the major candy manufacturer is still the owner. So people looking to sell chocolate can rest assured they have the backing of a multi-national company.

They also offer a home based business opportunity for people to sign up and join as curators. Curator is just another name for independent contractor.


How To Become A Cocoa Exchange Curator

If your ready to take the plunge and start your own home based business as a chocolate seller, then the process is fairly simple.

First purchase a Curator starter kit for $129. This is the main to get you started in business.

The Cocoa Exchange Curator Starter Kit

Now if you need to focus on one particular brand there are optional add on starter kits as show below.


Cocoa Exchange Starter Kit

Here is the breakdown of what they are:

Dove Signature Brand Kit $99 – this kit has a value of $225 and offers candy as well as the different mixes to make brownies etc.

Pure Dark Brand Kit $99 – this kit has a value of $212 and has everything a dark chocolate lover would like.

Pod & Bean Brand Kit $99 – this kit has a value of $182 and is an assortment of condiments, coffee and tea.

So, overall the cost to get started selling as a curator isn’t bad, but I’m sure most end up purchasing some add on kits as a way to sell more products and commit to the business.


How To Sell The Products

Once you have joined the company and decided on which starter kits to purchase, the next task will be to pick which method to use for selling Cocoa Exchange products.

So here are the different ways to do it:

Hosted parties – this is probably the best and easiest way for a new curator to get started. Surround yourself with friends, family and co-workers to polish your sales skills and learn the ropes. Plus it will help get the word out that your in the business of selling chocolate. These people are like having a sales force because they are going to tell everyone they know.

Online/website – if you have a following on social media such as Facebook or Google+, then spreading the word and promoting your business will be a breeze. People like to buy from people they trust.

Recruit others – this is the most lucrative way to make money with this opportunity. Earning commission from the sales of others can create a nice residual income.


How Much Can I Make?

If your wondering how much money you can make as a Cocoa Exchange Curator, there are some different variables that need to be considered.

Are you going to be selling chocolate as a part time or full time business? Are you going to sell only retail or make an effort to build a large team. How many hours per week are going to be dedicated to the business.

Your not going to make much money if your idea of full time is only 20 hours per week.

In the real world, the reality is that most people that join these types of businesses don’t ever make any money with them unfortunately.


Cocoa Exchange Compensation

Curators can receive good commissions on their personal sales. Typical would be in the 25% to 40% range with the ability to earn as high as 50% depending on the volume of monthly sales.

When you start building your team by recruiting others, you can expect to make 3% to 5% commissions on the monthly sales on their sales. You don’t need a lot of people in your down line to earn a good residual income. Just some high producing curators that know how to market the products.

The good thing is that over time as your business grows, so will your repeat sales. Selling chocolate can be a great business if you put in the effort and continually grow it.


Pros and Cons

Becoming a Cocoa Exchange Curator definitely has more benefits than negatives. The opportunity to sell chocolate with this company looks like a good one.

Let’s look at what some of the good and not so good things are in my opinion.

Pros- the good stuff

  • Owned by major chocolate manufacturer
  • Good commission plan
  • Made in the USA products
  • Training

Cons  – the not so good stuff

  • Must meet the monthly quota to stay active $600 in 6 month rolling period
  • If your not an outgoing or social person this might not work for you


Final Thoughts

Chocolate seems to be everyone’s weakness. Who doesn’t like chocolate?

So now there is a business opportunity that combines one of the worlds largest chocolate manufactures with millions of people looking to make money with a home business. Sounds like a win win situation.

The one variable that comes into play is going to be you. If your going to get into the business to sell chocolate, then taking action and dedicating the necessary resources should be your main goals.

I don’t see any reason that you can’t make money as a curator with the Cocoa Exchange.


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