A GetResponse Review [ Plus Free Trial ]

GetResponse is an email service provider that has been around for years and built a reputation as having one of the most robust platforms currently available when it comes to helping build your email list.

With all the different email services to choose from you might be wondering why you should choose GR and what are the advantages?

Well as someone that has been using the service for the last couple of years I will be happy to go over just what makes these guys someone you should consider with my review.

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Is GetResponse Good

I might as well get this out of the way in the beginning because the first thing that people want to know is will the email service provider that they choose be the best one?

The answer to that will really depend on what your specific needs are so if you are looking for just a basic newsletter and autoresponder then the majority of providers will work for you.

But there are some marketers that need more advanced features and this is where it can become a little confusing when trying to decide which to go with.

I have to admit that I tend to default to the less expensive alternatives because the majority of the time I only use the basics and it works fine for my needs.

The GetResponse pricing fit within my budget so I was happy to give them a shot and so far they have been a good service for my list building.

So lets take a look at just what they offer that can help you build your email list of loyal followers.



When it comes to features they have everything that you will need and the pricing is what most people notice when they are comparing them to other providers.

Due to the large volume of customers that they have the ability to offer a huge suite of features at rock bottom pricing becomes realistic.

So lets take a look at what you can expect with some of the most common features.


1. Modern Dashboard

Within the last year the company has updated their user interface offering a more modern look and better organization as shown below.

The Modern Looking GetResponse Dashboard

The GetResponse user interface has all the main buttons at the top so when you need to get somewhere quickly they are right there.

Plus each of the sections underneath the main buttons are called widgets and you have the ability to add and remove them to create a custom dashboard.

For example maybe you only want to display the stats of your lists and newsletters.

No problem because each widget can easily be removed or added so that when you login in everything that is important to you will be displayed without having to fumble around wasting time.


2. Autoresponder

The main reason that people should consider signing up with an email service provider is to get an autoresponder set up in order to start building their list with some automation.

The GetResponse autoresponder is really easy to set up and will help you build a relationship with your customers.

Time Based Autoresponder

The autoresponder can be set up to send specific emails to your list at set times.

For example maybe you have a step by step course that they sign up for on your website. You can have it so that each day they are emailed part of the course do if there were 10 steps the autoresponder would send 1 step every day for 10 days.

Action Based Autoresponder

There is also the option to set up an autoresponder based on an action that your subscribers take within the emails that are sent to them.

So if they click on a specific link within an email they may be sent an offer.


3. Workflow Automation

Is a more advanced feature that I have yet to set up and try but it seems that more and more marketers are looking for this functionality.

The GetResponse workflow automation gives you the ability to do specific marketing tasks such as:

  • Cross Sell – where you can offer other products related to what has already been purchased.
  • Time Based –  after a purchase has been made you can market to try and encourage recurring purchases
  • Abandoned Shopping Carts – try and persuade a potential customer to make a purchase
  • List Maintenance – having the ability to move your subscribers from one list to another automatically

This is a more advanced way of working with your list and you may or may not need this feature but it is good that it is available if you have to have it.

Check out the video below to get an idea of how it works.


4. Landing Pages

This is another feature that I haven’t used mainly because I use WordPress and have landing page builders integrated such as Thrive Architect.

But there are many marketers that need the option that don’t have their own website and the GetResponse landing page creator can be of help.

Check out the video below.


So if your looking for a way to build landing pages with a drag and drop editor this may be just what your looking for.

  • Over 100 Templates To Choose From
  • Responsive Designs
  • Form Builder
  • A/B Testing

Of course being able to easily have it connected to your email account is also a plus!

If you need the ability to create a landing page sales funnel then this may not work for you. There would be better options such as Builderall or Clickfunnels that offer this ability.

But if your just looking for a single landing page to catch emails then it should work for you.


5. You Can Do Webinars

Webinars have become one of the popular ways for the deep pocketed marketers to introduce products to the market and build their following.

Now the GetResponse Webinar feature allows the average Joe to be able to have their own at a reasonable cost.

In order to use this feature you will need to pay more of course but it still comes in cheaper than if you were to go with a dedicated webinar company such as Gotowebinar.

