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You may have been looking for a way to earn money online and came across Kevin Thompson’s website where he talks about his early struggles in life. Then he hints at a secret that he discovered that changed his life and he would like to help others with what he has learned. My Automatic Income Coach review will go over what his discovery was and how his automatic income system works.

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Who Is Kevin Thompson

Before I dive into what this money making opportunity might be, first we need a little background information on the creator of this system.

Automatic Income System - Kevin Thompson

Kevin starts out describing his past jobs to give you an idea of his work ethic and to show you he is not some lazy bum. He is setting the tone basically as he builds up to the unveiling of his income system.

He describes being on a fishing boat for 7 years. Now anyone that has seen the popular show “The Deadliest Catch” knows that these guys that do this type of work aren’t your ordinary 9 to 5 types. Especially being able to last 7 years says something about him.

After a close call with death he is ready to make a career change.


What’s Next?

So after his close call with death as a Alaskan fisherman, he sets out to find something easier. This is where he realizes that although you can have your own business, it might not be exactly what he had in mind!

Let me explain.

He decided to start a carpet cleaning business. Now even though this was easier than his past job as a fisherman, he soon realized a few things that most entrepreneurs know:

  • You work a lot of hours
  • The pay may not be that great
  • Your business owns you

Now he feels like he is back to square one with his future, but wait!

Like with many success stories, when someone’s has their back up against a wall and its time to make something happen, Kevin made a discovery that would change his life.

That’s where he leaves you wanting to know more about the Automatic Income Coach program.


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Time To Sign Up

Ok, so by now you have been sucked into Kevin’s struggles of trying to make a living when he discovers this secret. In order to get more information you have to sign up on his Automatic Income Coach website which I did.

Kevin Thompson's Automatic Income Toolbox

By signing up your supposed to get access to the Automatic Income Toolbox. So I went ahead and signed up with my email.

After which I was immediately sent an introductory email from Kevin.

He goes on to explain how he created a website that brings in $7000 to $10,000 per month. His goal is to help you become financially successful and lead the lifestyle you want as he is.

At this point I was hoping to get a glimpse at his Automatic Income System program, but I just received a link to his blog.

When I signed up I thought I was going to be able to see what was included in the Automatic Income Toolbox, but no such luck. So I decided to do some poking around on his website and came to a “product” link at the top of website which I clicked on.

I was then brought to the product page which only had one product listed as you can see below.

Automatic Income System Product Page

I was finally going to get access to Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income System, or so I thought.

Instead I was directed to a rather long landing page which goes on to describe his past work related attempts and how most people fail to make money online because their approach is all wrong.

In other words, people pick the wrong product or too competitive of a niche.

He goes on to explain about doing searches and getting keywords that people are looking for to sell your products. He has a 4 step process and to be honest, this isn’t any secret formula.  Many people trying to learn internet marketing may over look some of these. Or never properly use them, but they are the just the basics as shown below:

Step 1 – Automatic Income System

Here is where Kevin wants you to do a keyword search for toxic mold.

He gives a link for users to go try it out to see what they come up with. The link goes to a keyword tool from Submit Express, but unfortunately it is not working.

So I used the keyword tool that is included with my membership at Wealthy Affiliate and you can see the results below:

Keyword Tool

You can get an idea of monthly searches that happen for toxic mold and the traffic you would get if you were on the first page of the search results.

He Wants To Try A Different Keyword

But then he wants you to test the keyword scrapbooking, because his friend is making a killing with this keyword. So I went back to my trusty keyword tool to see what he was talking about and below are the results:

Scrapbooking Keyword Search Automatic Income Coach

So Kevin was right, scrapbooking definitely has a huge amount of monthly searches and if you can get onto the first page of Google Search then you can make some money!

We know that he is on track here because he has he knows how to choose keywords and to make sure there is enough volume to make money from them.

Step 2 – Automatic Income System

In step 2 Kevin goes on to explain that finding a niche where people buy the same product or similar products over and over again is very beneficial to marketers.

