Build FREE Affiliate Marketing Websites Here! ( 3 Easy Steps! )

Is it really possible to get started with your own free affiliate marketing websites? The answer to that question is yes it is definitely possible and I can show you just how simple and easy it is here.

Learn how to set up your hosting, choose a free WordPress theme and start adding content.

Not only am I going to show you how to build you’re free affiliate marketing website but I will also show you how to start affiliate marketing with a solid foundation.

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Why Use A Website For Affiliate Marketing

This is a good question because it’s not necessarily the easiest way to get started with affiliate marketing but it definitely has its advantages.

When starting an affiliate marketing business it’s always good to have a foundation built and there is no better way than having your own website.

You can think of it as a piece of real estate on the web.

I have seen plenty of marketers selling the idea that you don’t need a website for affiliate marketing.

Which is true but there is a couple problems with this which I will go over.

1. Signing up with merchants

As an affiliate you look for affiliate programs within your niche that offer the best products with the best commissions.

When you come across the affiliate programs you can apply and wait to get approved by the merchant.

What you will find is that most merchants want to see an affiliate with a website.

This tells them that the affiliate is serious about their business and they will be getting leads legitimately with their content.

Most of the time you will not get approved for an affiliate program without having a website.

2. Foundation Of Your Business

When you create an affiliate marketing website it becomes a place on the web where all your content is displayed.

This content will be based around a niche and people that are looking for information about that niche are going to come across your content.

This is how you generate leads.

What makes these leads important is the fact that they are highly qualified leads.

Anyone that has a website and also does paid advertising will tell you that the best conversions come from leads captured from their website.

These are known as “organic leads”.

Also you have full control over the content and how your website functions.

When you create content on social media such as Facebook or YouTube that content is not yours.

It is owned by those companies.

Many affiliates have had their accounts shut down or some of their content removed.

Once you have created your own website you don’t have these worries.


Some Of The Benefits Of Having A Website

1. Create Your Brand

Your website offers the opportunity for your visitors to get to know you which in turn will result in repeat visits as well as a steady income being developed over time.

Essentially you are creating a brand.

People feel more comfortable when they can build a relationship with someone even if they have not personally met them and that is what your website can do for you.

For example mommy blogs are very popular because mothers like to read about how best to take care of their kids and the different ways the other mothers go through their day-to-day tasks.

So they will choose different blogs they like and visit them on a regular basis because of the content they enjoy reading.

In return the mommy blogs earn the trust of their visitors and promote products related to what their visitors are interested in producing income for them.

This is basically how it works for any niche.

Surely you have hobbies or interests that you like to read about and there are are blogs that you visit on a regular basis that you enjoy.

So hopefully you see how important it is when it comes to creating your own brand.

You want to be able to stand out from the crowd of millions of different markters in your particular niche and you can do this with a website.

2. Free To Very Inexpensive

Another important aspect of any marketing business is the need to keep the costs down in order to be profitable.

An affiliate website can be started for free plus once you get it going and develop a significant amount of traffic the overall cost of hosting your website is relatively inexpensive compared to starting any other business online.

For example I currently can host up to 50 websites for only $30 per month.

So if you think about it what other businesses can you get started for free or for such a low cost?

You sure can’t start a brick-and-mortar business for less than the cost of building a website and monetizing it to bring in income.

There are people becoming millionaires everyday because they built a website and used it to create a income for themselves just by purchasing a $10 domain name and some inexpensive web hosting.

I’m going to show you how you can get started absolutely free.

3. Free Organic Traffic

This is probably the most important aspect of building your affiliate website.

Most people are under the illusion that you create a website and you will get thousands of visitors every month.

Unfortunately that is not how it works unless you target specific keywords and write quality content around those keywords.

Once you have your quality content added you can expect to receive traffic and visitors looking for specific information related to the niche you’re in.

This is all free traffic.

You did the work to write the content and now that content will provide you with a steady flow of visitors to your website for years.

This is in contrast to spending money advertising in which case as soon as you stop spending money the traffic stops.

So the only real cost here is your time.


Let Me Show You How Easy It Is To Build Your Free Affiliate Marketing Websites

I put together a short 7-minute video below that will show you how I use a web page builder to create my affiliate marketing websites.

It literally only takes minutes to get it set up.

Here is an outline of the process in the video.

Step 1 – Create Affiliate Marketing Website With WordPress

First you will need to choose a name for your website.

The website is being hosted on a sub domain. This means that the name of your website will appear in front of the site domain name.

For example when I made the video above I called my website “free affiliate website” so the address for the website looks like this as a sub domain:

Step 1 - Free Affiliate Marketing Websites

So anybody that would want to find your website would just need to type that address into their browser.

Step 2 – Enter The Name Of Your Website

Now that you have the name in the URL the next step is to just add it in the next box called website name.

Step 2 - Free Affiliate Marketing Websites

It’s usually a good idea to name the website the same as what you used for your url so that it’s easy to find if you have more than one.

Step 3 – Choose A Theme For Your Website

This is where you will choose the theme of your website.

These are all free themes and there are thousands to choose from. Just look through the different themes for a look that you like and then click on it.

Not all themes are created equal. Some are better quality coded than others and some offer different features.

So you may choose a theme now that you think will work for you and then later on down the road you may decide on a different theme which you can switch to very easily.

Step 3 - Free Affiliate Marketing Websites

Now that you have chosen your theme all that is left is to click on the button that says “Click here to build this site”.

Additional Information

As you can see it is fairly easy to get your website setup and built. It literally only takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

The software that is being used is called WordPress.

A large percentage of bloggers and affiliate marketers use this software specifically because it is easy to use as well as there are thousands of themes and plugins that can be added.

If you have been holding back because you were afraid of getting started or just didn’t know how to get started then you have no excuse now because I have shown you how easy it can be.

Free Training

Now just having a website isn’t enough to start making money. You still need to know some basic aspects when it comes to affiliate marketing.

So along with the website builder  that I’m going to give you access to there are also some free training lessons that you can take advantage of.

There are 10 lessons in total that include:

  • Getting rolling
  • Understanding how to make money online
  • Choosing a niche
  • Building your own Niche website
  • Setting up your website
  • Getting your site ready for search engines
  • Creating your initial website content
  • Creating custom menus on your website
  • Understanding keywords
  • Review of accomplishments

Overall this is a pretty good start to getting your affiliate marketing business rolling.

This is currently the only opportunity that I know of where you can actually set up 2 free websites of your own without having to worry about any associated costs.

Best of all they remain free for as long as you like.

This is exactly how I got started with affiliate marketing back a couple years ago. Since then I have upgraded to take advantage of the advanced tools and now I run profitable affiliate marketing websites.

So if I can do it you can do it!

⇒ Click here to get started building your two free affiliate websites.

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  1. I’m starting with zero dollars and have been working in affiliate sales for 5 months I need a easy to build website for amazon.

    • Stick with it because it takes some time to get your affiliate marketing business generating traffic and income.

      Just make sure that your getting the best training so your wasting time and money.


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