Is The Chris Farrell Membership Worth It? (REVIEW)

The Chris Farrell Membership (CFM) teaches affiliate marketing to beginners looking to get started at a reasonable cost. Is the training what you need? Maybe you have seen him online promoting his membership site for beginners. Skip all the reviews out there, read my review because I will give you the needed information whether you should join or try something else?

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What Is Chris Farrell Membership

CFM was started by Chris to help beginners learn how to get started online building a internet marketing business. If your new to affiliate marketing, then you might have a lot of questions and not sure where to start.

This is where CFM comes in.

The course basically teaches you step by step the things needed to become successful as an online marketer such as:

  • Getting a domain set up
  • Setting up hosting
  • Auto responders set up
  • Creating ebooks
  • and more!

Most of the teaching is done by way of videos, which I enjoy. Nowadays with everyone’s attention span being so short, video offers the opportunity to keep viewers more interested in the topics.

There is also a forum, but it doesn’t seem to be as active as some of the other popular membership sites out there for beginners.

So Who Is Chris Farrell

If your wondering who the guy is behind the program, I will give you a little background on him.

He is a internet marketer from the UK, that left a professional career because of a interest in becoming an online marketer back in 2008.

Within two years of starting his journey he became a millionaire. He actually made 1 million within one day!

He now wanted to show others how to make money online as well, so he started the Chris Farrell Membership site to start teaching newbies the basics.

Over the years, he has built up the reputation of being a true internet marketing teacher that can be trusted.



Cost of CFM Membership

If your interested in joining Chris Farrell Membership, then you can test it with a 7 day trial for $4.95. This is a good chance to see what the membership is about.

Once the trial is over, the price would go to $37 per month or you can opt in for the yearly price of $297 which would be $24.58 per month.

What Is Included

Once you join, you will have access to the following:

  • How to make money online
  • 10 minutes to success training
  • Create & deploy websites within minutes
  • 24/7 support
  • “I Love Traffic” traffic course
  • Access to done for you service
  • Exclusive membership tools only
  • Specific training on WordPress and Facebook
  • Access to the forum
  • New content that is added


Who Is It For

If your new to the world of making money online and would like to get started with internet marketing, then you might want to consider this membership course.

Newbies that have never set up a WordPress site or hosting can benefit from what is taught here.

But, if you have experience setting up your own sites and doing some marketing online already, you may find that there are other courses that would be a better fit for your experience.


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Membership Feedback

From what I have seen from the past members of the course, they were happy with material that was being taught. Here are just a few comments I found online:

I was a total newbie at the beginning of last year, and I found CFM, while looking for a way to make money online. In fact I liked his courses so much I signed up for his mentoring program.
Your right – It may not be for everyone, but it taught me foundational principles of Internet Marketing which we all need to be successful in this business.

His step by step teaching has kept me from burning the midnight oil getting my head wrapped around all this IM stuff – which honestly sometimes takes new (and sometimes seasoned) marketers years to fully understand.


There is nobody out there that teaches newbies and technophobes that way Chris does. Not even close.

I can’t tell how many WSO’s I have bought, not only as a newbie but even well into intermediate stage, that simply assumed I understood things that I don’t. (Often times, making the whole product worthless, because I couldn’t go on, and they don’t provide support.)

Chris made it possible for the techiephobe in me to believe I could learn how to make money online, and he’s done the same for thousands of others.

Like any membership site, you stay til you feel like it’s time to go. I’m so thankful to him, I stay and enjoy having Jeff the web guy answer almost any question I can come up with, usually within the first day or few hours (or minutes) of posting a question.

So as you can see these are some past students that had joined the Chris Farrell Membership and came away with a great experience.


Pros and Cons

This is a legitimate program that offers some good training for anyone that needs help getting started with internet marketing. So let me go over whats good and bad about the Chris Farrell Membership, so it will help you make an informed decision about joining.

Pros – the good stuff

  • No experience needed
  • Reasonable cost to join & also 7 day trial for $4.95
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Support

Cons – not so good

  • Not for experienced marketers
  • Forum is not as active as other similar membership sites
  • Not based on SEO, so not really geared towards blogging


Final Thoughts

When getting started as a newbie trying to make money online, there are many different types of membership sites to join.

Some do nothing other that milk a monthly fee from their members while others actually provide a genuine service with the tools needed to be successful.

As shown by some of the past members of the Chris Farrells Memebrship site, they believe that being new to online marketing they had benefited from the training.

So in conclusion I believe that the Chris Farrell Membership (CFM) is legitimate. Any complaints are probably from advanced marketers that didn’t see the value in this program for newbies. Plus most of the Chris Farrell Membership reviews out there seem positive overall. Hopefully you enjoyed my review and came away with enough information to make an informed decision about CFM.

For me, I will stick with my #1 pick here


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