Sell Ambit Energy As A Consultant – [ Maybe Not ]

Ambit Energy is a MLM company offering a way to make money selling electric and gas. Can you make money as an Ambit Consultant? My review will shed some light on this business opportunity.


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What Is Ambit Energy

1996 was the year that some states started to deregulate their energy markets. In 2006 a couple of guys got to together with a vision to transform the energy markets that once were controlled by monopoly utility companies.

Their names were Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless. They went on to form Ambit Energy based out of Texas.

Ambit Energy Homepage

The company became a retail seller of utilities. Both electric and gas.

In order for them to grow Ambit Energy, they needed a unique way to market the opportunity to the public. It was decided the direct selling method, better known as multi-level marketing as the way to do it.  They decided that using Ambit Consultants would be the best way to educate prospects and get them signed on as customers.

Revenue in 2006 was about 1 million and in 2015 the revenue reached 1.4 billion dollars.

It should be noted that Ambit Energy is only a reseller of utilities. They do not own trucks or employ line workers. What the company does, is to buy utilities at a discount and then sell them just under what the local utilities charge. That’s how they make their money.

Ambit Energy Markets

The company is currently serving 17 states including Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, California, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Virginia and Washington DC.

As more markets become deregulated, it can be expected that Ambit will expand into them as well.

Ambit Consultant Opportunity

Everyone wants to work for themselves and have their own business. By becoming an Ambit Energy Consultant, the opportunity to have your own business selling electricity is possible.

What better to sell than a commodity that everyone uses.

Unlike other mlm companies  there are no products to stock and it should be easier to sell someone discounted utilities than over priced vitamins!

To get started there will be a $429 one time enrollment fee that needs to be paid. There will also be a $24.95 monthly fee that covers the Ambit Business Builder System.

  • Back office to manage business
  • Marketing websites
  • Training videos and webinars
  • Coaching & support.

Ambit Energy Compensation

Consultants earn income in a few different ways.

  1. Direct Sale Bonuses – refer 5 people and earn $100.
  2. Marketing Consultant Bonuses – when a consultant in your downline refers 5 customers you earn $100
  3. Residual Income – get paid on the monthly bills of your customers

Signing up customers for the bonuses, is only quick money.

The goal of any Ambit Energy Consultant should be to recruit as many prospective consultants as possible. Residual income is where the money is going to be made.

Ambit Complaints

There are no shortage of complaints from Ambit customers.

One of the big ones that I have seen come up multiple times is renewals. Apparently customers have missed their renewal and been hit with large charges?

Another complaint was for Ambit Consultants that told prospects one thing, and once they signed up the cost were higher or there were termination fees that needed to be paid.

One thing that potential consultants and customers need to remember about Ambit Energy is that they are just a middleman. They have no control over the utilities directly, so unless the problem is directly with Ambit things can get messy.


Starting a business is never easy.

What makes the Ambit Energy opportunity interesting is that the consultants are selling a commodity that everyone uses. One that can save their customers money.

Unfortunately Ambit being the middleman in this business allows for some things to go wrong. This can be seen online with the many complaints.

Ambit Energy is an multi-level marketing company. Sales are required to engage new customers and provide residual income. If your not comfortable with sales or the mlm business model, then the Ambit Energy business opportunity probably isn’t for you.

Ambit Alternative

It may seem simple selling a product that everyone uses like electricity and gas. Recruiting people and then earning residual income.

There are alternatives to Ambit Energy that don’t require recruiting and sales. Also no inventory and customers to deal with.

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