What Is The Affilorama About In 2020

The Affilorama affiliate program offers affiliate marketing training developed by Mark Ling. This is an updated review, because they have changed their price of the membership to include a free option.  Could this have been because of the complaints of the pricing being too expensive? Lets take a look at the new cost and see if any new tools are included. Also, what are the pros and cons and is it for you? Rest assured, after doing many reviews on the different training programs on the web, the course is not a scam.

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Affilorama Pricing

Its a training course that uses different teaching methods to get you up to speed on affiliate marketing. You can set up a free membership trial and become a member to see what is inside Affilorama.

Once the free 30 day trial membership has ended you have the option to stay on or pay $67 monthly to have full access to all of the features.

First off once logged in your brought to a dashboard where you can find everything that is going on with your account.

  • Access your private messages from other members, edit your profile & see what products you have purchased
  • There is also a meter showing how many lessons have been completed
Affilorama Dashboard

Affilorama Program Lessons

Under the lessons drop down there is:

  • Introduction this section is for anyone that is new to affiliate marketing. You will learn the basics here as there are courses teaching how to find affiliate programs, how to market without a website and more. There is a total of 9 sections here made up of videos.
  • Market Research – here they teach how to find niches for products to market. Also covered is keyword selection and SEO. There is a total of 8 sections here of videos.
  • Content Creation – they talk about product reviews, sales letters and using PLR content to help with your posts.  There are  a total of 9 sections
  • Site Building – here you learn about hosting your sites, choosing domains, link re-directs and more. A total of 19 sections.
  • Marketing Ideas – ideas on blogging and using social media to get traffic. Also newsletters and ways to monetize your sites. A total of 23 sections.
  • SEO – sitemaps, pagerank, how to get indexed and building quality links are just some of the things discussed here. There are a total of 11 sections here.
  • PPC – discuss how to find keywords, landing pages and tracking are some of the topics covered. A total of 12 sections.
  • Affiliate Outsourcing – talks about hiring people to do the work and keeping them motivated, so you can focus on growing. A total of 3 sections.

Having access as a free member actually offers a lot of content, which is surprising.

The courses contain many videos and some of the subject matter seems a little advanced for beginners, such as 301 redirects and landing pages. But I guess you have to learn at some point, so why not jump in with both feet!

Affilorama Tools

Affilorama Tools

There are 3 main products that Affilorama promotes and I will describe them below:

  • AffiloTools – cost Free. This product is in beta and still being fine tuned. It is a program that helps track how your website is doing as well as your competition. See which keywords are ranking and also see how far your reach is on social media.

This type of product is better left to someone that has some experience under their belt, otherwise you can spend a lot of time monitoring stats and being less productive.  On top of that AffiloTools is still in beta, and has been for a while.

  • AffiloBlueprint – cost $197. Learn to find the right niche, choose the right products, build profitable websites and more. Basically it a step-by step guide to getting your affiliate business off the ground and making money.

This is important because if you choose the wrong niche, you can waste a lot of time. If AffiloBlueprint offers the members a guide that actually has the steps needed to find profitable niches, then it can be worth the money. Keep in mind though, it is easy to do it on your own with a little research.

  • AffiloJetpack – cost $997.  This is basically their version of business in a box all set up for you, so you can hit the ground running. Newsletter sequence, bait to hook subscribers, website with hosting and website content.

The only problem with this type of thing is that to learn affiliate marketing, you need to experiment and get hands on.

A product like AffiloJetpack may seem like a great thing to buy into, but learning on your own is better and will save you $997!

Membership Forum

On the Affilorama forum where members can ask questions I noticed quite a few of the members asking why they didn’t have any sales yet. This is typical of someone new to selling online.

The mindset of “If I Build It They Will Come”. 

The reality is that Affilorama does a good job of promoting their own products and when the new members don’t see the results in a short period of time, they start to get disillusioned. I would be too after spending $997 for AffiloJetpack. That is a lot of coin to pay when you first start out if you don’t get the right training to utilize it correctly its like throwing money away.

On top of that I have seen others in the forum self promoting their opportunities to these same members for products not related to Affilorama. Maybe they don’t monitor the forums for this type of activity?

Affilorama Forum

Topics covered in the membership forum

The forum is broken up into different sections, so its easy to find the information your looking for. Below are the current sections to choose from:

  • Affiliate Hangout
  • Company News
  • Company Services
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Ideas and Social Media
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content Creation
  • Website Building
  • Affiliate Programs
  • New To Affiliate Marketing

Browsing through the different categories in the forum I noticed that it wasn’t as busy as I though it would be.

Some of the different categories haven’t had any new posts in months, while some of the categories were a little more active.


Use also have access to the Affilorama members blog that is updated regularly.

On the blog there are posts about different affiliate programs that are available and different niches to choose. This was one area that I really liked, because it gives different ideas as to what you can do as an affiliate marketer.

Affilorama Blog

Here are just a sample of the blog topics:

  • Tiny Houses Affiliate Programs
  • Bartending Affiliate Programs
  • Gardening Affiliate Programs

You get the idea and this is the purpose of the blog.

Member Discount Deals

Once a member you will get some discount deals from different vendors that are in the affiliate marketing business. You can access them on the right side of the site as shown below.

Affilorama Discount Deals

The discounts include such things as email auto responders, social media schedulers, customer feedback software, content writers and more from different companies not related to Affilorama.

Should You Join Affilorama

If you are considering joining Affilorama and becoming a member, you will have the 2 membership options that I mentioned earlier.

The free membership which is good for 30 days to try out use the different tools.

Affilorama Premium Membership Benefits

Although the free membership does give you access to quite a bit, if your really looking to get into affiliate marketing and learn the ropes the premium membership might be the way to go.

Affilorama Pros and Cons

Lets go over the good stuff and the not so good stuff of joining the program.


First lets go over the good stuff about the course.

  • Free membership
  • There is a lot of material to learn from
  • Forum to interact with other members
  • The owner Mark Ling is a successful affiliate marketer


Now for the not so good stuff about the course.

  • Some of the methods taught have become outdated
  • Need to buy the upsells to really get the most from the program
  • Support consists of a forum, which some people have a hard time with
  • High pricing for AffiloJetpack

Affilorama Complaints

The good news is that you won’t find many complaints about the program. After doing a search to see what the experience was of past members, I was surprised that there weren’t that many.

The biggest complaint I could find was the cost of AffiloJetpack at $997.

It is a big expense, but it may be worth it if you have learned the basics and are ready to take your training to the next level.

Final Thoughts

After doing my Affilorama review, I can say that it is a solid program to learn how to get started with affiliate marketing. Yes there are some upsells such as AffiloBlueprint and AffiloJetpack, but not everything in life is free especially when building your business. The pros out number the cons and Mark Ling is a successful affiliate marketer that practices what he preaches. So don’t worry about it being a scam, it is a legitimate way to get started.

I still believe my #1 pick is a better option though!

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