What Is ClickBank University About? ( Review )

What is ClickBank University about and can the training really help you make money with affiliate marketing? Here I will go over what the program is about, how much does it cost and if the ClickBank training can put you on the road to a successful lifestyle selling other peoples products as well as creating your own.

Most of your questions should be answered here so lets see how it stacks up to my favorite training program.

So let’s get started!


What Is ClickBank University

If your looking to learn affiliate marketing and don’t want to spend months to years trying to piece together training, then getting into a training course can speed up the learning curve.

This is what CBU sets out to do. It is best for beginners to intermediate level marketers.

The training program has been around for a few years now and has the the backing of ClickBank itself. If your not familiar with them, they are a affiliate network where you can go to find digital products to market and get a commission. If you have your own digital products, then you can place them on the network to sell as well.

Their training is to teach you how to make your own digital and info products and promote them using paid traffic methods.


Training Modules

Once logged in to the website there are training modules that you have to go through. It is set up for both vendors and affiliates. Here is the breakdown:


Vendor Modules – these are for people that have an idea for a digital product, but are not sure how to create it. Or maybe someone that does already have an e-book or some type of digital report, but are not sure how to market it and earn income from it.

  • Your first product  – Week 1
  • Packaging your product – Week 2
  • Sales pages + upsells – Week 3
  • Convert visitors into buyers – Week 4
  • Product pricing and funnels – Week 5
  • Building an email list – Week 6
  • Leveraging JV partners – Week 7
  • Your graduation and whats next – Week 8


Affiliate Modules – these are for people that maybe aren’t looking to create products but instead just market someone else’s products to earn commissions.

  • List building 101
  • Building a squeeze page
  • Capturing emails
  • Managing your list
  • Driving targeted traffic

These are all videos, so if your one of those people like myself that gets board just reading material, the videos will keep your attention span and give more of a hands on approach.

The videos range anywhere from 2 minutes up to 20 minutes.


ClickBank Builder

Here is a handy tool that would make any marketers life a little easier. The CB Builder is integrated with ClickBank so that you can create sales funnels. It is basically a point and click editor.

Here is what you can create with it:

  •  Sales pages
  • Product pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Terms of service pages
  • and more!


ClickBank University Cost

Unfortunately there is no free trial to get a taste of what is being offered. So you will have bust out your wallet and pony up!

Don’t worry though, the monthly fee is reasonable at $47 per month ($564 per year).

That is unless you want to use the ClickBank Builder which will set you back $297 per year more!

If  you are benefiting  from the training and would like to go to the next level in your marketing career, you can join the Advanced Master Classroom. The cost is a one time fee of $97.


ClickBank University Pros & Cons

As with any training program there are going to be some good and not so good things. Let me bring a few to light that may impact your willingness to try this out.

Pros – the good stuff

  • Training is done by way of videos – For me I would rather watch and learn than have to read through a ton of information
  • $47 monthly fee – this is a reasonable cost if you actually take action and use what is being taught
  • Product creation – with affiliate marketing, the real money is made when you have your products to sell. You get to keep 100% of the profit on what you sell, or have other affiliates market it for you.
  • 60 day money back guarantee – this may be better than getting a short free trial. You should be able to see if this program is something worth pursuing  with 60 days to test it out.

Cons – the not so good stuff

  • No free trial – most of the legitimate training programs give some type of free trial, so you know if it interests you.
  • Locked modules – if your the type of person that can absorb the material and move on quickly, then you might be disappointed. The modules have a time frame when they are able to be used and not before.
  • $297 CB Builder – this is an expensive tool compared with the one by Thrive. Plus it is proprietary to ClickBank, so it can’t be used anywhere else.
  • $97 Master Classroom – I’m not sure why there would be an additional charge just because a person has been successful and is ready to up their game to another level.


Final Thoughts – ClickBank University Review

Hopefully my ClickBank University review offered a glimpse at what could be a good training program, but ultimately is being limited to what is sold on the network itself.

Although the monthly fee is reasonable, having to use the CB Builder means that your stuck on CB Network. It would be better to to go with a product such as Thrive Content Builder that would allow you to use your own website to generate leads.

Overall it is not a bad product and could benefit many people if they truly have the desire to succeed with product creation and affiliate marketing!

Personally I think the affiliate marketing training I received is still my #1 pick!


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2 thoughts on “What Is ClickBank University About? ( Review )”

  1. This is a *controversial* way to make a
    consistent daily income.

    The results are actually SHOCKING.

    However it’s legal and proven to work.

    • ClickBank has been around for a while and you really need to look through the different products to find ones that are good.

      Not all of them are worth promoting.

      The shocking part is that most of the affiliates that try promoting ClickBank products never actually make any money.

      I wouldn’t call it controversial as you stated but there are definitely better ways and products to make money with if you know where to look.


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