100 Day YouTube Video Challenge

My 100 day YouTube video challenge to myself and why I am doing it.

Social media is a great way to network with others that share your same hobbies and interests.

Unfortunately if your an online marketer you may have noticed that some of the social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook have begun to limit your reach.

That is one of the reasons that I have chosen to start doing videos but there are some other reasons as well.

If you haven’t already started using video for your business then now is the time.

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What Is This Video Challenge All About

You might be wondering why I challenged myself to doing this and what exactly is the benefit.

I have been wanting to do more YouTube videos because I knew that this is going to be the next biggest wave when it comes to marketing.

People have very short attention spans so they are spending less time reading blog posts and more time watching videos.

This is what has made YouTube the 2nd largest search engine on the web.


The 100 Day Video Challenge Idea

I first got the idea when I was watching another successful internet marketer John Chow on YouTube.

He and a bunch of other marketers made a bet to see which of them could do 90 videos in 90 days.

They called it the 90 day video challenge.

Well at the end of the 90 days there were only a few marketers that ended up completing the challenge.

I believe that there were around 100 that had actually participated.

John went on to say that if you want to be successful then you need to be consistent.

Meaning that the reason most marketers never reach their goals is because they don’t consistently do what it takes.

At this point I knew that I wanted to incorporate video marketing into my online business but I wasn’t thinking of doing a video challenge.


More Motivation

A few months later I ran across another successful marketer Miles Beckler that has been putting out some good content.

He has a successful affiliate marketing business in the health niche.

Just recently he has started to teach others how to start their own online business and the way he has been doing it is through videos.

His YouTube channel has been gaining subscribers and he is seeing a lot of visitors to his videos.

Once again it all boils down to being consistent.

He has been putting out a video everyday now for months and it is paying off for him.

This is when I started to get the motivation to challenge myself and making some goals to implement video into my marketing mix instead of wasting time on the other social media platforms.

But I still wasn’t thinking of a 100 day video challenge.


I Kicked Myself Into Motion

I had already done some videos and they weren’t bad but I was using a Chromebook that didn’t have the resources to do video.

So I had basically shelved the video marketing idea for a short time.

But I ended up buying a better computer along with a new webcam and mic which just arrived a few days ago.

Now I had the equipment to make better videos so there was no excuses for not getting them done.

Not to mention that my son wants to start up a YouTube channel dedicated to video games and toys.

Which is encouraging.


I Got The Inspiration I Needed

I finally got the push that I needed after watching a video that Casey Neistat did.

I had heard of this guy but never actually watched any of his videos on YouTube until just recently.

He is famous and has over 10 million subscribers!

Basically this guy was a poor teenage father working as a dishwasher when his fortune changed by making short films and videos some of which have been purchased by the likes of HBO.

But I watched one video that he made that really gave me the inspiration to do the video challenge.

He called it “NO EXCUSES” which you can watch below.

If you watch the video all the way through he basically says at the end:

“don’t let your obstructions become your excuses”

In other words there will be things that get in your way or you might have some challenges to overcome but don’t let them keep you from reaching your goals.

This is when I made my decision and goal to grow my business and income.

I knew that people had done the 30 day video challenge and the 90 day video challenge but I wanted to go beyond what others had done for my goal.

This is when I decided that I would set my goal of doing the 100 videos in 100 days challenge.


Reasons Why You Should Consider Video For Your Business

There are many good reasons to start making YouTube videos so lets take a look at some of the most important ones.

  • People rather watch videos than read the same information
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search platform
  • Videos made on YouTube make it into the Google, Bing & Yahoo search engines
  • It is evergreen meaning it will bring in traffic for years
  • Videos can be embedded on your website
  • Fans can subscribe and be notified of new content
  • Ability to earn income from adsĀ 
  • Its free!

Are You Afraid Of Being In Front Of The Camera

There are a lot of people that don’t want to put themselves out there in the public spotlight and that can be understandable.

But doing videos doesn’t mean that you need to show yourself on camera.

If your doing tutorials or demonstrations of products then those are the only things that actually need to be shown.

Just keep in mind the best way to be successful is to create the relationship with your audience.

Video allows you to do this probably better than any other type of marketing.


Final Thoughts

I look forward to this video challenge because I believe the benefits are going to be enormous when it comes to building my online business to the level I have wanted to reach.

It will be a fun way to actually do marketing if you think about it.

If your hesitant about getting started just remember that you need to step outside of your comfort zone if you plan to be able to compete against the millions of others online.

But if your looking for an alternative way to get started with an online business that does not involve getting in front of the camera then you might want to try blogging.

Also known as content marketing.

Combine it with affiliate marketing like I do and earn a monthly passive income.

You can get started for free as well.

So check out my #1 pick here.

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