Is The 6ya App A Legitimate Way To Make Money?

6ya is a phone app that allows anyone with some expertise to earn money by answering questions over their phone from customers in need.

Is this a great way to make money or is this another one of those gig type of opportunities where you as an independent contractor earn very little?

I set out to do a review on this opportunity to see just how much money you can make as an expert and what the pros and cons could be.

Can this be a good side hustle?

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What is 6ya

Basically this is an app from Fixya that can be used on an iPhone or Android phone that was designed to help people that have questions about making a repair or questions on anything they’re having trouble with.

Receive Calls on The 6ya App

As an expert you would have your app on and be ready to receive video or voice calls from these people needing help.

For example, here are just a few questions that have been asked by people that called in:

  1. Something is jammed in the shredder. It shreds on either side of the jam but won’t come out?
  2. Do I have to pull the motor on my 1974 Sportster to change the head gaskets?
  3. Why do I have a black screen when trying to watch Netflix or YouTube streaming on my tablet?
  4. Has anyone tried putting parchment paper around the bread before the last rise to stop the bread from getting too brown?

So as you can see there is a wide variety of questions that get asked and just to give you an idea I’ll go over a bunch of the categories that you can apply to be an expert in.

  • Apparel and accessories
  • Apps
  • Art and music
  • Automotive
  • Baby and toddler
  • Cameras and Optics
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Computers and internet
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Firearms
  • Food and drink
  • Furniture
  • Green living
  • Health and beauty
  • Home and Garden
  • Legal
  • Travel
  • Pets
  • Politics and government
  • Sports and Outdoors
  • Tools
  • Weddings

So if you have any expertise in these categories you can apply as a 6ya Expert to start earning money.


How To Become A 6ya Expert

If you have the time and you have some experience you may consider making some money helping others.

To get started you need to apply and it is totally free.

Before you will be able to start receiving calls on your phone there are some requirements that need to be met.

For starters anyone looking to become a 6ya Expert will need to be at least 21 years old. You also need to be a US citizen or permanent resident and have a minimum of 2 years paid professional experience for the category that you’re applying for.

Plus you will need an up-to-date cell phone with the ability to make video calls.

Additional information may be needed as well.

For example there may need to be proof submitted of your education or training for some categories and when applying the company will let you know if so.

Most likely if you’re applying for the legal or financial categories they want to make sure that you can legitimately give advice. So these are two of the categories you can probably expect they will request your certifications.

Although it is an easy process to sign up don’t be surprised if you’re asked to do a video interview to make sure that you’re qualified.


How much money can you make with 6ya

The company says that most calls range from 4 to 5 minutes and when you sign up as an expert you will get paid $3 for any call that is longer than 1 minute long.

So if you take a call and it only lasts one minute or less you as an expert won’t get paid for that call.

Just to pad things a little bit let’s just say that most calls will range between 6 and 10 minutes long to get an estimate of what is possible to make with this opportunity.

This means you’ll be able to take 6 to 10 calls per hour at a rate of $3 per call. The math works out to be $18 to $30 per hour.

Not bad money if that’s how it works out.


Rating System

The 6ya system has a similar way of rating it’s independent experts as Uber does for its drivers.

At the end of the video conference calls the customer will be asked to leave a rating up to five stars.

Naturally you want to keep the highest rating possible and this is done by helping the customer the best you can. If for any reason you can’t answer a question or give them the service they need it would probably be a good idea to let them know up front.

This way at least you don’t risk a bad rating and a customer will probably have more respect for you overall because of it.

Any expert the ends up with a rating below 4 stars can possibly have their account deactivated.



It’s always good to do some research to make sure that this is a good opportunity to get involved with.

So I did some digging to see what I could come up with.

Here are some of what I found:

Denied me becoming a expert even though I am over qualified

Customer is unable to request the same expert again if they want to

After scanning for complaints it’s good to see that I really couldn’t find many and the majority of the complaints that I did find were from customers because of disconnections to the service while in a call.


6ya Pros and Cons

So what is the good and bad if you want to start taking calls and making some money?

Pros ( the good stuff)

  • Free to join
  • Legitimate opportunity
  • Direct deposit
  • Many categories of experts needed

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • Customers can be difficult
  • Not full time income
  • Pay only $3 per call


Final Thoughts

The 6ya opportunity is a legit way to some make money just by switching on the app. Overall it doesn’t look like there is much negative feedback from people that have become “Experts” to take advantage of this opportunity.

I am wondering how much volume a person can expect when they sign up?

Will some days be dead slow while others are going to be steady with calls so that you can earn a decent chunk of change?

Its still better to work for yourself so that you won’t need to depend on any company to provide for you of course.

That is why I searched for a way to make money online that could give me the lifestyle that I wanted and thankfully I discovered affiliate marketing.

Build a simple website and promote other people’s products is the way to go.

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