AmeriPlan Business Opportunity

Ameriplan business opportunity that helps people save money on their health related costs. Find out if there is money to be made as a Ameriplan consultant. Check out my review.

Learn about the MLM company and what it has to offer.


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What Is AmeriPlan

A couple of brothers had the idea of a discount program for dental care related services. So they started the company back in 1992.

With the popularity and need for this type of discount, they expanded their offerings to include prescriptions, chiropractic care and vision.

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In order to sell their discount membership, the brothers decided that using the multi level business model would be the best way to reach their target market.

Back when the company got its start, the insurance market was much different than compared to today. In recent years there has been a decline in its popularity, probably due to the fact that current health care plans now offer better coverage.


AmeriPlan memberships are its products. There are 3 different memberships to choose from as shown below:

  • Dental Plus $24.95 monthly – this plan covers dental, vision, prescription, hearing and chiropractic services
  • MED Plus $24.95 monthly – this plan covers telemedicine, prescription savings, ancillary services and hospital Advocacy
  • Deluxe Plus $39.95 monthly – this plan covers Dental Plus discount program, MED Plus and additional non-medical discounts

These memberships just give discounts from the services or prescriptions needed. They are not medical insurance.

It should be noted that just because you may be a member, doesn’t mean that you will be able to receive a discount on any services or prescriptions.

There is also a chance that the provider your using doesn’t accept these types of discount cards.

Become A Consultant

If your interested in the AmeriPlan business opportunity and would like to become a benefit consultant, then there is an annual fee to get started of $24.95.

Included in the annual membership are the following benefits:

  • IBO Business E-Kit
  • Corporate Services – customers have access to 800 number and corporate handles all membership tasks
  • Five (5) E-commerce Enabled Website’s – these will be cookie cutter, so trying to rank will probably not happen.
  • IBO Back Office
  • Training Web Site
  • Sales Director Programs

*** IBO is short for Independent Business Owner

Then just choose one of the monthly discount plans to qualify for commissions.

Compensation Plan

Whats good about the compensation plan is that as a consultant, you will earn 40% residual on all your sign ups. Not only that but advanced commissions are paid as well.

The compensation plan is unilevel, which just means that every new person that you recruit goes directly under you and every one they recruit goes directly under them and so on.

Team bonuses shown below:

AmeriPlan Compensation Plan

RSD stands for regional sales director and SRSD stands for senior regional sales director.

Consultant Complaints

There seem to be a lot of complaints about the company from consultants. Some didn’t seem to be legitimate while others were more realistic.

The complaints just seem to be all over the place. Like a lot of people signed up to be consultants, without really knowing what they were marketing or reading the fine print as to how the opportunity works.


This business opportunity is legitimate, but I don’t see it as a good retail product to promote. The reason being that there are a lot of places and some areas of the country that don’t have providers that accept these discount cards.

Before getting involved as a AmeriPlan Independent Business Owner, you might want to check and see who takes the discount in your area.

Plus the monthly cost may wipe out any savings that you would receive from using the discount plan.

So, in order to make money with AmeriPlan the best option is to sign up other consultants and earn from their monthly memberships.

For me this opportunity isn’t the business model I would like to be involved with.

Better Alternative

In my opinion a better alternative to the AmeriPlan business opportunity would be affiliate marketing. No need to sponsor people and train them.

Plus it can be started on small budget with very little expense if done correctly.

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2 thoughts on “AmeriPlan Business Opportunity”

  1. The program may be legitimate but I agree with you that it will be difficult to sell it if the discount does not work in all parts of the country. And about the complaints stemming from not reading the fine print, I think the company has an obligation too to explain carefully the mechanics to the last detail to make sure that consultants know and understand what it is they are getting into.

    I clicked on you recommendation for earning online and I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is THE program to subscribe to if you really want to earn real money legitimately online. Thanks for this review.

    • Although AmeriPlan is a good idea, a lot of times you can receive a discount just by asking and paying cash. Most people don’t realize how inflated medical services are. Plus with the health care market changing, who knows how this opportunity will be effected?

      Glad you checked out my recommended opportunity.


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