I am on board with what he has to say here! You can do the work once and then get repeat sales from those same customers!

Step 3 – Automatic Income System

This step is important and he hits the nail on the head. “Give people what they want” .

You know when your looking for a information or a product that you need, that if it can solve your problem then you will buy it.

Kevin hits the nail on the head here. Know your customer and what their needs are. If you can satisfy their needs they are going to purchase whatever it is that your selling.

Step 4 – Automatic Income System

Here he tells you to basically go where the traffic is. Easier said than done.

You either can get your own organic traffic which takes time and effort or you can go the paid route. If your going to do paid advertising then you will need some money set aside. Prepare to lose some before you can figure out what works.


Is The Automatic Income Coach System Legit

So far everything that Kevin talks about is the basics of internet marketing and he seems to have a grasp on the important aspects.

I was skeptical when I landed on his website. It looked like this was just another one of those marketers trying to take your hard earned money. But the Automatic Income Coach program that Kevin is promoting appears to be the real deal.

Now that he has outlined his 4 important steps that will make you successful with his system, its time to find out what his secret sauce is.  What makes this program work?


Email and Funnels

Email marketing can be a powerful tool and Kevin goes on about using it to get a automatic flow of money going into your bank account.

Email Funnels - Automated Income Coach

If your not familiar with email funnels here is a simple explanation.

Instead of sending a potential customer one email trying to get them to purchase your product system, you send them a series. Usually 7 emails in the series is recommended.

Each of these emails warms the potential customer up to your offer. Odds show that visitors rarely buy a product on the first visit, but making contact with them 7 times increases the odds of converting them to a customer.


JV Partnerships

He mentions his success with JV partnerships. This technique is a more advanced way to increase your income and reach as a marketer.

JV stands for joint venture.

A JV partnership is when 2 or more people work together and combine forces where both are going to have some kind of benefit.

So, find other related products in your niche and approach the owner to strike up a deal and market them to your own customers.


Feeling Warm & Fuzzy

By now after reading through all of the information that Kevin presents in his Automatic Income Coach course, you are starting to feel like this is the opportunity that you have been looking for.

Could this system show you the way to finally make money online and have a successful online business?

By now you have your hand on your wallet and wondering what the cost is for this? Lets have a look!


How Much Does The Automatic Income Coach Cost

So now you are interested in what Kevin Thompson has to offer with his income system. He seems to have the outline of what needs to be done in order to earn an income online.

Scroll down to the bottom of the sales page and you will be hit with the price for the Automatic Income Coach course.

The Cost Of Automatic Income Coach

You are seeing it correctly. The cost for his system is $1191.00 which can be made in 3 payments of $397!

Yes this is a big chunk of cash to shell out for a course. So what are you getting for this kind of money:

  • Master Manual
  • Audio System
  • Tracking System
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Web Console
  • Fast Start Consultation
  • Newsletter For 3 Months

There are also a bunch of bonuses that are included, but I’m not going to list them at this point.


Pros and Cons

Now that you know what Automatic Income Coach system is about lets go over over the good and bad. As with any program or course there will be good and bad things about it.

Pros – the good stuff

  • He has an understanding of marketing concepts
  • Using these techniques properly can help your online business
  • Ability to network with other successful members
  • 30 day guarantee

Cons – the not so good stuff

  • The price
  • Oudated?
  • Other training courses for less money

Final Thoughts

As we all know in the business, there is no such thing as an automatic income system. What ever online business that you choose will require hard work and constant attention to keep it profitable.

So although Kevin pushes his program as automated, in reality he is still working hard to make it successful.

Now nothing comes free in life and that includes education.

The price is expensive, but not out of this world. There are some better alternatives when it comes starting an online business that cost considerably less.

I don’t think this is a scam in any way. If you end up trying out the Automatic Income Coach I would be interested in how it worked out for you.  As well as if the Automatic Income System was everything as advertised?

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