Affiliate Marketing Online & Las Vegas ( what do they have in common?)

If your into affiliate marketing then you know that Las Vegas is a hot spot for marketers when it comes to different events.

All you have to do is go online to see that there have been some major conferences and summits over the years.

So what does this post have to do with affiliate marketing online in Las Vegas you might ask?

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A Little Known Affiliate Conference You Should Be Aware Of

First off when we start talking about Las Vegas all I can think about is the bright lights and all the glitz and glamour.

Its a place where everyone should visit at least once.

But it is also a place that many of the top affiliates go for special events to learn how to grow their business as well as network with other successful super affiliates.

One such event is called the Affiliate Summit.

These super affiliates actually pay the big bucks to attend this specific conference.

That’s right they actually have to dig into their own pockets to pay the airfare, hotel, food and transportation.

But there is also another affiliate marketing conference that happens in Las Vegas that not too many people know about.

It is attended by many 5 and 6 figure earners.


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The Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Conference

If your not familiar with Wealthy Affiliate let me give you a quick overview.

The company offers a affiliate marketing online training program that teaches beginners as well as seasoned affiliates how to earn a passive income selling other peoples products.

Not only that but they include all the necessary affiliate tools needed to start and run your affiliate marketing business.

But it gets better because they have an affiliate program as well so you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

There is also another perk that comes along with joining the affiliate program.

If you promote the training program and get 300 people to sign up and try it out for free that upgrade within a year you will get a free trip to Las Vegas for their private affiliate conference.


Here Are The Details

First off you must be a paying member of their affiliate marketing online training program.

Don’t worry though because the membership cost is inexpensive and starts as low as $30 per month for training, hosting, keyword tool and a host of other features.

Once you are a paying member you can now start the training and also start telling others about the company and its products.

They teach you how to build a website using WordPress and how to choose the correct keywords to get ranked in the search engines.

All you need to do write content for your website and start attracting visitors.

Referrals & Commissions 

Once you have become established with your website and have a decent amount of traffic then you can expect to start earning some income.

What makes this a great affiliate program is the fact that the income that you will be earning is residual.

So as long as your referral stays a paying member of the online training program you keep getting paid every month.

How much can you earn in monthly passive income?

$23.50 per month for each of your referrals to be exact. 

Let’s do a little math so that you can see the potential here and how you can build a successful online business.

  • Get 10 paying referrals and earn $235 per month ( $23.50 x 10 = $235 )
  • Get 20 paying referrals and earn $470 per month ( $23.50 x 20 = $470 )
  • Get 100 paying referrals and earn $2,350 per month ( $23.50 x 100 = $ 2,350 )

 Hopefully you are starting to see the potential here.

Get 300 referrals in a year with your affiliate marketing online business and you get an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas.

  • Free flight to and from Las Vegas ( from anywhere in the world)
  • Free Food
  • Free luxury hotel suite
  • Free gambling money 
  • Free entertainment
  • Free networking with other successful affiliates

Some Of The Action From Past Conferences

So what is it like to be at this private affiliate marketing conference in Las Vegas.

What exactly goes on there you might be asking?

Check out the video below.

As you can see it is a good time for the affiliates that worked hard all year and earned a chance to participate.


Keeping It Real

Now its important to keep in mind that getting 300 referrals isn’t going to be an easy task.

Don’t expect to throw up a website and get the traffic needed to get these referrals without putting in the work.

That is a mistake that many new affiliates make.

You will also need to have patience because content marketing is a method that takes time to see results.

What you do now will start to show months after you have completed the work.

But once you have the ball rolling and learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing things will start to fall in place.



Affiliate marketing online is a great business model that allows anyone with a computer the ability to earn an income online.

Its not a get rich scheme nor will you be successful without putting in the required work.

One thing for sure though is that many of us that have joined Wealthy Affiliate know we made the right choice.

On top of all the skills that you learn and the tools that you get there is also the chance at an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas every year.

Just icing on the cake!

So if your interested in learning affiliate marketing or getting a chance at a free all expense paid trip to Las Vegas with other members then you can get my help.

I put together a quick 5 step course that will guide you through getting started with the free account.

If your serious about your future and ready to take the “bull by the horns”  then give this a shot you have nothing to lose.

Get started today!

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