Advertising Boost Review – Make Money Giving Vacations Away!

Advertising Boost is a new business opportunity that offers marketers the chance to make money by giving away vacations.

Its a business model used by some top companies around the world.

Give away free vacations in exchange for information or sales.

There are 2 ways to earn income here and both can be lucrative if you know how to promote them.

Let’s review this opportunity to see what’s its about and if its worth joining.

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Who Is Advertising Boost & What Do They Offer

The founder is Adam Small pictured below.

Creator Of Advertising Boost Adam Small

He runs another company called

This company basically gives away discounted vacation stays at hotels that are under booked in popular travel destinations.

In return you would need to sit through a timeshare presentation that is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours long.

A little inconvenience but some travelers find it worth the savings.

Basically creating a win win for travelers and the hotels.

The traveler would save some money and the hotel would at least get to fill their rooms when they are slow.

There is also an affiliate program that is free to sign up with and earn 30% commissions for any referrals that purchase a vacation through your links.

 The affiliate program is 2 tier so if you get other affiliates to sign up you can earn 5% of their sales as well.

So now you know the company behind Advertising Boost.


But What About The Opportunity

Many companies offer incentive programs to “seal the deal” for products or services that they are promoting.

So Advertising Boost was created for entrepreneurs that wanted to turn this niche into a real profitable business.

What does Advertising Boost offer that you can’t already get by joining the BookVip affiliate program.

For starters instead of being able to give away discounted vacations you now have the ability to give away free vacations.

You might be wondering how this is possible?

The simple fact is that not all hotels stay at 100% occupancy and they will have some empty rooms.

This will impact their bottom line at the end of the year in more ways than one.

For example hotels make money in a multitude of ways such as:

  • Room service
  • Dining
  • Gift shop
  • Entertainment
  • Extended stays

So its better to get a free guest into a room with the potential of getting them to spend money in other ways.

The only cost to the guest will be the taxes and fees that vary but usually run around $20 per day. 

No Timeshare Seminars

As I stated earlier in the review BookVip gave away discount travel as a way to promote timeshare ownership.

This may be an OK concept if your promoting directly to the end user that is going to be going on the vacation.

But the Advertising Boost business opportunity eliminates this requirement.

Now you can give away free vacations as incentives and the user will no longer have to sit through a timeshare presentation.

Print Certificates To Give Away

Another great feature is that you will be able to print free vacation certificates from anywhere.

Print Vacation Certificates Through Advertising Boost

You will have the ability to print unlimited free vacation certificates to hand out to potential clients.

Or you can send them digitally through email or text.


How Much Money Can You Make With Advertising Boost

In order to make money with this opportunity you will need to join and become a member.

There are a couple different payment options:

  • $49 monthly payment
  • $458 yearly payment ( about $38 monthly discounted)

This is a 2 tier affiliate program which means that you get payed on your direct referral as well as the on their referrals.

The commission will be 40% for your direct referrals and 10% on their referrals.

Example Susan joins under you on the monthly plan of $49 per month.

You would earn 40% of her monthly payment which amounts to $19.60 monthly profit for you.

Now lets say that Susan gets a referral that joins at $49 per month.

She would earn $19.60 per month and you would earn $4.90 monthly as well.


Who Is This Opportunity For

Giving away incentives is a great way to boost any business owners sales.

Business That Should Sign Up For Advertising Boost

It doesn’t matter if your a brick and mortar business or an online business.

Here are some examples:

  • Real estate agents
  • Contractors
  • Internet marketers
  • Retail stores
  • Gas stations
  • Organizations

Very simple way to boost sales of your existing while also earning an income showing others about Advertising Boost.



Advertising Boost isn’t the only vacation incentive program out there that pays affiliates.

But they seem to be the most popular and they offer a very good way to make money for their affiliates.

Residual income is the best way in my opinion.

If you work this business aggressively you can definitely make some serious money in a reasonable amount of time.

So if your an online marketer or business owner then its worth having a look at the Advertising Boost vacation incentive opportunity.


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