AWeber Review [ Plus Free Trial ] Best Email Service?

AWeber was one of the first email service providers to offer a way for marketers to build an email list.

They started way back in 1998 to be exact.

A lot has changed since then and there are many new email marketing services that have popped up

So why should you even consider using AWeber.

Keep reading…….


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AWeber Review – Features and Benefits

Due to the fact these guys have been around for so long you can count on their email service working the way it should.

This is important when your running an online business.

Now if you haven’t started building an email list then you should really consider starting one as soon as you have some traffic going to your website.

Having a list is part of the foundation to your business.

So lets take a look at what they offer for features.


1. Free Trial

Its nice to be able to try something out before you spend money on it so you will be happy to know that you can give these guys spin without having to spend any money.

You can sign up for the AWeber free 30 day trial.

Set up your account and play with the features to see how they work.

I admit 30 days isn’t really that long of a period of time but its better than nothing.

There are some other providers that don’t even offer 30 days.

One thing to note is that if you decide not to use their service then you need to cancel otherwise you will be billed if you go over the 30 day trial.

So keep this in mind.


2. Deliverability Rate

Just signing up for an email service doesn’t mean that your emails are going to make it into your subscribers inbox.

So its important to go with an established company.

The AWeber email deliverability rate is said to be one of the best in the industry.

This is done by making sure that everyone using their system abides by the rules and doesn’t spam their list.

In return they stay in good standing with ISP’s and they don’t have to worry about getting blacklisted.


3. Automation

The days of just sending out a newsletter on weekly basis just don’t cut it anymore.

AWeber Email Automation

You need a way to set up sequences for your subscribers that sends them an email when they respond a certain way.

This is different than just having an autoresponder.

With an autoresponder you have a series of emails that will go out on specific days that you have set up.

But with email automation you have the advantage of creating different flows depending on whether the subscriber opens the email or not and also whether they click on specific links within an email.

AWeber automation is handled using tags.

Tags trigger a new “campaign” when the subscriber performs an action within an email.

Here’s is a simple example:

If they subscribed to your list in order to get an e-book then you can tag them if they click the download link and then add them to a different marketing campaign.

If they don’t click the download link then you can keep them in the original email sequence.

Unfortunately the AWeber automation is not as sophisticated as some of their competitors like GetResponse or ConverKit.

But if you don’t need complex automation then it should work for you.


4. Forms

Of course you need forms so that visitors can sign up to your list.

Use AWeber Forms On Your Website

The AWeber forms make this simple.

There are a number of categories that you can choose from including:

  • Automotive
  • Food 
  • Home 
  • Blog
  • Recreation

Just click on whichever form template you would like to use and from there you are able to make changes to the colors and text.


5. Design Templates

If you want to have your email stand out then you can use one of the included AWeber email templates.

All you would need to do is click on the one you would like to use. 

AWeber Email Templates

Then you can change the text, colors and add other elements such as images and paragraphs.

If your familiar with how page builders work in WordPress then you won’t have any problems.

Otherwise there will be a small learning curve.

But that goes for most of the different email services so no big deal.

They also offer custom options if you don’t want to do it yourself.

You can have them modify one of their basic email templates for only $29 or have a custom template made for $299.

Depending on your business you may not even want to use an email template.

Its better keep it simple when it comes to email and having a template may effect your delivery rate negatively according to some.

But the you do have options if you decide to use them for branding.


6. API & Integrations

One of the benefits of using AWeber is that they have integrations with most of the popular services.

Here are just some examples:

Its always good to check to make sure that they will work with whatever service you need to connect to before signing up.


7. Statistics & Tracking

Once you get your email autoresponders and campaigns set up you need to keep an eye on what your subscribers are doing.

This is done using the statistics provided in your dashboard.

Aweber Statistics And Tracking

It makes it easy to see the percentage of subscribers opening your emails as well as if they are clicking on your links.

You can also see the time of day that your emails are being opened.

They offer some detailed stats if you really want to get into specifics and fine tune your marketing. 


8. Support

AWeber support is known to be good and responsive and they offer it 24/7 which is great if your an online entrepreneur with no set hours.

24/7 Support is offered through live chat and email.

Of course response time is going to vary depending on time of day but most of the marketers that I know that use their service praise the support.

