CashFlow System Course Review- Tai Lopez $2500 + A Month?

There are a lot of different training courses online that teach affiliate marketing.

Now Tai Lopez has created one as well called Cash Flow System.

He makes some pretty bold claims about the income potential that can be made if you sign up for his course.

Wouldn’t an extra $2500 to $25,000 monthly sound good?

Well that is what Tai is claiming.

So in order to find out if this system is legit I did a review.

Find out if its worth the cost or just a scam to drain you of your cash!

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What Is The Course About

First let me start off by saying that Tai believes that everyone should have multiple streams of income.

I agree with this myself because I have a few streams including real estate and affiliate marketing which allows me a lot of flexibility with my time.

Having multiple streams adds stability to your life.

But that’s not all.

It takes more than just multiple streams of income to be successful.

Which brings me back to Tai Lopez’s Cash Flow System course.

He teaches what he calls the “3 Commandments of Wealth”.

  • Multiple streams of income
  • Choose new trends to invest in
  • Make connections in order to make more money

If you have been following Tai Lopez for any amount of time you will see that he basically lives by these principles.

When you visit his website your immediately hit with all the different trainings he has put together.

Tai Lopez Website Showing Courses Including Cash Flow System
  • Coaching
  • E-commerce
  • Investing
  • Real Estate
  • Fitness

Not only that but he hangs out with influencers such as Grant Cardone which helps him come up with trendy ideas to turn into courses.

This is why he developed CashFlow System.

When you go to start a business whether it be online or offline there are going to be a lot of hurdles to overcome.

That is why most people struggle and eventually give up trying to become entrepreneurs.

Partner With Tai Lopez and Promote CashFlow System

Now if your struggling with no products to sell or maybe don’t even know how to get started Tai is offering a partnership.

Due to the explosion of online learning he is offering to let a set amount of people sign up as affiliates to promote all his courses.

In the process you would be covering all of the his “3 commandments” for wealth.

This is a cookie cutter system where you can plug yourself in and just start marketing.

It is set up as a 10 step process.

  • Step #1 – Sign up and enter your information to get paid
  • Step #2 – Create a “about me” page
  • Step #3 – Add your profile picture
  • Step #4 – Generate your very own web page for marketing with all your information
  • Step #5 – Get marketing skits to use on different social media platforms
  • Step #6 – Receive your affiliate link to sales funnel promoting a free lead magnet
  • Step #7 – Promote automated Webinar
  • Step #8 – Your leads are in the “done for you” sales funnel promoting Tai’s courses
  • Step #9 – Phone coaching
  • Step #10 – Get Paid

All you need to do is drive traffic to the sales funnel that promotes all Tai’s products to start earning $2,500 to $25,000 monthly.


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How Much Does CashFlow System Cost

The current cost for the opportunity to partner with Tai is $997!

Here is what you get for the money:

  • Affiliate Marketing Jumpstart ($999 value) 
  • Affiliate Product Selection Formula ($299 value) 
  • Content Marketing 101 & 201 ($499 value) 
  • Paid Advertising Guide ($399 value) 
  • Email Marketing Success ($399 value) 
  • Social Selling 101 & 201 ($499 value) 
  • Power Reseller Tools & Resources ($299 value) 
  • Tai Lopez Product Reseller Rights Gold Level ($997value) 

All this adds up to just shy of $4000 total and Tai is giving it away for $997.


Is There A Refund

One of the good things about the course is that there is a 60 day refund policy if you don’t make at least $2,500 within that time frame.

But of course the devil is in the details.

More often than not there are requirements that need to be met.

Most of these types of opportunities want to see that some effort was put into making it work before they will issue a refund.


Is It Legit Or A Scam

On the surface this looks like a great opportunity.

After all Tai has done all the work for you with his Cash Flow System.

Its a big sales funnel for all his high ticket courses.

As an affiliate your job is to drive traffic to the funnel and let your leads go through with hopes they will convert and earn you commissions.

Who Is This Opportunity For

This can be a big money maker for marketers that know how to generate traffic.

In other words if you have a big email list, know how to do Facebook Ads or Google Ads this is for you.

But if your a newbie marketer your not really going to learn anything with this training course.

Because everything is done for you.

Your going to spend $997 just to have the opportunity to spend your money sending traffic to a Tai’s sales funnel.

Keep in mind the $100’s to $1,000’s that will be needed to advertise.



Tai Lopez has created an opportunity called CashFlow System that basically packages all his courses into a sales funnel and lets you market them for $997.

Personally I don’t believe this is a good opportunity for most.

Especially if your just getting started and have no experience as an affiliate.

There are better affiliate courses that cost a lot less and will actually teach how to sell all kinds of different products and services.

The important thing to remember is that you want to learn how things work not have them done for you.

Especially when your being charged almost $1000!


Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any experience or opinions on CashFlow System!

6 thoughts on “CashFlow System Course Review- Tai Lopez $2500 + A Month?”

  1. I personally (just like you) do not believe in the “I will do everything for you or the cut and paste formula”. It is just selling lies to the poor souls by promoting that making money online is easy. It is not and we all know that it takes time, effort and a lot of training. 

    I wish Tai provide us a little free trial for his system, so I know what am I getting myself into and from there I can make the decision of buying the program or not. Not everyone, including me cannot afford $997 on a course. The 60 days money back guarantee is available but still, do I want to put up with all the hassle of contacting them and waiting for them? 

    Sounds like a new good concept and Tai Lopez has sure been around for awhile but it is just not for me. Thanks for the review.

    • Tai is good at marketing and he knows that everyone wants a “push button” system to make money.

      So he created his Cash Flow System to give them what they want.

      Then he charges them $997!

      What I find funny is that you can promote his programs using the free affiliate program he has foe each one. All you need to do is create your own funnel for free.

  2. It really confuses me as to why anyone would have to pay to be a affiliate marketer. Also its very concerning to me when in his ad for the “cash flow” program (should be called Affiliate Marketing Course) he mentions he wants to “help” 1,000,000 people with this program. He definitely means sell a million people the program.

    This means he believes the market/demand for his programs is so large that 1 million people would be able to make and I quote, “$2,500 to $25,000” a month selling his programs. Completely unbelievable and unrealistic.

    Also if you are interested you should search Tai lopez or Mentorbox on You’ll find out that he doesn’t give refunds, over charges credit cards, has terrible customer support and doesn’t deliver on his promises.

    After checking out the better business bureau you should google “elite global dating” to see how Tai really made his money before selling his courses.

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      Typically affiliate programs are free to join.

      Unfortunately there are a lot of high ticket affiliate programs such as Cashflow System that you have to pay into in order to make money.

      There is no doubt that Tai Lopez makes a ton of money selling his course.

      This is one that I would stay away from in my opinion.

  3. I’m going to add to my last comment. Tai wants to sell 1 million people his “cash flow system” and say’s they can make “$2,500 to $25,000” a month using it. So lets just say everyone truly was able to make $2,500 a month. That would be 30 BILLION paid out each year to his affiliates. Which would mean Tai would have to sell anywhere from 60 BILLION to 300 BILLION worth of products to pay the 10% – 50% affiliate fees. Which would mean he would be one of the larges companies ever and all he sells is courses.

    • Tai Lopez is a marketing machine and he does a good job of signing people up to his courses.

      Most of what he promotes is legitimate as far as the business models.

      The only problem I have with his marketing is that he over hypes the ease of making money and he charges way more than what the courses are worth.


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