Can You Make Money Online With Quora? Think Twice!

If you have an online business you know how hard it can be to get traffic to your website.

There are millions of businesses out there competing for customers and the opportunity to win them over.

So a lot of us try to make money online with Quora by asking and answering questions on the platform.

This way you can include a link back to your website for free targeted traffic.

But this great source of traffic has been clamping down and booting marketers as of late.

So should you bother with it?

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What is Quora About

It is a question and answer website that was started back in 2009 by a couple ex Facebook employees.

It has grown into a go to destination for anyone looking to get specific answers on just about any topic.

For example while doing research for this post I typed in “make money online with Quora” to see what came up in Google.

Below is what I found:

Google Search Listing For Quora Question

Typically you find a similar worded question as the one that you were searching for as well as some others that have been grouped together as shown above.

Now if you want to post questions or read the answers from those that have replied you will need to set up an account.

Its not too intrusive and it can give other members a bit of background on you.

For example when I search Quora for affiliate marketing I can scan the different topics as well as the contributors.

Below is how you could set up your profile so people that are interested in what you offer can follow you.

Example Of Quora Profile For A Marketer

As you can see the lady above uses her profile to market herself.

  • Name
  • Job description
  • Company
  • Dates

So instead of just putting your name you may want to consider a more detailed profile as shown here.


So How Do You Earn Money With Quora

Once you have an account set up you would start looking for questions related to topics that your trying monetize.

For example if you have a blog promoting camping you could search Quora for camping related questions.

Choose some that your able to answer extensively in detail.

At the end of each question that you answer leave a link back to your blog.

Your goal is to get some free targeted traffic.

Below is an answer that I posted to a question regarding making money with Uber.

Example Of Linking To My Blog From Quora

You can see that I posted my URL back to my blog in hopes that readers would want to get information on other money making opportunities.

Notice that this specific answer has received over 3000 views.

Now imagine if you spent 10 to 20 minutes a day and just answered a couple questions.

It would be possible to get some decent targeted traffic which wouldn’t cost you anything.

Converting the Traffic To Earn Income

Half the battle is getting traffic and I have shown you how simple it can be.

But you need to be ready in order to take advantage of these targeted visitors.

I have used pop ups that ask visitors for their email address in exchange for information they may want.

Then they are placed on my email list and my autoresponder starts sending them additional information.

Some of these are affiliate offers to products and services.

When someone makes a purchase or subscribes I would earn commissions.

So as you can see your actually making money using Quora indirectly.

Similar to how you would use any other social media platform for marketing.


How Much Money Online Can You Make Using Quora

The potential is definitely there to siphon off some traffic back to your website where you could monetize it.

But you may find that although your questions and answers get a lot of views it won’t amount to many visitors to your site.

So I wouldn’t consider it a major way to make money but rather a free tool to compliment your other marketing efforts.

Considering this if had products or services that ran in the 100’s or $1000’s of dollars just a few conversions could earn you some nice income.


Changing Rules And Possibly Getting Banned

I have gone over all the good aspects on how to make money online with Quora but its not all roses.

Just yesterday I received a notice that one of my reply’s to a question that I answered on the platform was considered spam.

So Quora deleted it!

They also let me know that if they find any other of my answers to be spam I will be banned.

This is unfortunate.

I have spent a considerable amount of time on the platform answering questions none of which I consider spam.

So is Quora going the route of other social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter with their overzealous spam filtering?

Only time will tell.


Make Sure To Have Your Own Website And Email List

One thing that I know for sure is that you want to be in control of your online business and there are a couple ways of to do this.

  • Your Own Website
  • Your Own Email List

Although you can use Quora to make money online your probably not going to want to waste a lot of time on the platform.

With the possibility of getting banned for and losing whatever traffic you get from them its better to focus on what you have control over.

You can build a website and create whatever content that you want without the fear of having it taken away from you.

Now a days getting your business started online has become easier than ever with companies such as Wealthy Affiliate.

They provide a host of tools and support.

Then once you have a web presence the next step should be to start building your email list.

This is another aspect of having control over your business.

You can make money online with Quora funneling visitors onto your email list.

Now you can start marketing to them specific offers that they may be interested in.

You own the list so no worries here unless you spam them.

Having a website and email list is what separates the successful marketers from the ones that struggle to make any money online.



Yes you can make money online with Quora but I believe that it will become harder in the near future as they start policing the content.

In my opinion its not worth pursuing as a main way to get traffic to your website.

Use it as a tool instead just as you would Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Promote your website and build your email list with Quora to take full advantage of the platform.

Of course if you have not yet started your online business then you can check out my free course.

Click here if you want to learn how this stay at home dad makes money working from home.

Me and Zach

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