A2 Hosting For WordPress Review – Should You Consider It?

My A2 Hosting for WordPress review will go over whether or not its worth your while to start a blog with this company.

They are one of the smaller players that you can host your WordPress website with.

Some people look at this as a good thing while others believe that its better to go with a bigger company such as BlueHost or SiteGround.

So lets take a look at what they have to offer and see if they have the features as well as the pricing that an online entrepreneur will need to run their online business successfully?

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A2 WordPress Hosting Features

WordPress is one of the best free softwares available for running a blog website.

And there are plenty of web hosts out there that claim that their service is the best with all the features that an online entrepreneur will need.

There are some important features that you need to consider before deciding which one to go with.

  • Ease of set up
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Storage
  • Cost

Setting Up Your WordPress Website On A2 Hosting

If you already have experience setting up websites then this probably isn’t going to be a big deal but if your a newbie it can be a little intimidating.

Your going to login into CPanel which is a dashboard where you have control over all the aspects of your web hosting account.

Then you will find a software called Softaculous that will guide you through the installation process.

Its a straight forward process.

You May Opt For Managed WordPress Hosting

Now you can also opt for the managed WordPress hosting as well which is what I prefer.

It is a little more costly than the standard shared hosting but it does come with some advantages.

The reason that you will pay more for the managed hosting is because it is optimized to run WordPress.

Plus you get added security and the web host will handle all the technical things behind the scenes so that you won’t have to.

For example many online business owners neglect to make backups of their website on a regular basis.

Typically on the cheaper shared WordPress hosting plans it is up to the account owner to make sure that their website is backed up in case there is a problem and they may need to revert back to an older version.

With the A2 Hosting For WordPress managed plans you get the perk of having your website backed up daily.

Another example is the security.

Believe it or not there are people on the web that spend a lot of resources looking for websites to hack.

Often times you see entrepreneurs that have used cheap hosting complaining because their site got hacked and now they have no way of fixing it.

Keep this in mind when setting up your WordPress website.

Go with a reputable company that offers quality WordPress hosting and if you can afford the managed option I would go with it.


A2 Hosting Plans For WordPress Websites

 Lets look at the A2 Hosting for WordPress plans to see just what they offer and their price ranges.

Shared WordPress Plans Costs

First their is the shared plans.

A2 Hosting Shared WordPress Plans

If you are just getting started with your first website then the Lite Plan at $3.92 will cover you.

If and when you decide to start multiple sites the it won’t be a problem to upgrade to the Swift or Turbo plans.

These shared plans don’t of the back ups or security that you would get with the managed plans which I will get into next.

Managed WordPress Plans Costs

Now lets have a look at what you can expect to pay for the convenience of signing up for the managed plans.

A2 Hosting Managed WordPress Plans

Single websites starting at just $12.97 per month with the ability to upgrade when you need to add more sites.

The managed WordPress plans give the added security, ability to stage sites, automated daily backups and A2 Hosting handles all the behind the scenes technical aspects.

*** All these plans pricing is introductory and good for the first year. After the first year the pricing will go back to their standard pricing.


What About Customer Feedback & BBB Rating

Often times when I am ready to buy into any service I like to checkout the feedback of customers.

If I see that there is a large amount of complaints regarding specific things then I can more or less make a decision from there.

So what did I find?

Overall the majority of feedback that I came across was positive with customers giving A2 Hosting a good recommendation.

As with any host your going to be seeing complaints from customers about downtime.

Unfortunately it happens to the best of web hosts but it shouldn’t happen on a regular basis.

Especially if they are advertising 99% up time.

But you also have to take into consideration if the complaints are coming from customers running on the cheaper plans.

Or are they running scripts and other software that are resource intensive for the plan that they are on?

Next Stop A2 Hosting BBB Rating

When I visited the companies BBB profile I was greeted by a 4 1/2 start rating which isn’t bad if your a web host.

There were 121 ratings total.

What I saw were customers complaining about was slow support which is given through a ticketed system or live chat.

In defense of the company I did see them replying to the customers feedback both on the BBB website as well as forums where complaints were being talked about.

So it not like they weren’t trying to get issues resolved.


What Are Some A2 Hosting Alternatives For Hosting WordPress Websites

I wouldn’t be afraid to try out A2 WordPress hosting but if you are still unsure and want to consider some alternatives then I suggest that you have a look at SiteGround.

They have a very good reputation for customer support and they are also a supporter of WordPress as well as the open source community.

They also offer a super simple easy way to sign up and get your WordPress website set up.



A2 Hosting for WordPress looks like a decent offering and like any other web hosting company they are going to have some hiccups.

Its best to choose a quality web host from the start this way you can concentrate on building your online business and less on worrying about if your website is up or not.


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