They also offer phone support but only Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm eastern time.


9. AWeber Pricing

When checking out the different email service providers myself I ran across a lot of different price ranges.

Some free to start with while others had a basic plan that started at close to $50 per month.

One of AWeber’s strong features is their pricing.

Aweber Pricing Chart

You can get started for just $19 per month after your free 30 day trial has ended.

This is good for up to 500 subscribers.

Once you go over 500 subscribers the cost increases as shown in the chart above.

They also offer discounted plans if you pay in advance.

They are not the cheapest or the most expensive when it comes to email marketing services.


10. Mobile App

Using the AWeber mobile app you can check out your marketing campaigns and other statistics on the fly.

Use The AWeber Mobile App On Your Phone

Available for both Android and iOS.

Get a breakdown of different statistics such as:

  • New subscribers
  • See messages that are scheduled as well as already sent
  • View the percentage that have been opened
  • See what links have been clicked

Its great being able to access this information when your on the go and you just set up set up a new autoresponder or made some changes to an existing campaign.


Who Should Use The AWeber Email Marketing Service

If your a beginner blogger or internet marketer then this service offers a good option at a decent price.

It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that you will find with some of the other email services but they compensate with a lower monthly cost.

I think a large portion of their business may be affiliate marketers or internet marketers in general.

This is due to the fact that many of the other email providers frown upon these business models.

I your looking to send newsletters, have an autoresponder, and basic automation then this service will work for you.

If you need advanced automation and segmentation for your lists then there are better options available.



AWeber offers a solid email marketing platform that is playing catch up to its other competitors.

They lack some of the sophisticated features and their user interface is a bit dated.

With that being said some of the most successful marketers are still using their platform.

Such as John Chow, Miles Beckler and Zac Johnson.

These guys make millions per year.

So they can afford to use any email marketing services that they want but they choose to use AWeber for their email marketing needs.

If its good enough for them don’t you think it will be good enough for you?

Why not give them a try using their free 30 day trial?


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20 thoughts on “AWeber Review [ Plus Free Trial ] Best Email Service?”

  1. Thanks Chris, for spelling out all the good and the less good of AWeber. I find it challenging to choose an email service that’s right for me and my business. I’m just starting out and it’s a bit overwhelming, because there are so many email services to choose from. In between all the promo’s about Mailchimp and Contvertkit, I came across the name AWeber before. But you are the first that gave me a good oversight about what this email service has to offer. 

    • Glad to help Bianca.

      It is a bit confusing if your trying to make a decision on the best email service to use for your business and the reality of it is that they all basically will work for most marketers.

      The best way to get started is to look at what you actually need to start with and from there which email provider will grow with your business.

  2. I remember using Aweber years ago.  This was almost ten years ago.  They look like they have changed a lot over the years.  Ten years ago their UI looked so much different.  At that time I have to admit they were kind of hard to use.

    I’ve been using MailChimp for several years.  I’ve been really happy with them, though.  How do you think MailChimp compares to Aweber, though?

    • The AWeber user interface isn’t the best looking but the important thing is how well the service works and most users are happy with overall from what I have seen.

      I can’t really compare MailChimp vs AWeber because I have never used MailChimp.

      I do know that MailChimp isn’t friendly towards internet marketers and you have a higher risk of being shutdown for putting affiliate links within your emails than you do with other email service providers.

  3. I’ve been looking for a better solution than just auto responders, as I don’t think every lead / customer can be treated the same way to get a conversion to a sale.  

    A 30 day trial, which like you said is a bit short, is better than nothing and honestly enough for me to realize if I like it or not. I like that they work on not gettin black listed, I think a lot of my emails are getting dumped into spam folders. 

    Have you ever had to use their support?  Its a good thing to have, but only if it works.

    • If your in the internet marketing niche then your limited to which autoresponder services to use.

      Their not all friendly towards marketers and you can end up getting your account shutdown.

      That is one reason that AWeber is popular. They cater to the affiliate marketers and your safe unless you start spamming your list.

      As for support I have never used them but I have heard good things from others regarding getting issues resolved.