There are different plans as far as how many people can attend a webinar and they are priced accordingly.


6. GetResponse Integrations

Nowadays there are a lot of different choices when it comes to running an online business so its important that your email service provider has the ability to integrate with as many other companies as possible.

This way you won’t have to pay a developer to do it for you.

GetResponse Integrates With 100s Of Companies

One important aspect of the integrations is the ability to take advantage of social media.

For example the GetResponse Facebook integration allows you to place web forms on your Facebook page.

When visitors click on the sign up button your form pops up asking them to sign up for whatever your promoting.

This is a great way to get free leads.


7. Support Options

Originally when I signed up they had 4 different support options that included:

  • Phone
  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Ticket System

But while writing this review I can no longer find a phone number so I am not sure if this option is still available and I am just missing it or they have eliminated it all together?

I myself have only needed to use support a couple of times for some questions that I had regarding integrations and both times I used the live chat option.

Both times my inquiry was answered quickly and I got the answer that I needed.


8. Mobil App

This is a feature that I really love.

No matter where you are there is the ability to check how your newsletter or campaign is performing just by pulling up the GetResponse app on your phone.

Using The GetResponse App On A Cell Phone

There is quite a bit of functionality that you have with the mobile app.

It is similar to how your able to set up your desktop version with just the information that is important to you.

Plus you can do things such as:

  • Add and delete contacts
  • Write and send a newsletter
  • Check your stats for campaigns, newsletters, new subscribers, unsubscribes

There are other features as well for the automations but I am not currently using this functionality so I am not sure what you can or can not do with it from your phone.


9. GetResponse Pricing

Nobody is going to argue that these guys have some of the best pricing of any email service provider out there.

Discount GetResponse Pricing

Currently at their regular price they are below most other email services when comparing feature to feature.

But they also have discounts if you decide to pay yearly that amount to a savings of 18% to 30%.

For example if you were to take their basic plan at the regular price of $15 and pay for a whole year up front to get the 18% discount your monthly cost would drop to just $12.30.

Its get better because if you decide to pay for 24 months up front you would now get a 30% discount that would bring your monthly cost down to $10.50!

So as you can see these are some heavy discounts being offered.

If you can afford to pay yearly and your happy with the service then it makes sense to take advantage of the savings and put it towards other areas of your business.


10. Affiliate Program

The good news is that not only can you save money with their service but they also offer a way to earn money as an affiliate.

As a GetResponse affiliate you have the opportunity to earn 30% commissions from everyone that joins using your affiliate link.

The best part about it is that the commissions are residual.

So as long as the person that signed up using your link stays a paying subscriber you earn a monthly commission based off of the plan that they are on.

Even if you didn’t plan on making a full time effort promoting the service there still is the added benefit of getting enough referrals to pay your monthly subscription which wouldn’t be that hard.

Lets just do some quick math to see what it adds up to.

  • Basic Email Plan at $15 monthly = $4.50 monthly commission
  • Pro Email Plan at $49 monthly  = $14.70 monthly commission
  • Max Email Plan at $165 monthly = $49.50 monthly commission

So lets say that you got a total of 10 people to sign up using your affiliate link for the year.

  • $4.50 monthly commission x 10 subscribers on Basic Email Plan = $540 yearly income
  • $14.70 monthly commission x 10 subscribers on Pro Email Plan = $1760 yearly income
  • $49.50 monthly commission x 10 subscribers on Max Email Plan = $5,940 yearly income

As you can see the possibility of making some decent money is possible and that is only with 10 yearly subscribers.


GetResponse Pros and Cons

Let’s recap what the good points are and I will mention what I believe are some of the shortcomings so that it will help you in making the decision when it comes to choosing your email service provider.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Free 30 Day Trial ( no credit card needed)
  • Modern Good Looking User Interface
  • Established Company ( one of the first)
  • Tons Of Features
  • Low Pricing

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • No Phone Support ( at least I can’t find)
  • Learning Curve ( but there will be with any of them)
  • Complaints ( seem to be from older reviews)



GetResponse was one of the email service providers I looked at because I am a affiliate marketer and many of the other providers don’t allow for affiliates to use their service.

