Bcome Free Now Review – Legit or Scam?

If your looking to join an MLM but your not interested in promoting physical products then you might consider the Bcome Free Now opportunity.

Its an interesting concept where you get paid not by the company themselves but from your referrals.

Lets take a look at this opportunity, the products and find out if this is a scam or legit way to make money online.

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Who Is Bcome Free Now

Amos Brazan is the guy behind this opportunity.

He hasn’t had any luck with past income opportunities according to his Facebook page.

But now he is seeing success with this company he created.

Before you get too excited I just want you to know I discovered this is not really a company at all!

I will explain shortly.

Now the opportunity here that is being sold can be used with your current MLM or any other opportunity that your currently marketing.

The reason is because what your buying into is a marketing suite of tools.

Tools that can help you either start a business or use in conjunction with your existing business to grow it.

So lets take a look at what you get.


The Products

The suite of products that you will receive when signing up is a marketers dream.

You get the following marketing tools:

  • Autoresponder
  • Web hosting
  • Rotator for generating leads
  • Landing page creator
  • Advertising for banners and text ads

These are essentially the basics of what you need to be successful when trying to make money online.

Getting leads, which you can then capture so that you can promote your opportunity or products to.

All the tools that are provided here can be used to promote any current MLM that your in.

Or internet marketing products for that matter.


Cost To Sign Up

Most of the companies that I review have some kind of fee or cost and this one is no different.

Interestingly enough it only costs $5.99 to get started.

The Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan For Bcome Free Now

Not only do you get a suite of marketing tools but you also get a way to generate residual income.

You get paid for signing people up.

For every month that they stay a paying member you earn commissions.

So how much money can you make with Bcome Free Now?

Well lets take a look at how the compensation plan is set up.

Being that the company is based off of the MLM business model you get to earn on multiple levels.

It based on a 4 x 1 Forced Matrix

So you sign up 4 people that do the same and you can eventually earn a total of $23.96


Back To What Bcome Free Now Really Is

As I said earlier what Amos has here really is not a company.

What has has created is a lead generation website for himself that is promoting another opportunity called All In One Profits.

This is another MLM that has the tools that he shows you in his video.

His lead generation site encourages you to sign up and become a member where you can earn more money with their compensation plan.

You get paid on your #2 referral, #4 referral, #6 referral forever.

While all your odd referrals get passed up to your sponsor.

The video below better explains it.


Is Bcome Free Now A Scam

Ultimately the lead generation website that Amos is running can be considered what they call cash gifting.

Cash gifting is when you join an opportunity that has no products but yet you have to pay.

In this case its $5.99.

Then you recruit others to do the same and you get them to send you the money directly.

With that being said the All In One Profits opportunity that Amos has packaged with this in order to get you to sign up is a legitimate company.

But there are some complaints about them that I have dug up so they may not have the best services.



When it come to making money online its best to stay away from gimmicky opportunities like Bcome Free Now.

If you do make any money the it will probably be short lived and you will end up wasting time as well as starting all over again.

That is why its best to learn a skill.

Learn how to build your own websites and set up your own autoresponders.

I learned from this training and it didn’t cost me a cent to get started.

So do yourself a favor and save your $5.99 and go by lunch.

Then when your done eating sign up here and I will help you get started.

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