Xocai Business Opportunity ( Selling Chocolate? )

Xocai Healthy Chocolate Company is an MLM that sells as you might guess “chocolate”. But not just any chocolate do they sell, they claim to have healthy chocolate loaded with antioxidants. They have created a business opportunity out of their chocolate product line by way of multi level marketing or MLM for short.   Sounds … Read more…

What Is The PartyLite Opportunity (Join or Not?)

PartyLite MLM

What Is The PartyLite Opportunity and can they help you to become financially independent? That is what this mlm has set out to do with its selection of candles and home decor. But does this consultant opportunity really having the earning potential to help you work from home? Is it just another MLM company with … Read more…

Thirty One Gifts Consultant Opportunity (Good or Bad?)

There are quite a few opportunities online for women when it comes to doing home parties for income and Thirty One Gifts is another company looking for consultants to sell their products. We will do a quick review to see if becoming a consultant with Thirty One Gifts can make you money. What Is Thirty … Read more…

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