  4. I agree that AWeber is one of the best and most trusted autoresponder services out there. However they are quite pricey and for someone who is just starting off and hasn’t made any money online yet it may be a better idea to start with one of the many free options out there. Once your list has grown a bit and your promotions are making some money then you can import your list to one of the better services.

    • Realistically the AWeber email service has some reasonable pricing in my opinion when compared to some others such as ConvertKit or Sendlane.

      Most of the free email services are not affiliate marketing friendly.

      I have seen a couple people get shutdown by MailChimp so for me its not worth the risk.


  5. Great article I have to say.  I really thing that Mailchimp and AWeber are very well matched.  They lack in their own ways which is what people look for when signing up.  What is important for me personally really is the selling point.

    I like Mailchimp’s interface a lot better.  I won’t get too much into that. It’s just me.

    I enjoy designing my own templates, but what I found with AWeber was (don’t know if it is still true) that they want you to stick to their own templates and make it hard to design your own

    I only have a small list going and don’t require a lot of services just yet as my list is in it’s infancy so right now a free Mailchimp account works great.


    • When it comes to templates I just like to keep things simple. All I use is a header and sometimes I just send all text with no template.

      MailChimp isn’t affiliate marketing friendly so I didn’t bother even trying them. I have seen other get their accounts shut down for reasons that were petty.

      AWeber at least is friendly to internet marketers as long as you don’t spam your list.

  6. It is clear that being affiliate marketer is very complicated when it is done without help of those who have experience in it. I am a beginner too and i found it complicated. Aweber could be the answer to my problem, right? 

    I am going to try it for sure. Thank you so much for the review.


    • When it comes to building an affiliate marketing business you should have a website and email list.

      These are 2 things that form the foundation of your business.

      The AWeber email service is one of the few that is geared more towards affiliate marketers and they offer an easy to use autoresponder.

      You should take advantage of their free 30 day trial if your considering email marketing.

  7. Hi, this email listing program seems really good and affordable, I should read your other reviews too. I just want to know if you have a post showing how to create an email list, I am new in all this website and online world and everyone says that is good to have an email list but I know nothing about it. Thanks in advance. 

    • I have a blog post about building an email list that you can read here.

      When your ready to get started you can try out the AWeber email platform and see if it offers what your looking for by taking advantage of their 30 day free trial.

  8. I have started using aweber and I have found it very easy to use with step by step tutorials that I found on you tube.

    Aweber has everything I need at the level I am at so I am looking forward to progressing with it and building my email list. I have found the templates very user friendly.

    You mentioned get response has that more features than aweber ? 

    • Glad to hear that AWeber is working out for you Darren.

      I chose GetResponse because their automation was more advanced than that of AWebers plus they updated the user interface so it offers a more modern look.

      Either one is a solid choice for most marketers.

      You have to base your decision on what you plan to do with your list as well as which email service fits in your budget.

  9. Great review there Chris!

    Funny thing is that I always said to myself that when my online business will be able to pay for a email service by itself, then I will jump on.  I am hesitant between Aweber, Getresponse and Convertkit.  They all have their advantages and disadvantages. At the point I am at, right now I have a tiny list that I collect with a combination of plugins. That was the only free way I could go, being I’m also in the make money online niche.  

    I got burned by a few free services in the past that were saying that I could use their service, just to get suspended not long after I started some campaigns!

    I know your article is reviewing Aweber, but did you ever use any of the other 2 services, and if so, which one is your favorite?

    • Hey Denis thanks for the feedback.

      When I was ready to start building my list I looked at the different options including AWeber and ConvertKit.

      After looking at the features and costs I decided that GetResponse was the best option for me.

      It had everything I was looking for plus the best price.

  10. Hi Chris,

    I use Get Response and I’m satisified. I never tried AWeber, it really looksnice, especially for the beginners. It has everything important and is userfriendly. My friend is starting business soon and asked me for some platform, Iwill recommend this. It is better for him to start with this, than later he cantrasfer to Get Response or some similar platform.

    Thanks for this useful post.



    • Both AWeber and GetResponse are great email solutions for most marketers.

      If your friend is looking to get started building his email list let him know that there is a free 30 day trial so he can give them a test run before making a decision.

      He can import lists from one platform to the other but its a pain to do.

      When its time to make a decision on which provider tell him to think long term and ask himself what features will be most important for him.


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