Is CashCrate A Legit Opportunity? [ ]

CashCrate gets a lot of publicity some good and bad. Typical of these types of survey sites you have some people calling it a scam which can make you wonder does it work?

So I thought I would take a look at this company to see if the bad reviews were legitimate as well as how much you can make.

Before you sign up at make sure give my post a quick read so you know what your getting yourself into.

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CashCrate Review 

Although I called this a survey site it is really much more than that.

CashCrate Dashboard

It is known as a GPT site in other words “get paid to”. Along with with surveys there will be other ways to make money that include:

  • Offers
  • Surveys
  • Research
  • Referrals
  • Videos

What I like is that the dashboard is well laid out and more pleasing to look at compared to the last 2 companies I did reviews on InboxDollars and FusionCash.

Just setting up your account will gets you started earning. Just signing up I earned $1 LOL!



This section is where you can earn money by signing up for different offers. Some are free but most will be some kind of service that you will be billed monthly for.

So make sure to read the details of any offers that your signing up for.

The way that people make money with these is by signing and then canceling before the trial is over. To me this is too much of a pain in the butt and I wouldn’t be able to waste the energy doing this myself.

Plus some offers require that you at least pay for 1 month before canceling in order to get rewarded. So if the offer is something that you actually want to try then it may be worth it otherwise I would pass.



What I have found with most of these sites is that the main money maker is going to be the surveys. Its a good idea to be signed up with different companies because its possible on any given day there may not be many available to do.

CashCrate Surveys

When looking at the list of available surveys to do its easy to see what they will pay you and what the limit is going to be as shown above.

CashCrate just takes many of the different survey companies and connects you to them.  This makes it convenient so you don’t have to sign up for a bunch of different survey companies yourself.

The convenience though comes with a trade off because typically you will earn more signing up directly with the survey company themselves such as Survey Junkie.



It is showing it to be a new feature.

When I first clicked on the tab I was brought to a screen that appeared to be surveys that you could sort by how much time they would take or how much you would like to earn.

I had to refresh the screen because my computer got hung up. When I brought the tab back up it said “Temporary Unavailable” so I’m not sure what happened.

I will have to check back to see what its about.



Personally I think this is one of the best ways to make money with sites like CashCrate.

Most of the time when you refer someone to a GPT site like this one you get a referral fee when they sign up and then that’s it.

The CashCrate referral program pays 4 levels deep which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Elite

Most people are going to fall into the bronze level where you will earn 20% on anyone that you personally refer that sign up on

Plus when they reach $10 in earnings you as their referrer will earn a $3 bonus.

Unless you plan to build a website and turn this into a business it will be hard to earn at the silver and higher levels because with silver you will need to have 25 active referrals, gold 100 referrals and elite 500 referrals.


Videos & More

Under this tab there was a hodgepodge of things to do that included offers, downloads to your phone, games and trial offers.

Most just paying only cents.

This section is probably one that is just going to waste your time


Bonus Surveys

More surveys that you can do. It appears that some of them are the same as what you will find under the regular survey tab at the beginning.



At the top of the page inside the dashboard you will see a tab that says “community”.

Apparently at one time they had a forum because it has a notice saying that it will be back soon. They also run contests and the time of this post they are running a Saint Patrick’s Day contest.

The top 40 people that earn the most doing surveys in March get a cash prize. Below I pasted what the top 10 people have earned halfway through the month so far.

CashCrate Contest

Another great feature of being a member is that you can see what the others are making for money because they have a wall that people can post their earnings on as shown below.

CashCrate Payment Wall

So if you were wondering if this company is legit or a scam this wall showing the payments will put you at ease.


How Do You Get Paid With CashCrate

Before you can receive any payment you need to have a minimum of $20 in your account and the earning period ends  the last day of the month.

So you would get payment the following month.

For example if you were to earn $20 in March you would receive your payment in April.

Forms of payment and how often you get paid is dependent on the level your on. For example there is no PayPal option if your on the Bronze level, but if your on the Silver level or higher you could receive PayPal payments.

I think the majority of the people that join CashCrate will be in the bronze level which offers checks and Dwolla for payments.


How Much Can You Make With CashCrate

When it comes to these GPT sites the best opportunity to make money is going to be doing the surveys. Realistically this will be where you should be spending your time.

Then try promoting the opportunity and getting as many referrals as you can.

If you sign up and look at the payment wall where people post their earnings it will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Using isn’t going to replace your job, but you will be able to make some spending money if you use it on a consistent basis.

For the average person your probably looking at $20 to $40 per month in earnings.


CashCrate Complaints

You typically see the same type of complaints on these types of sites do to fact that most people don’t read what they are signing up for or they just don’t use common sense.

Here are some of the complaints that I found.

Cashcrate sends surveys that have to be “prescreened”. If it were just entering demographic info I wouldn’t mind but, a lot of the time, they’re asking questions about products and habits that give good survey information and then they say they’re sorry I don’t match.

Made enough to cash out the first month, now I can’t find anyway to earn on this site

Most survey sites you see people complaining about not qualifying once they start doing a survey. I feel your pain because I have gone through it too.

But this is not the fault of CashCrate.

This is the survey company themselves that does this and it happens with all them pretty much.

As for the other complaint of not being able to earn after the first month. I already mentioned earlier to use more than one company because there won’t ever be a consistent amount of surveys on just one companies site.


CashCrate Pros and Cons

Let’s recap what I like and dislike about so you can make a better decision as to whether or not to sign up and try it out.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Company in business since 2006
  • Multiple ways to make money
  • Great referral program
  • Low $20 minimum payout

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • No PayPal or direct deposit on bronze level
  • Work can be monotonous
  • Limited on how much you can earn


Final Thoughts

CashCrate is legit and you can make money with the site if you have the right expectations when signing up. Great for making money to pay your cell phone bill, buy lunch, spend on the kids or just save it up.

The only way to really know if its for you or not is to sign up and try it out.

Just don’t give your phone number out and use a email that you don’t mind getting spammed because your going to get offers emailed to you as part of the process.

I had my fill of surveys and I can truthfully say that they are not for me!

I found a better way to make money online when I got some free training a couple years back and learned affiliate marketing.

It didn’t take me long to build a website and start earning from it.

So when people ask me what I do instead of surveys I always tell them to check out my #1 pick here.


==> Sign Up For CashCrate Now & Start Earning!



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  1. this is not free. I got charged $14.99

    • Its free to sign up on the CashCrate website but some of the things that are listed on their website have a cost to join.


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