Best Way of Selling Crafts Online

If your looking for the best way of selling crafts online, your going to be excited at what I have to show you here.  Its right under your nose and you may have not even considered using this method of marketing your crafts for sale. Its not hard to set up and the benefits will far out way the amount of time it will take to get started.

Do you want to know what it is? Its a blog!

Selling crafts online using a blog will offer many different benefits which I will go over in this post. So sit tight and let me show you how this is going to benefit your craft business.


Typical Ways Of Selling Crafts

The crafts market is huge and some people just consider it their hobby. While others try and earn an income from making crafts and selling them where they can.

Below are just some of the most common ways people sell crafts today.


Selling Crafts At Fairs and Schools

This is one of the ways that people market their crafts and bring attention to their crafting business. Fairs can offer a lot of foot traffic and eager buyers. They usually occur on the weekend, because everyone is working during the week. So if you are going to make money selling crafts at fairs, you will be dedicating a lot of your weekends to your business.


Maybe you have kids or grand kids and they have events where crafts can be sold. So you pack up the car and head over. These type of events don’t usually get a ton of traffic and they aren’t really there to buy crafts, so this can be hit or miss as far as getting any sales.

Selling online

Once the internet came into existence many people started looking for the best places to sell crafts online.  There was Ebay and Amazon which were a couple of the bigger online marketplaces where you could list crafts for sale. As a matter of fact Amazon now has a special area set up for handmade products called Amazon Handmade. So you know that the selling crafts online is a growing market.

Then little specialty types of online marketplaces started to spring up such as Etsy and iCraft that made it easier to sell crafts online.


If your thinking of selling crafts with a website then you will need your own e-commerce store, and it can be a real learning experience. Although companies such as Big Commerce and Shopify have made things easier. Then you would need to set up credit card processing, security scans and more.

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No Perfect Solution For Selling Online

With the choices I mentioned above it would seem like most people have some type of option that would work for them and their craft business, no matter how big or small.

Yet many are still looking for places of where to sell crafts online that don’t involve paying large monthly fees or getting lost in the thousands of listings of other craft sellers.

As an example if you were going to start selling crafts online using Amazon Handmade marketplace, get ready to pay $39 per month plus other fees. This seems a little steep if you ask me.

Another example would be starting an e-commerce store to sell crafts which will require maintenance and also have a monthly fee along with other costs as well. There always seems to be some kind of tinkering that needs to be done to an online store as well. So starting online stores to sell crafts, might not be your cup of tea.


Selling Crafts Online With A Blog

In my opinion the best way of selling crafts online is by using a blog.

Now if your thinking that a blog is the same as having an  e-commerce shop, then I’m here to tell you it can actually be better.

Selling Crafts Online With A Blog

Some of the important aspects of having an online business are making money, creating a lifestyle and the freedom that it will give you.

Having a blog can help you sell more crafts in many different ways and I will go into more detail here.

Branding Your Craft Business

Creating a blog for your business gives you a place on the web to call your own. You can do what you want with it and create whatever content need be to attract visitors for your specific niche.


It will allow a way for any craft seller to get personal with their readers and make a connection.

Once you have created the connection with your readers, they start to trust you. They will keep returning for advice and to see what is new with your products.

This makes it easier selling crafts because you are no longer a listing in a big marketplace. Instead you built up a following of people looking to buy crafts from someone that they could trust.

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Ways To Sell Crafts With A Blog

So lets go over some of the different ways to start selling crafts online with a blog.

If your just a small crafter that doesn’t have a lot of products or a larger seller of crafts, setting up your blog to sell can be done fairly quickly.

Add content

Start adding content and writing posts that are specific to your niche, you will have to target specific keywords using some of the different keyword tools available.

Once you have started to write posts and build up your blog with information it will start getting ranked in the search engines. Then you will start getting visitors to your site.

If done correctly and you have established trust with your visitors, you will be able to start selling crafts directly to them from your blog.

Add craft products

Now there are a couple different ways to sell and show the crafts for sale on the blog.

If your a smaller seller then you could get away with adding images and links within your articles of the craft items themselves that your selling.

You could use PayPal as your payment processor and have no monthly fees other than the hosting of the blog itself.

This way if your visitors were interested in what you were writing about, they could make the purchase right then and there from your post.

This is the simplest and least expensive way to sell crafts online with a blog.

Larger sellers

If your craft business is larger then you could add e-commerce functionality to your blog with a plugin. A Plugin can be installed with a couple clicks of a button adding the ability to have a full blown shopping cart integrated with your blog.


Another Selling Option

Another way to use a blog for selling crafts online would be to link some of the popular blog posts to specific products that might be listed on another marketplace or a store that is set up on that marketplace.

For example lets say that you were selling some crafts on Ebay. You also had a blog post that was ranked on the first page of Google bringing in some traffic.

You could link from that blog post to that specific craft listing you were selling on Ebay possibly generating additional sales. This could work with any of the other marketplaces as well.

Your blog in essence would help you with selling crafts that were located in different places around the internet.


Selling Crafts Online Using Affiliate Marketing

Ok, so maybe you love making crafts but you don’t make enough to to sell online.

You can still make money with your favorite hobby by using affiliate marketing. Companies such as Ebay, Amazon and Etsy offer affiliate programs.

An affiliate program allows you to sell other peoples products and get a commission from the sale.

All you need to do is sign up with the company as an affiliate and start using links with the tracking code they give you on your blog. Every time a visitor from your blog uses that link and makes a purchase on Ebay, Amazon or Etsy you would earn a commission.

People are earning a living as affiliate marketers every day. Selling crafts online is just another way to use affiliate marketing to your advantage.



So lets go over the advantages of using a blog to sell crafts and how it can help you start a craft business online or improve an existing one.


If you want to build a following that will grow your business, then using a blog can help. When you build your brand, visitors will come to trust you as a person and this will result in selling more crafts and earning more money.

Low cost

Having a blog only requires hosting, which can be inexpensive. Plus using PayPal as a payment processor if you want to add products to sell directly on your blog.

Search engine friendly

A blog is search engine friendly, so posting fresh content regularly will result in growing traffic to your blog. Which then can result is selling more crafts and making more money!

Affiliate Marketing

The ability to sell other peoples craft products on your blog, thus not having to get tied up with shipping products and dealing with customers directly.

This is a great alternative if you like to travel or move around from place to place. All you need is a computer and internet connection to make it work. Its called the laptop lifestyle!


If you are already selling crafts online on a marketplace, you could use a blog to promote those products still helping to build your brand and business.


Final Thoughts

Selling crafts online has become a competitive business. Its come a long way from the days when it was just a hobby that I remember my mother and grandmother doing.

There are some people online that have turned their craft business into a six figure business. Creating their dream lifestyle.

With that said, I think the best way to sell crafts online is with a blog. It can be used in multiple ways to generate sales and build a brand.  Two of the most important things when starting or building a business.


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