Clout Bucks Review? [ Legit or Scam? ]

There is an opportunity making its way around the web called Clout Bucks where you can make money by driving traffic to their website.

The website located at is paying some ridiculously high commissions.

As the saying goes if its “too good to be true” it probably is.

Well this one of those such opportunities and I am going to show you why its not a good idea to sign up!

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What Is Clout Bucks About – Review

This is a good question because when you bring up their website there is very little information to go on.

The only thing that the company claims is that you can make money by using your social media accounts.

Just sign up and start referring others to make $10 per sign up.

Plus you will get $25 dollars just for signing up yourself.

This seems like a no brainer but there are some things that just don’t add up with this opportunity which I will go over next.

Red Flags

  • Little to no information about the opportunity
  • In business for 10 years but very little history on the web
  • They have a blog with only 3 posts ( 1 of which explains why they are not a scam?)

The Opportunity

So let’s start with the opportunity itself.

When a company wants your business they will advertise what the opportunity is and how it will benefit you.

In the case of Clout Bucks there is not one mention of what exactly you are signing up for.

The only things that we know at this point is that you are going to be using your social media accounts to refer others.

You have to ask yourself why would a company not even mention what they are promoting?

Company History

They claim to have been in business for the last 10 years.

But this claim doesn’t appear to be true.

Because if you do a search for the company on the web there is no information.

Its like they appeared out of thin air?

The Blog Is A Joke

When I went to their blog expecting to see a lot of blog posts written over 10 years there were only 3 posts total?

The first post was written on December 30th 2018.

Clout Bucks Blog

Not only that the first post starts off telling you why this opportunity is not a scam but doesn’t back it up with any real proof or company information.

Plus the tags that I circled are referencing another program that I will talk about next.


Is Clout Bucks Really Kids Earn Cash?

As I was doing research on the web for money making opportunities I ran across several reviews for Kids Earn Cash.

Most were calling it a scam that only steals your information without actually paying out any money.

When I went to the website it redirected me to as shown below and this is how I found out about this opportunity. redirects to

Tell me something doesn’t seem fishy here?

Due to the fact that they were being called out as a scam before they just went and changed their name and popped up as another company called Clout Bucks.


What Is Going Here

There is a simple explanation as to what this is and why you should stay clear of this so called opportunity to make money online.

It is just a lead generation website for a savvy marketer.

What they do is promise you unrealistic income with little work needed without disclosing what it is that your signing up for.

Here is how it works:

First you sign up.

Your then introduced to some simple tasks that you complete to earn money.

The company shows you your earnings adding up.

But there is a catch.

They will put a minimum payment threshold on the money that you can withdrawal once earned.

I have seen some as high as $1000.

This keeps people signed up and referring others because they think that they are actually going to get paid.

Unfortunately it is all a smoke screen.

After spending weeks referring others and meeting the minimum payment in order to collect your money nothing happens.

And the company won’t respond to your requests.

Why Would They Do This

You might be wondering why someone would set up such an elaborate scheme.

What do they get out of it?

They will get leads.

All they are looking to get is the email addresses of people interested in making money online.

After you sign up for Clout Bucks you will find that your email gets hammered with tons of other companies trying to get you to sign up.

You won’t even know who these companies are or how you got on their email list.

If you do sign up then who ever is behind the Clout Bucks website gets paid and your still left with empty pockets.



After looking at this opportunity and others that seem to be related to it such as Kids Earn Cash its my opinion that you should not waste your time with it.

The few “glowing” testimonial for them aren’t real but all the people complaining that they were never paid are real.

Remember if it seems “too good to be true” then it probably is!

There are better and proven alternatives to make money online including the one that I am in.


Feel free to leave a comment below with your opinion or experience with Clout Bucks!

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