AdvoCare Business Opportunity – Review

Is the Advocare Business Opportunity right for you? Would you like to become a Advocare distributor? Is it possible to make money with the products? My AdvoCare review will go over what the company is about and the business opportunity that is available to those looking to become distributors. Find out if selling Advocare is really the best opportunity or there are better alternatives.


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Update: Advocare Discontinues MLM Business Model

Its has been announced that Advocare will no longer be a MLM company and they are discontinuing the business model that has made them who they are.

Now they will be direct to consumer allowing distributors to sell directly to consumers.

So there will no longer be the recruiting aspect or being able to earn commissions multi levels deep.

The review that I did below will be left up for reference and informational purposes only.


AdvoCare Distributor Opportunity

Many people are into living healthy and keeping fit. Its only natural to be on the look out for products that are able to meet their needs and keep them healthy.

This opens the window to the possibility of having a business showing people just such products and a way to earn an residual income.

The Advocare Business Opportunity can be a great way to start a business in a huge industry generating billions of dollars per year. The business can be started with a starter kit and the determination to build a team.

So why not take the plunge and become a AdvoCare Distributor. Introduce people to the products you use and earn an income at the same time.

So, let’s see what its about.

Watch the video below then read farther down for the compensation plan.

Please note that I am not a distributor myself or associated with the company in any way. This video is just for reference purposes only used to explain the Advocare Business Opportunity being reviewed here.

Who Is AdvoCare

The company is in the business of selling health and nutrition supplements by way of multi-level marketing.

Started in 1993, the company is now over 20 years old with corporate offices located in Texas. Over 60,000 independent distributors and 400 million in revenue, make this MLM a big player in the health and wellness field of direct marketing.

AdvoCare Products

There are a fair amount of products covering weight loss, cleansing,  nutrients and more. Below are the main categories:

  • 24 Day Challenge
  • Trim
  • Active
  • Well
  • Performance Elite

The 24 Day Challenge is a popular program that aids in getting the body “cleansed”. All the impurities are removed in a 10 day process.

Then the next phase will last 11-to 24 days and this is called the “Max Phase”.

The Max Phase will introduce needed nutrients back into the body to provide energy, appetite control and core nutrition.

There is what is called a virtual coach. It is basically a calendar with an outline of the products that need to be taken at what time during the day.

How To Become A AdvoCare Distributor

Maybe you like the products and would like to earn an income showing others the benefits of using them.

To start selling Advocare as a distributor, you will need to purchase a kit.These kits are good for getting started and are typically reasonably priced.

Some people may tend to think that the company should provide the marketing materials.

Unfortunately this is a business opportunity and a chance to “be your own boss”. Like any start up your going to need to market yourself and make people aware of your brand and what your selling.

So it only makes sense that when you become a Advocare distributor, to bite the bullet and get your starter kit knowing it is an investment in yourself.

AdvoCare Distributor Kit

The AdvoCare distributor kit price is $59. Then there would be an annual fee of $50. So its not going to break the bank to get started.

Here’s what’s in it:

  • Welcome Guide
  • Branded Blender Bottle
  • Spark Flavor Sample Pack
  • Rehydrate Flavor Sample Pack
  • Meal Replacement Shake Flavor Sample Pack
  • Impact Magazine
  • Retail Sales Receipts For Orders
  • Policies & Procedures

Now your ready to start selling.

Becoming a distributor allows for a 20% to 40% discount off of products. The discount is determined by volume. More volume, the bigger the discount.

Then earn 5% to 20% that you sponsored into your downline.

Become AdvoCare Adviser

In order to reach the adviser level, a distributor must have $3000 of products ordered or sold in a 6 week time frame. This would include the sales of your downline. If you sold $1000 worth of products and your downline sold $2000 worth, you would qualify.

The advantage of reaching the advisor level, is that now you get a permanent 40% discount.

Now you can earn 5 different ways as well:

  1. Retail – up to 40% profit on product sales
  2. Downline Commission – 5% to 20% commissions on the products your distributors sell
  3. Overrides – income from organizational volume
  4. Leadership bonuses – 3% to 19.75% on your complete organization
  5. Bonuses – trips and incentives

The AdvoCare compensation plan is fairly easy to comprehend compared to some other MLM’s.

The goal would be to become an adviser ask quickly as possible. Then get your straight 40% discounts and 20% from your distributors.

If you didn’t want to wait until you had a downline built, then you could become an adviser by paying into the program.

What’s the cost? A small $2100 fee. Ouch!

My suggestion would be to join as a distributor first, and then experience the AdvoCare business opportunity first hand before making any large financial investment.

Sell Online

Why should the company let distributors sell Advocare online? In my eyes this only lowers the value of the business opportunity being offered by the company.

Being an mlm company, the best way to sell the products is going to face to face with your customer. This way you will be able give them a understanding of the quality and how it can help them.

I don’t believe that using Ebay or Amazon type of sites is the best way to sell to sell Advocare.

 Income Disclosure

So, now that you know about the company and its products, lets take a look at the income disclosure to see who is making the money in the company.

Check out the chart below that was on their website.

AdvoCare Income Disclosure

As seen by the chart above there are not a lot of distributors making money here. What you see above doesn’t include any expenses either, so it could be even worse than what you see here.

Not that it has anything to do with AdvoCare. This is just the industry norm in itself.

If you look at the income disclosures of most MLM companies, you will see that 2% or less of the distributors or consultants are profitable.

Potential prospects get excited talking about the compensation and looking at all the graphics showing a hypothetical best case scenario. When in fact there is more to it than just running around signing up friends and family.


There are a lot of different MLM companies out there selling nutritional and weight loss products. So competition is is tough. The Advocare Business Opportunity can give the right person a good start at being their own boss and creating an income for themselves.

The reality though, one must be a very aggressive sales person to recruit and get quality prospects in their downline in order to sell Advocare and make any money.

As shown in the income disclosure above, you would have to do more than just recruit people. You could recruit hundreds, that don’t sell any products. Leaving you burned out.

So before you become a Advocare distributor, I advise you not to get caught in the hype and glitz of downline charts and income figures. This isn’t as easy as they make it out to be.

I hope my Advocare Business Opportunity review gave you something to think about and you gained some insight into what its about!

AdvoCare Alternative

If your on the fence about joining and would like an alternative to selling AdvoCare Business Opportunity, then keep reading.

What if I told you there was a way to generate an income that could be started for very little cost, that would generate passive income for years.

No bothering friends or relatives. No meetings or autoships.

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2 thoughts on “AdvoCare Business Opportunity – Review”

  1. You are correct in making the statement about not getting caught up in the hype and compensation plan for how much money you can make. The truth as you have pointed out is most people involved with MLM’s make no or very little money due to the nature of the business.

    Working with other alternatives such as the one you recommend give you a greater opportunity to earn an income online.

    • Although I am all for staying healthy and getting the right supplements, I don’t believe that just because it is a mlm company I should have to pay more as a retail customer just because of the commissions.

      AdvoCare might be one of the older mlm players in the nutrition business, but there are easier ways to sell nutritional products if that is what you would like to do.

      Affiliate marketing offers the same opportunity, but with no recruiting or monthly quotas to worry about. Thats why I recommend my favorite affiliate marketing training as a way to learn.


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