Brighter Yoga Affiliate Program

The Brighter Yoga affiliate program offers some stylish yoga products for its affiliates to sell. Instead of the plain old yoga accessories without any style you can set yourself apart with different colors and styling found at this retailer. They join a long list of yoga affiliate programs , so lets take a look to see what they offer and why you might be interested in joining as a yoga affiliate. My review will go over everything you need to know.

Lets take a look….

Company: Brighter Yoga
Cost To Join: Free
Commission: 25%
Cookie: 90 days


The Company

Typically the yoga products and accessories that you see in the gyms don’t have much styling. As a matter of fact, they Brighter Yogaare usually just solid colors, kinda a plain and boring.

Brighter Yoga offers some cool looking blankets catering to the bohemian theme.

It doesn’t end there either. Yoga affiliates will be able to offer their customers jewelry, home decor and clothing .

The company isn’t as big or offer as many products as the Yoga Direct affiliate program, but what it does offer are styling the big guys don’t have.



What I like about this company is that they offer some great styling with their yoga blankets and some of their clothing. They current have a total of 394 products that can be marketed.

Yoga Mats/Towels

The yoga mat/towel below is an example of the look that you can sport at the gym or beach. Pricing is currently $29.99 on sale with a regular price of $59.99

Brighter Yoga Mats


Yoga Pants/Leggings

As a yoga affiliate its important to be able to offer functional clothing allowing full movement and stretching. Brighter Yoga has the standard leggings as well as the baggy bohemian yoga pants as shown below.

Yoga Pants with bohemian theme


The other products are are limited such as the jewelry, props and home decor. As I stated before Brighter Yoga doesn’t have a huge amount of products, just some unique ones.


Make Money With Yoga Direct

In order to become a yoga affiliate with the company, you will need to set up an account at ShareaSale. From there once your approved you would be able to start selling their yoga products.

Affiliates will earn a 25% commission on any products sold from your referrals. The chart below shows what the typical order and commission would be.

Brighter Yoga Affiliate Earnings Chart

They also offer a 90 day cookie. Send traffic to their website and if the customer returns within 90 days, you as the affiliate get the commission.

The company has been active on ShareaSale since 2016. Hopefully they can keep adding some unique products and grow their business.


Brighter Yoga Complaints

Unfortunately it appears that the company might be struggling because of the various complaints I found online.

Customers were complaining of not receiving the correct products, mis-labeling of product material on website, cheaper prices on Amazon, company US based but products shipping from China.

Do to these complaints and the company being fairly new, I don’t think I could recommend them as a good supplier for yoga affiliates.

Should You Become A Yoga Affiliate

With such growth in the industry being able to start an online business as a yoga affiliate makes sense. There is a lot of opportunity to make money as an affiliate and cater to this huge demand.

In order to learn how to build the business and make money as a yoga affiliate, getting the right training and tools can make or break you.


Final Thoughts

Unfortunately I have to say that there are better yoga affiliate programs to join and make money with.

Even though Brighter Yoga has great looking products, they just don’t have a big selection to choose from. On top of that, the complaints about the quality and not receiving the products would really make me hesitant in joining this company.

I have other affiliate program reviews that you can look over as well if your not into being a yoga affiliate. If you need help getting an online business started I would be willing to show you how I have done it.


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