5Linx Business Opportunity (Review) –

The 5Linx Business Opportunity offers an array of products for both consumer and business.  The company sells its products by way of MLM and I will discuss the representative compensation plan further down.

Hopefully my 5Linx review will shed more light on the company and what the business opportunity has to offer.


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What is 5Linx

The company got its start back in 2000 selling telecommunication products. Since then they have added many products in new categories including consumer discounts, energy, health and fitness just to name a few.

Actually kind of a strange mix of products.

This multi-level marketing company has made the news for being one the biggest in the direct selling arena. The company has been growing, which for a MLM company can be challenging.

5Linx also works with young entrepreneurs through the Young Entrepreneur Academy. Teaching the basics of building a business.

Products Services

The interesting thing about the company is its mix of products and services. Being that it was founded on communication services, selling health and nutrition products seems a little weird to me.

This is multi-level marketing though, so anything is possible.

Their 3 main categories are Home, Wellness and Business. I will breakdown the products for each category.

  • Home Category
    • Discount programs – a way for members to save on restaraunts, hotels, theme parks  and merchandise.
    • Energy – members can search for better prices on their utilities by using the 5Linx portal
    • Entertainment – internet and TV service
    • Personal Services – data stotage, credit monitoring, 24/7 computer help
    • Security Systems – partnered with Protect America to provide home security systems.
  • Wellness Category
    • Healthcare – talk to a doctor 24/7 over phone or computer, plus discounts on health related services
    • Nutrition – supplements to help with weight loss, energy. Also includes coffee & tea.
  • Business Category
    • Digital Marketing – seo, communication services, discounts
    • Energy – businesses save money on utilities
    • Entertainment – commercial satellite TV through Dish Network or DirecTV
    • Healthcare – not actual health insurance, but a discount plan to help with healthcare costs
    • Payments & Financing – business financing, payroll service, credir card processing
    • Security Systems – commercial grade security systems

The 5Linx representative has a lot of products and services to market. Maybe too many.

It would be easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus. I am wondering if prospective members, would also be confused with the 5Linx product offerings?

5Linx MLM Compensation Plan

If your joining 5Linx there is a couple levels to know about. The Customer Representative and the Independent Marketing Representative. There are one time fees as shown below:

  • Customer Representative $99 – at this level the all the companies services are available to market
  • Independent Marketing Representative $249 – market all the companies services, company website, acquisition bonuses and training system.

In order to go from a customer service representative to an Independent Marketing representative, one must have 20 active customers and 1 active IMR.

A IMR gets a free website, but after the first month they will start getting billed monthly for hosting. and other back end services. The monthly fee is $50

The 5Linx MLM business offers 8 earned positions that can be achieved.

  • Trainer
  • Executive Trainer
  • Executive Director
  • National Director
  • Senior Vice President
  • Platinum SVP
  • Double Platinum SVP
  • Diamond SVP

To reach these different positions in 5Linx, representatives must meet certain sponsoring requirements.

Depending on the level, there are bonuses that can be achieved by the 5Linx representative. There is the monthly customer bonus pool, monthly revenue bonus pool, platinum pool, quick start bonus and customer acquisition bonuses.

5Linx Training

Training is provided by way of the 5Linx University.

Representatives receive training based on the level they are at. Each module is set up, to help the representative earn compensation.

There are 6 training modules. The first 5 training module teach the representative how to reach each level of the 5Linx compensation plan. The sixth module teaches about direct selling and mlm in general.

Income Disclosure

Below is the income disclosure for 5Linx. It shows how many of their representatives in the company were making money at each position.

This is usually a wake up call for prospective representatives thinking that this will be an easy way to make money.

5Linx Income Disclosure

Looking at the 2015 income disclosure, it is apparent that the majority of the 5Linx representatives are not making money.

The majority, 5756 representatives are classified as being in non leadership roles and have a yearly average of $433! The second largest group Executive Trainers 4277 in total, have an average yearly income of $424.56.

These kind of figures are not unusual for mlm companies.

It is typical to see under 1% of representatives making money, and with the 5Linx business opportunity it is no different.


5Linx has a long history. There are a lot of multi-level marketing companies that can not make this claim. They have either gone under or are too new yet to have a history.

Telecommunication products are cut throat. Competing against the big players doesn’t leave a lot of room to make money. That is probably the reason that 5Linx products assortment includes nutrition, healthcare discounts and other product categories.

Training is very important with any mlm company. The 5Linx training looks good and should be enough to get any prospective representative to the next level. Although training won’t guarantee success. It is really up to the prospective representative to apply what they have learned.

With 8 levels to the 5Linx compensation plan, there is plenty opportunity to make money. As the income disclosure above shows, that’s just not the reality of it.

Overall, the majority of people that join 5Linx will not make money and after expenses, will actually lose money!

Alternative To 5Linx

There are are great ways to make money online without large investments or the need to use expensive products in order to earn an income.

Many people achieve financial freedom doing what they like. With the right system and training, it is possible to beat earn what your worth and build residual income for years to come.

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2 thoughts on “5Linx Business Opportunity (Review) –”

  1. I’ve tried several MLMs over the years and I’ll never do it again. It’s a lot of work and I never broke even. Also, I ticked off my family and friends.

    Your recommendation makes a lot more sense to me. I can see how leveraging the internet could be so much more lucrative and not require as much work. Thanks for suggesting it. I was surprised I could try it for free. You can’t beat that!

    • I’m not sure how a company like 5Linx that provided telecommunication services can last as long as they did. It is a compeptitive industry. Probably why they diversified into other categories of products.

      I was never comfortable approaching family and friends either when it came to the MLM’s I tried.

      I like the affiliate marketing business model better. No inventory, no bothering family and friends.


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