So this helped to narrow down my choices which only left me with a total of 4.

After reviewing all the features of these providers and what their prices were it was easy to see that GetResponse had everything that I needed at the best price so I signed up for their free 30 day trial.

Most of the others either didn’t have a free trial or it was very short which didn’t give me the opportunity to try out the features.

To date I am happy with the service and if everything keeps working as it should then I see no reason to switch to another.

Plus I have noticed there are a lot of top marketer that are using this service and they make millions per year.

So if its good enough for them then it should be good enough for me.

One thing to keep in mind is what are you actually going to be using an email service provider for?

If you just need to build a list and have an autoresponder keep your list informed of your products and offers then there is no need to get a high priced service with all the bells and whistles.

Chances are you will never use them.

But the good thing is that if you do ever find yourself in the situation where you need to use automation, landing pages and the advanced features then GetResponse has you covered at a price that can’t be beat!

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10 thoughts on “A GetResponse Review [ Plus Free Trial ]”

  1. Ah, good to know that there are other alternatives for affiliate marketers besides MailChimp. I think it’s crucial that this service provides for bloggers because most of us rely on affiliate marketing initially to generate income so we really need some professional support in the autoresponder section. In regards to GetResponse, is their delivery rate optimum in your opinion?

    • Hi Cathy yes GetResponse is a great alternative to MailChimp because they are affiliate friendly. 

      So far I have had no problems with the support but I have only used it for a couple of simple questions.

      As far their deliverability goes I can’t really compare them to anyone else at this time because GetResponse is the only email service provider I am using.

      There are a lot of factors that determine deliverability such as how many links in your emails, pictures, length of emails and so on.

      Overall I am happy with their service and plan to stay a customer for well into the future

  2. This sounds like something I’d like to try. I’m always in the market for new marketing programs to help me grow my business. Things that are important to me include ease of use and a decent price point, and it seems like this program offers both. I especially like the webinar option. After reading this I’m going to look into this some more.

    • The GetResponse free trial should work for you Whitney.

      You can sign up and get 30 days to see how everything works and if you decide that it is for you then there is a monthly or annual contract that you can go with.

      The yearly plan offers big discounts.

      I have been happy with the service so far and you can’t beat the price.

  3. Chris,
    I am not quite ready to invest in an email service like GetResponse yet; but thanks to this review I will be checking them out in the near future. I am in the marketing business and eventually will have the use for this type of product. I do like the different plans they offer with discounts if paid for a year and the fact they have an affiliate program. Excellent informative and cost effective just an all around great product I think.
    Susan 🙂

    • Luckily the cost is inexpensive to start building your email list and they offers a lot of tools to help you.

      I am glad that you found my GetResponse review helpful and if you have any questions before signing up let me know and I will see if I can answer them for you.

  4. This actually sound like a great alternative to other options I have looked at. I like that it is so customizable and integrates easily with other sites. Have you found yourself needing to call/write into support often?  I was also unaware that they had an affiliate program! That’s something I’ve got to look into! 

    • Hi Ashley

      Yes they integrate with many different companies systems with their api.

      They have been providing email service since the 1990’s so they have built the relationships.

      As for support I only needed to use it once for a question I had while trying to customize an opt in form. They were quick to respond.

      GetResponse does offer a affiliate program so you can cover your basic cost with a few referrals which is nice.

  5. I’m not yet at the stage of email list building on my website, but I will get there soon, I hope. 

    I am just starting my research as to which email service will be the best for me.

    This review has been so useful for me. I love that Getresponse has the various choices for autoresponder. The landing page function is quite amazing too, even though I would not likely need it. 

    Maybe I missed it somewhere, but which plan of theirs are you on?

    • Glad that you found my review useful.

      I looked at a bunch of different ones and in the end I felt like the email service from GetResponse fit my budget as well as it was geared towards internet marketing.

      I signed up for the basic plan with the intention of upgrading and using the automation. But for now I am happy with staying at the basic plan and currently I am working on building an email sequence using just the autoresponder.

      Once you narrow down your choices you can try them out because they do have the free 30 day trial.


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