ClixSense – Make Money From Surveys, Viewing Ads and More!

ClixSense is a company that offers a way to make money doing surveys.  They are not just a online survey site, they also offer a way to make money viewing ads as well.

Let’s take a look at what ClixSense has to offer and see how it fits into the work at home niche and if it is possible to make money with this opportunity?


What Is ClixSense

ClixSense is in the PTC category or better known as “Pay To Click” of ways to make money online. They were established in 2007, so as you can see they must be doing something right to be online all these years while other companies have disappeared.

You can participate as just an affiliate and market the program to earn money or you can actually work the program and its different activities to earn. For me, I plan to work it as an affiliate and I will explain why later.


Ways To Make Money With ClixSense


As you can see above, they offer many different ways to make money if you plan to actually use the site for what it is. I’m not going to over all these activities and how much can be made with each, because I am just here to show affiliates how to use it in their marketing strategy to earn passive income.


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After setting up your account which only takes about 5 minutes, you will receive a email for account activation. From there you can log into your dashboard, where you get a breakdown of what you are earning with each activity you participated in. Also any new referrals and their earnings.

See ClixSense dashboard below for an idea of its layout.

ClixSense Dashboard


As I said above, I plan to work this as an ClixSense affiliate and not participate in the activities. So the two main areas on the dashboard that I would be interested in are below.

My Sponsor Details

At the bottom of the dashboard you can see the persons information that sponsored you into ClixSense. You get their name, email and picture. They may have also left a message for their referrals.

My Affiliate Details

Above your sponsor details, you get to see the people that you referred along with what activities they have been working and how much you have earned from them.


Make Money With ClixSense

There are 2 levels that exist and you can choose which one to participate in. There is the standard level and the premium level.

When you sign up up with ClixSense your automatically in the standard level. If you would like to earn more then you can upgrade to the premium level for only $17. Upgrading basically doubles your commissions on referrals and you get to earn 8 levels deep as well in your downline.

See the chart below for specifics on each level:

ClixSense Affiliate Earnings Example

If your following along, you see that as a standard member you get $1 dollar when you refer someone and they join. They must earn $10 first in order for you to get your commission.

By becoming a ClixSense premium member, you will notice that the commission doubles to $2 and the person that you referred only need to earn $5 for you to get paid. Plus you earn another $1 down 7 levels when they refer others into the program.

So, if you plan to make money with ClixSense then going premium is the best option and if you go for the 2 year option then you can get it down to $14.45! Not a bad deal!


Advertise On ClixSense

Another interesting aspect is the ability to advertise fairly reasonably in a couple different ways.  Rates are as low as .45 per day depending on which ClixSense advertising program you choose to use.

They claim up to 60 million ad views per month, so if you have something to promote this would be another way to ClixSense to make money.


More than 5 million registered members worldwide are eager to see what you have to offer. 


ClixSense Paid To Click Ads – with this option you will have 5 different levels to choose from.

  • Micro
  • Mini
  • Standard
  • Extended
  • and Sticky

Depending on the level you could have you will be able to show your ad longer, target certain demographics and more! See the chart below:

Clixsense advertising pay per click

ClixGrid – is the second way to advertise on ClixSense.

What happens here is that it is set up as a game where the visitor sees a pixelated picture in front of them and if they click on the pixels they have a chance to earn money and they see an ad as well. See below:


ClisSense Clixgrid Example

All the red squares are where I clicked. Everytime I clicked I was brought to a ad that I had to watch for 10 seconds. So as an advertiser, this may be an inexpensive way to get in front of people with your offer.

I tried it and it gets addictive actually. You Can try it here to see how it works!


ClixSense Conclusion

If you work ClixSense as an affiliate then you have the chance to make some monthly passive income. Will it be big money. Probably not.

The best way to earn with ClixSense as an affiliate would be to set up a specific site dedicated to PTC (Pay To Click) and add other companies as well. This was a plan of mine to experiment and build a site quickly to see if I could get it generating at least a $1000 per month passive income by way of referrals.

There does seem to be many people looking for this type of work and ClixSense fills the niche. Just don’t expect to make a lot of money working it!


Better Option

If your looking for a way to make passive income without stocking inventory or having to deal with customers and returns, then affiliate marketing may be something to consider.

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