Should You Try Or Pass

Here I will do a quick review on so you can get an idea if this survey site is something that you could do to earn money working from home. Review

Overall Ranking: 2 of 10
Price: Free
Owners: Unknown


INTRODUCTION is another website where you can sign up to take surveys and earn money working from home. The sign up process is simple as you can see on their homepage and there is no cost it is free to join.

Just enter your email, birthdate, whether your male or female and what your race is and you will get access. Dashboard


Then you will be brought to the dashboard as seen below. At this time there are three different companies showing to choose from. This will probably change in the future to include more or less different survey companies. Surveys Dashboard


So whats the deal here? Isn’t the company that will be giving the surveys?


The answer is no, doesn’t actually give the survey’s, they just act as a portal for the real survey companies. They are claiming that they are matching you to these companies.

Not sure how they can match you with the limited information that was gathered? Well they didn’t really match you, because basically anyone can take the surveys from these companies. Also when you click on any of the companies join now buttons, you will end up entering your information all over again.

So just wanted your personal information for their own marketing purposes all along.



Pros – In my opinion, there really aren’t any pros to speak here with this opportunity.  They do introduce you to other survey companies, but you could find them on your own.

Cons – by signing up with you basically give them the go ahead to use your information for marketing purposes. Be ready to start receiving and inbox full of promotional offers from different companies flooding in.


WHO IT IS FOR is not for anyone really, unless your looking to get promotional emails offers flooding your inbox.



There is no training available or needed. You just sign up



They offer a contact page, but there is no phone number or live chat



There is no cost. Just sign up for free to access the survey companies


FINAL OPINION/VERDICT in my opinion offers no value for someone that is looking to earn money working from home. All they are doing is introducing you to survey companies that you could find on your own.

Plus handing over your information to them is only going to get you an inbox full of spam for other opportunities that you may not be interested in.

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2 thoughts on “ Should You Try Or Pass”

  1. I feel that there must be good sites out there that do pay well with surveys. But they are few and far behind. Looks like this is one of the bad ones. And as you say it is just an excuse to get your personal information.

    Can you suggest any good survey it’s that people can use to make money? Do the good ones start off paying small and then go up?

    • Hi Owain,

      I have tried a few, such as Opinion OutpostPost, SurveySavvy and Swagbucks. Each has their pluses and minuses.

      Of those three I liked the Swagbucks probably the best and that wasn’t for the surveys but for the search feature that allowed you to accumulate points to earn money.

      If your looking to make a little money to pay your cable bill, or pay for the small things then doing surveys online might be something to look into.

      The problem with is that they market themselves as a survey company, but in reality thay are just a portal that collects your information.


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