What Is All In One Profits About? (AIOP Review)

What is All In One Profits about and can this marketing platform really help you build your MLM business for such a cheap price?

These are questions that I set out to answer because some people are calling this a scam.

There are some red flags I spotted right away when looking over this opportunity, and I will expose them as the review goes on.

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What Is AIOP About

When I first came across the website it caught my interest because of the amount of products being offered from one company.

They are calling it a “complete marketing platform”.

As I looked at what was being offered, I discovered that All In One Profits also had a business opportunity packaged with their suite of marketing tools.

So first lets take a look at what the marketing tools are that you get for the monthly membership.


All In One Profits Memberships

All In One Profits Products

There are 2 different memberships to choose from, basic level at $11.50 per month and pro level at $21.74 per month.

Basic Level $11.50 per month

The AIOP products include:

There are couple tools here specifically for growing your multi level marketing business and they are the downline builder and rotator.

After doing many MLM reviews I can tell you that not many people have luck with rotators. This is probably similar to the one at Infinity Profit Systems that had a lot of complaints.

Pro Level $21.74 per month

The pro level features everything in the basic plus adds a few other tools that include:

  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Video creation software
  • Advertising coop
  • PLR products

PLR stands for “private label rights” and these sort of products typically do not have any value as far as being useful.

Basically using PLR content can get you in trouble with Uncle Google because it has been used so many times before by others that it has been devalued by the search engines.


AIOP Business Opportunity

So now you have an idea of what the products are and the cost of the 2 membership levels, so lets take a look at the All In One Profits business opportunity.

The company starts off by letting you know that they have a proprietary system called “Even Up” that is a formula to making easy income by recruiting others into your downline.

What Is The Even Up System?

Typically when you recruit someone into your downline the go directly underneath you and then you make money from their efforts and sales.

With the Even Up System when you recruit others every other person you recruit goes to your sponsor.

The image below gives a better idea of how to make money with All In One Profits.

Even Up System in All In One Profits

You keep the odd number of recruits while the even number of recruits are sent up to your sponsor.

This would work the same for you when your recruits sign people up. You would get their even recruits.

This reminds my another similar MLM called Easy1Up.


How To Make Money With All In One Profits

The first step is to find people that may be interested in making money online, so that you can show them the All In One Profits System.

This is easier said than done, and the reason that most people fail at MLM.

You need to a way to catch a large amount of leads either through a blog or by paying using PPC.

Once you have a continuous flow of leads, a certain percentage are going to join while others will move on to the next shiny object.

Making Money with AIOP is no different than any other opportunity in that without a source of traffic there will be no income.



The All In One Profits Compensation plan says you get 100% commission on the level that your on.

So for the basic level  you would earn $10 for every other person that you sponsor, but on the pro level you would only get $15.

Sounds exciting right?

That is usually how these MLM programs are marketed. They show you the best case scenarios to get you pumped. If you do make anything it will be short term because the people you will sponsor will eventually drop out.



After doing some research I discovered some All In One Profits complaints from people that tried out the products such as:

I joined AIOP mainly for the hosting and autoresponder… but the hosting is very basic and I quickly used up my quota. As a result, I decided to leave AIOP and did so without any issues.


In a nut shell, you get what you pay for! and for me it wasn’t a solution, just a headache.


All In One Profits Pros and Cons

Now lets recap the AIOP pros and cons to look at the good and bad of this system.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Cheap to get started


Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • Using PLR content
  • Company unknown
  • Complaints on products


Final Thoughts

All In One Profits ( AIOP ) looks questionable as soon as you hit the companies website. There are a lot of spelling errors and the way that the website was designed is amateurish.

Plus the fact that they promote using things like PLR content as well as article rewriting software which can get you in trouble with the search engines are just more reasons to be weary of this opportunity.

So if you need hosting and an autoresponder, then go with good reputable companies.

As far as the All In One Profits business opportunity goes, it will be just like the many other MLM opportunities where the members never actually make any money.

Just the reality of it!

If your looking for a way to make money online with a legit company that has all the tools you need plus US based support, then check out my #1 pick here!


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